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The Resistance

Ragnar Lothbrok

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Chapter 1


Takanuva was lost in a whirlpool of time and space, floating for what seemed like an eternity, or perhaps a thousand eternities, as he was trapped once again. It had been a long few weeks since Brutaka had opened up the first portal that was supposed to reunite him with the Toa Nuva, but after the last portal which had opened up into an empire run by a power-mad Toa of Water, he hoped that this portal might finally land him at his destination. He had caught glimpses of strange alternate dimensions, one where the Makuta were fighting against the Toa who had rebelled against Mata Nui, or one where the Bohrok devolved into Matoran. Such strange places… Takanuva could not appreciate enough the twisted universe that he originated.


Finally a bright blue circle of light opened below him and he floated towards the opening portal door. The light nearly blinded even a Toa of the element, before he landed on solid ground. Recovering from the fall, Takanuva dusted off his white and black armour, before coming to realisation where he had ended up. This was the Underwater Chute that he had taken with his friends the Toa Mahri not so long ago. But something was amiss. The place seemed more used that when he had been through. He strolled down the Chute heading towards the Tunnel of Darkness. Surely this could not be his own dimension?


As he strode towards the entrance of the Tunnel of Darkness, Takanuva felt a pulse of energy in the air. He held his Power Lance forward, which tapped on an invisible barrier made of pure energy that rippled at a touch before vanishing again. The Toa of Light was curious. This barrier did not exist here before, he thought. What would be the need of it?


The answer came soon enough. A horrendous screech further down the chute cemented Takanuva’s worst nightmares. He had never heard a sound quite like it, but the monstrous gurgle conjoined with the shriek reminded him of tales told by Turaga Vakama. They could be only one creature. Sure enough, his light power revealed scores of Visorak heading towards him. Takanuva did not hesitate but to run, throwing shots of light and shadow behind him to slow down the rampaging spiders. The horde was too large, however, and with every spider knocked back, another took its place. They battered into the barrier, which crushed many under its great strength. The Toa of Light exhaled gratefully, until he was surrounded by a dozen Onu-Matoran carrying Disk Launchers. Their leader, Onepu, stood forward, Launcher aimed at Takanuva’s heartstone.


“State your name, Toa!” Onepu ordered. Takanuva sighed. This certainly wasn’t home if Onepu could not recognise him.


“I am Takanuva, Toa of Light. What is going on here? Why are Visorak attacking Metru Nui?”


Unlike beings that he had encountered from the former dimensions, Onepu did not seem puzzled by Takanuva’s lack of knowledge. “Those Visorak must have given you a bump to the head, Toa of Light. Bomonga, Tehutti, take this… Toa… to Helryx. No doubt she will have questions for our surprise guest.


Takanuva was shunted back along the Chute by the two Onu-Matoran, whilst Onepu stayed with the other Onu-Matoran to protect and repair the energy barrier. The Chute led out into Le-Metru, and Takanuva could instantly notice a change to the city than the one he left not so long ago. The city felt rough, and busier than usual. Le-Matoran passed him protected in strong armour, as well as a Disk Launcher strapped to their back and a knife by the sides. Every Matoran was armed and ready for danger. What had happened in this dimension which provoked the Matoran to become so battle-ready?


The Onu-Matoran wasted no time in hailing an Airship, for Le-Metru was still the hub of transport in the city, and they headed to the Coliseum. From up above, Takanuva could see the reason as to why Le-Metru had looked so dark – barrage balloons cloaked the city. Whatever dangers that made the Le-Matoran wear such protection must surely be a dangerous one. Tehutti tapped Takanuva on the shoulder. “We’re here”, he said. “Let’s go.”


Takanuva was eager to get off the Airship. He remembered Toa Helryx from the day he first started travelling through the alternative dimensions. Her wisdom would be most appreciated considering the circumstances.


Tehutti and Bomonga led Takanuva along dark, gloomy passages along the Coliseum. The Toa of Light knew the way well, starting to pick up the pace. He had to find out what was going on in this universe.


Bomonga reached a door leading into the inner chamber, but Takanuva pushed himself in front of the Onu-Matoran and heaved the doors open himself. The sight that he witnessed did not please him. Bomonga made a rehearsed announcement.

“Welcome to the Headquarters of the Resistance, led by Turaga Helryx.”



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Chapter 2


Surprise was something that Takanuva had become accustomed to in recent weeks. After being sent through a portal meant to take him straight to his destination of Karda Nui, Takanuva had unfortunately had to deal with a city of purple-armoured bullies that he had never come across before, witness one of his friends die a second time, and overthrow a power-mad empress. He had seen an alternative version of himself die right in front of him, and friends fighting one another amongst the rubble of the building which he now stood in this new universe. So it came to little surprise to see Helryx, a Toa of Water who led the most secret organisation of his dimension, as a Turaga, a being of diminished power and wisdom even greater than hers. Her Noble Mask of Psychochemistry looked considerably more battered and bruised than in his own dimension, as she stood against a spiked staff. Helryx could barely lift her head to look upon Takanuva, but she sensed his presence and beckoned him over.


“I never thought I would live to witness another Toa of Light, but bless Mata Nui if it is not one of his gifts. What is your name, Toa? Let me touch your mask, so I may see you.”


“I am Takanuva, Toa of Light,” he replied, getting down on one knee so that Helryx could feel his mask. It was then that Takanuva realised that Turaga Helryx was blind. Helryx chuckled. “I can tell that you enjoy saying that phrase, Toa,” she noticed. “It is good that you came. I have something to ask of you, but I expect that you have questions of your own. Please, tell me what it is that you wish to know.” Takanuva nodded. “I want to know why Metru Nui is so fortified. I noticed Matoran wearing a great deal of protection, and barrage balloons above Le-Metru. I need to know why this is.” Helryx nodded. “I take it that this universe is unfamiliar to you, Toa Takanuva.”


“I am afraid so, Turaga,” Takanuva sighed. “I have travelled to many alien universes in the past couple of weeks, but this universe heralds a great strangeness.”


Helryx walked slowly towards a great table that stood in the centre of the inner chamber. It showed of a great map of the universe, and Takanuva took a closer look. Upon the map were figures of Visorak, Muaka, Tarakava and Nektann Turrets, amongst other Rahi and machines. “What is this? Is the universe at total war?”


“I am afraid it is worse than this, Toa. You see, these figures represent the armies of the League of Six Kingdoms.”


Takanuva’s eyes widened. In his universe, he had only heard of the League of Six Kingdoms from his friends, the Toa Mahri, when they returned from fighting the former leaders of the League, the Barraki. They had fallen from grace many years before five of the Toa were rescued from their evil armies, whilst Matoro had died after preventing their theft of the Mask of Life.


“In my universe, the Barraki were imprisoned long ago.”


Helryx understood this. “Then I imagine your universe is a more peaceful place than ours. Unfortunately our friends the Makuta failed to defeat the League of Six Kingdoms. It is said that their leader, Pridak, found out that Takadox had betrayed them to the Brotherhood, and killed him. Then their combined armies managed to crush that of the Brotherhood. After that, it was a matter of time before the Brotherhood was completely scattered and the universe lay down at the might of Pridak and his remaining four generals.”

Takanuva nodded. “And Metru Nui is the last island standing.”


“Exactly,” Helryx said. “You will have noticed that the city might be busier than in your universe. That is because the Order of Mata Nui rescued as many beings as it could before closing every entrance into Metru Nui that we could. There are daily attacks from Carapar and his adopted Visorak horde, but the Resistance have held them off… for now. Toa Orde’s barriers can only last for so long, and I fear the other Barakki may be plotting one final, enormous assault before then.”


“I understand that you wanted to ask something of me,” Takanuva remembered. “I am yours to command, Turaga Helryx. I only ask of one condition.”


“Name your condition, Takanuva, and I may grant it.”


“I need your friend, Brutaka, to send me back to my universe.”


“A simple enough request, and one that you should accomplish on my request. Brutaka still guards the Kanohi Ignika. That mask is part of what I wish for you to do, Toa Takanuva. I need you to take a Toa Team to the Southern Continent to retrieve the Mask of Life and use it to revive the Great Spirit, for he grows weak whilst the Barraki force the Matoran to live in fear. When you do this, free the Toa Mata, for the Barraki have them frozen in stasis in Karda Nui. Brutaka will return you to Metru Nui, in hope that you will all return to defend our home.”


Takanuva smiled. “I shall do this with great honour, Helryx. You can depend on me to save Mata Nui with your Toa Team.”


Helryx nodded. “Then let us go to the Great Temple. Your team will be waiting there as part of the Resistance. Do not worry – I hand-picked them myself.”




It took another short journey by Airship for Takanuva and Helryx to reach the Great Temple. Takanuva stood back at the sight – there were hundreds of small openings carved out of the temple to make small windows for disk shooters, and Takanuva noticed Matoran filtering to and from the Temple with food and drink – they were preparing for all-out war.


Helryx beckoned Takanuva into the Temple, and there was an even greater shock for the Toa of Light. He had expected to see a few dozen Toa, but all he saw were two Toa, a Makuta, two Dark Hunters and Axonn. This was smaller than he expected. No wonder Helryx had been grateful for his arrival.


“Allow me to introduce you to the Resistance. Toa Orde, Toa Jovan and Toa Norik are our remaining Toa. We also have the Makuta Spiriah, Conjurer and Charger. And this is Axonn, my second-in-command and a fierce warrior indeed.”


“Of course, these members of the Resistance must stay here in preparation for attack. But your Toa Team are here.”


At that moment, four Toa entered the Great Temple. Takanuva instantly recognised Toa Krakua, the Toa of Sonics who had worked with the Helryx of his universe, albeit this being looked less battered and bruised. Helryx introduced them all.


“Naho, Toa of Water. Her disk launcher staff is tried and tested against Ehlek’s amphibious army.”


“Kodan, Toa of Stone. His hands have broken just as many Visorak shells as his hammer.”


“Mazeka, Toa of Ice. He may seem solitary, but he knows how to use that sword, trust me.”


“Kanae, Toa of Air. Don’t let that grin fool you – Kanae knows how to fight the Barraki’s armies better than anyone, and his tomahawk has protected many Matoran from falling to their hordes.”


“But there seems to be someone missing…” Helryx pondered. “Where is the final Toa?”


Sure enough, one final hero walked through the door, carrying a disk launcher atop a carved staff. Takanuva’s heartstone dropped.


Brown armour with black tinges. A Great Rau…


“Ah, there you are,” Helryx smiled. “Allow me to introduce my right-hand Toa – Ahkmou, Toa of Stone.”


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Chapter 3


The last day had gone by quickly for Takanuva. He had landed in this alternative universe where the Barraki had maintained power and held the entirety of the Matoran Universe except for Metru Nui, on a quest to not only revive Mata Nui, but free the Toa Mata of this universe. And to top it all off, he was to work with Ahkmou, a traitor in his universe.


Takanuva had been allied with Ahkmou quite recently.  He had been a Matoran rebel in the previous dimension that he had left, and died trying to overthrow the tyrant Tuyet. But Takanuva had been rushed in that universe, and his thoughts too pre-occupied with helping his friends in that universe whilst also escaping. Now, he was part of a tight-knit Toa group – and Ahkmou was one of the members.


Takanuva had wasted no time in finding a way out of Metru Nui. Their first stop was the Southern Continent, and Toa Kanae had prepared a boat for them off the coast of Le-Metru. They narrowly avoided one of Ehlek’s patrol vessels, and set sail for the Southern Continent. All they could do for the next couple of days was sail south and hope that they would avoid any more trouble.


Toa Kanae floated about Takanuva whilst he surveyed the surrounding oceans. It was his job to watch for land in the crow’s nest, but he was bored, and wanted to quiz this new Toa.


“So light-shiner, how long until we reach the Continent?”


Takanuva continued looking back towards the tiller, where Toa Naho stood with Toa Kodan, keeping the ship on the right course.


“I’m afraid that I do not know, Kanae. I have never been as far as the entrance to Karzahni’s realm.”


Kanae’s eyes widened, before turning back to the horizon. “I have not heard the name Karzahni in long-time. He had a big-fight with Pridak long ago. Old-bones, now.”


Takanuva shuddered. He had heard many tales of the Barraki from his friend the Toa Mahri. To think that they could defeat Karzahni send tinges of anxiety through his body. It would be a long time before he could return to his own universe, but with threats so powerful, he had to ask himself – would he make it back at all?




Turaga Helryx watched as her team of the Resistance tended to repairs in Ga-Metru. The schools and shops still flourished under her wise and protective rule, but she knew this would not last if Takanuva could not lead her Toa Team to the Mask of Life.


Axonn stood by his Turaga’s side as the Toa worked in tandem with Spiriah, Charger and Conjurer.


“A peace like this will not last long, Turaga. The underwater chutes in Le-Metru will be overrun by Carapar’s hordes, and then the other Barraki will leave their Kingdoms and invade.”


Helryx sighed. “We must hope that the rest of Universe can respond if they do leave their Kingdoms. Besides, if Mata Nui does leave us, there will be no Metru Nui to defend and no Barraki to defend it from.”


The dawn light blazed across the sky as Axonn covered his eyes with his great hands. He noticed an Onu-Matoran messenger coming towards Helryx with a message for her and a sorrowful look on his face to match.


“Turaga Helryx! Turaga Helryx! The Visorak have forced their way through the main chute! Onepu is dead!”


Not a second after the words had been uttered, Axonn had picked up his mighty axe, along with a Zamor Launcher, and started running towards the underwater chutes. He noticed Orde maintaining the flow of a chute in Le-Metru with Charger, and beckoned to him.


“Orde! Charger! Come with me, the chutes are being attacked!”


Orde floated alongside Axonn with a picture of confusion across his face. “How? My barriers were meant to withstand a thousand Exo-Toa. How can mere Visorak break it down?”


“It matters not!” Charger roared. “Crush them all!”


Axonn grinned. “I like your positivity, Charger!”




Toa Ahkmou was a hero. He had protected Metru Nui for a thousand years before this Takanuva character had shown up. Many Visorak, Exo-Toa, Rahi and Skakdi had falled to his Stone Staff and immense power over rock and stone. But now he had this Toa of Light to contend with. It was obvious to all that he did not trust Ahkmou, even the Toa himself could tell. Now, as he paced the back of the ship, he contemplated this Toa’s motives with Kodan and Naho.


“I have a bad feeling about this Toa, brothers,” said Ahkmou, holding his Stone Staff behind his back. “This Toa of Light could be one of the Makuta that sided with the Barraki in disguise. Where else could he come from?”


Naho did not look at her Toa leader, focused completely on the waves of the sea. “Takanuva wants what is best for our cause,


Ahkmou. Why else would he join a group of Toa that is completely alien to him?”


But Ahkmou would not be persuaded. “Why can’t you read his mind? I would be easier knowing his motives, Naho.”


But Naho would not budge. “My Suletu is used to aid the team as a whole, Ahkmou. I will not read the mind of one of our own Toa for your ease of mind. He deserves our respect and if he cannot trust us, he cannot help us. In time, you will get his respect in return.”


Kodan slammed Ahkmou on the back in good humour. “Brother, fear not! We are the Toa created by Helryx, the protector of Metru Nui! Even if he is a spy, we will make him regret attempting to prevent us from our destiny.”


There was no change of expression on Ahkmou’s Rau, so Kodan continued. “Did Helryx not choose us two Toa for we were the finest disk shooters of the Po-Metru guard? We defended the tunnels from Ehlek’s Skakdi scum single-handedly.”


Ahkmou raised a hand to silence his brother. “Not single-handedly, brother. Onewa and Hafu fought braver than any of us. I wish that they were here now, sharing in our adventures.”


“I am sorry, brother,” Kodan was ashamed to have forgotten his dead friends so easy, even if thousands of years had passed. The three Toa were silent for a moment.


Ahkmou decided to change the subject. “Where is Mazeka? Is that lazy rock-biter sleeping in his cabin again?”


“What else is he to do?” Naho contested. “You know how solitary he is. Let him be. Besides, I am steering, and Kanae is on watch. No other jobs are necessary at the moment.”


But the Toa of Stone pointed to Kanae talking to Takanuva. “So what is Kanae doing with our guest?”


Suddenly a cry from Kodan came from behind them. “Ship behind us!”


Ahkmou ran to stand by his brother and looked back to see a large frigate heading towards them, pulled franticly by a leviathan of a creature resembling a fish, but with frills and spikes covering its back and glowing barb on the front of its head. It was less than 2 kio away from their own ship.


“Naho! Is there any way to outrun the ship?” Ahkmou called.


“Take the tiller,” Naho commanded, and she ran to the back of the ship. Takanuva and Kanae joined them as she stood on the stern and commanded the waves behind them. Takanuva saw the ship approaching at high speeds and called forth his shadow power to blast the ship. Ahkmou looked back to see Takanuva do this.


“A Toa of Shadow? I knew it! I knew that he was one of Mutran’s experiments!” and leaving the tiller by itself, he jumped on Takanuva’s back.


“Get off me, fool!” Takanuva shouted, trying his best to shake Ahkmou from him. But the Toa of Stone indeed had incredible strength, and refused to let go until a blast of water from Naho separated the pair.


“You idiots!” Naho yelled at them. “Who is manning the tiller? Now they are bound to catch us!”


“Not if I can help it, Toa-sister!” Kanae cried, forcing wind against their sails. It gave them a great advantage, until the chasing boat unleashed a grapple hook which plunged into the stern of the Toa’s stern. Takanuva glimpsed the faces of half-mad Skakdi aboard the ship and it pulled them closer and closer. Takanuva gathered the Toa together.


“Okay, here is the plan. We let them take us. Our ship is badly damaged and I believe that we can barter for our lives if we are imprisoned. When the time arises, we will escape.”


“But what of Mazeka?” Ahkmou raged. “He is still in the hold!”


“Best to keep it that way, then,” Takanuva said quietly as the ship honed in. “He wears a Kanohi Volitak – he can take care of himself.”


A large kerchunk signalled that the chasing ship had broken the stern of their own vessel. A dozen Skakdi jumped aboard and surrounded the Toa, swords and axes pointing inward on the Toa of Light and his new Toa Team.


“You will come aboard our ship, Toa. Our captain wishes to speak to you.”


“Follow my lead” Takanuva whispered amongst the others. “We’ll be free in no time. A Skakdi ship is no match for a team of Toa.”


Ahkmou snorted and muttered under his breath about surprises and dead Toa, but Takanuva chose to ignore it. The Toa climbed aboard the Skakdi vessel, waiting to speak to the captain. They needn’t wait long, for out of his captain he emerged, wearing a breathing apparatus and carrying a large spear between his Protosteel claws.


“So tell me… who disturbs the waters of Ehlek?”


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Chapter 4


A Skadki warship was not highly regarded for its sanitation. Fenrakk Spiders scuttled about the floor as Niazesk buzzed around Kanae’s mask before he blew it up, in a loop and then back out onto the deck. He pulled at the chains that he and the other Toa were tied up in.


“Ah, it is no use, Toa brothers!” Kanae wept. “It is hard-luck that we find ourselves in, as the ever-ugly Ehlek has us in tight-irons and intends to end our lives.”


“Oh shut up, will you?” Naho yelled. “It is your fault that we are in this mess, you should have been in the lookout!”


Ahkmou sensed an opportunity to blame Takanuva. “Hold it, sister. Kanae was talking to our leader, Takanuva. What did the wise old Toa of Light have to say, huh?”


Takanuva only growled. “You can talk, Akhmou. I was only talking to Kanae about our journey.”


“Of course you were,” Ahkmou snarled back. “And we have fallen short already thanks to you.”


“Enough arguing!” Kodan roared over all of them. He had heard enough. “We are all Toa, and we must all work together, as a team. Is that not what Turaga Helryx would have wanted?”


Kodan looked at Takanuva. “I do not know you well, strange Toa, and I have even less knowledge on why you do not trust Toa Ahkmou, but as our leader you must understand that he is a Toa chosen by Helryx herself. Surely a hero such as her deserves some respect in picking the right Matoran to fill her mantel?”


“And Ahkmou… trust Helryx’s judgement that she appointed Takanuva as leader until we accomplish our mission.”


Ahkmou looked to the ground, too proud to admit Kodan was right. Takanuva only pondered ideas of escape. Their chains were too strong even for Kodan to crush. They were surely in a difficult situation.



Not too far away, Axonn was experiencing even greater problems. The Visorak had swamped the Onu-Matoran guards in the tunnels, leaving no survivors, and were climbing up an abandoned chute station. Charger had rampaged through the first line of spiders, but succumbed to their numbers and disappeared under their mass, but not before taking a great deal with him. Axonn cried out, but nothing could be done. He could only fire blasts of pure energy at incoming Visorak, while battering away the closest creatures with his axe. Orde had summoned the Le-Matoran guards who helped considerably, blasting Visorak away in tandem. It was only when Orde ran out of his elemental energy did the swarm start to take the upper hand. Axonn had to act.


“Kongu, summon the Resistance!”


“Yes sir!” the Le-Matoran saluted and raced off. Axonn took a brief look over his shoulder to see Order cursing his power.


“Forget your element for now, Orde,” Axonn called, throwing him the Zamor Launcher. “You are still a Toa!”


Orde responded well, blasting away Visorak after Visorak in unison to Axonn’s energy attacks. An Oohnorak stunned a Le-Matoran Guard and dragged him away, but still the Resistance fought back. Eventually, the Visorak started to fall back, prompting cheers all round. But not from Axonn. He could see another threat lurking in the shadows, and sure enough, he came. Clad in yellow and grey armour and carrying a hammer as big as Axonn’s battleaxe, Barraki Carapar emerged, flanked either side by a score of Roporak. He stopped the horde behind him, and spoke aloud.


“An impressive defence, Axonn! I shudder to think how you would fare in my ranks.”


“I would never join you, Carapar. A warrior does not take orders from someone he could so easily stamp upon.”


“Aha!” Carapar hooted. “Brave words, but how long can your city last, Axonn? Charger is dead, and pretty soon the rest of the resistance will join him. Are you sure that you wish to stay on the losing side?”


Axonn grabbed the Zamor Launcher from Orde’s grasp, and fired it straight at the Roporak standing next to Carapar. It dissolved into the ground where it once stood, to Carapar’s horror. He looked back at Axonn and snarled, but Axonn spoke first.


“Joining your side would be the real loss, Barraki. This universe is dying because of you and your League, so no matter what, under the circumstances placed in front of us, we will defend Metru Nui from scum like you.”


“That was your last chance, Axonn!” Carapar roared. “Let it be remembered that Barakki Carapar offered you your continuous life, and you refused. Roporak, retreat. Let your brothers join the party.”


“Brothers?” Axonn looked confused.


He did not look puzzled for long, for out of the depths of the underwater chute, complemented by a mass of Keelerak, came the Manas crabs.




Ehlek stood at the prow of his ship, on its way to Zakaz. A huge fortress spiralled up from the treeline. It had been built over the lake so Ehlek could enter the water whenever he wished, and he shared it too with his species, as a canal had been dug from the sea to the lake. It was the perfect retreat for an amphibious warlord.


His lieutenant, a cunning Skakdi going by the name of Reidak, came to his side.


“Sir, I was wondering what you wanted to do with the six prisoners?”


Ehlek scoffed. “They shall see me soon enough, Reidak. I am going to hang the fools from my chamber as trophies, interrogating them for as long as it takes until I know the weakness in Metru Nui’s defence, and then I shall drop them to my brothers. They adore the taste of Toa, and its unfortunate that we have almost run out.”


Reidak nodded. “Very good sir.”


The green-armoured Barraki smiled, and looked back to his favourite fortress . Then all of a sudden, he grabbed Reidak by the neck with his claws.


“Did you say six prisoners?”


Reidak did not have time to reply. The deck exploded with an extreme blast of stone, and six Toa burst out of the hull.


“Well done, Mazeka!” Kodan laughed. “You blew our cover at just the right moment!”


Mazeka did not reply, focusing instead on the three Skakdi that tried to overpower him. A Skakdi with an axe lunged forward but Mazeka simply dodged and knocked him out with one clean swipe of his sword, before Ahkmou shot one of his disks straight into the belly of another, throwing him off the deck and into the sea. The other was easily dealt with by Kodan and Naho as the Toa moved across the deck with supreme grace and authority over their Skakdi opponents, throwing them overboard or felling them as they moved towards the Barraki warlord and his lieutenant. Ehlek threw Reidak in front of him, sneaking away from the fight towards his quarters. The black and gold-armoured Skakdi simply quivered as Toa Ahkmou stood in front of him. The Toa of Stone leaned in with menace and whispered in Reidak’s ear.


“I endorse you to fight me.”


Reidak raised a clawed finger, before running starboard and throwing himself off the boat to join his brothers. The Toa cheered, but Ahkmou stopped them.


“We’re missing one Barraki.”


Ehlek was alone on the ship, his Skakdi soldiers swimming back to Zakaz. He found exactly what he was looking for – a means of contacting the other Barraki. He wrote a message to Pridak, and attached it to the leg of his pet Lava Hawk. Letting the Hawk go from his window, Ehlek picked up a pair of blades as the Toa charged into his quarters.


“So, Toa, you have won this battle. But do you really expect to win the war? My empire still stands and I know your Code prevents my death. So tell me, what are you fools to do?”


Ahkmou dropped his staff and walked slowly over to Ehlek. For the first time in his life, Ehlek felt fear coursing through his veins.


“You have enslaved Metru Nui for tens of thousands of years. You have killed many of my brothers – Onewa and Hafu were two of my closest friends, and I saw your Skakdi murder them in cold blood three thousand years ago. You may think that because we have the Toa Code that we are weak. But trust me, Ehlek… there is no Code that I would not break if I could break you, right now.”


Takanuva watched this and sensed the evil of Ahkmou from his universe within this Toa. It was at boiling point, ready to leak over and take this Barraki’s life. He tried to get in their way, but Naho stopped him, sensing Takanuva’s worry.


“He’ll do the right thing,” Naho said, not straying his eyes from Ahkmou. “Trust me.”


Ahkmou stood right in front of Ehlek now, grabbing the blades from his hands and throwing them down.


“Beg, Ehlek. Beg for your miserable life. And who knows? Maybe your words might prevent me from harming… all of you.”


Ehlek did not fall to his knees, nor did he beg. He squared up to Ahkmou, sensing his inner evil.


“You would make an excellent Barraki, Ahkmou.”


Three things happened at once. Ahkmou created for himself a spiked stone gauntlet on his right arm. He rose his arm, ready to strike Ehlek straight in the heartstone. And Mazeka fired a teleportation disk from Ahkmou’s staff. Luckily for Ehlek, the disk struck first, and with a flash, he was gone.


Mazeka did not blink when Ahkmou squared him up.


“What was that? Where did you teleport him, quarry worker?”


Mazeka spoke normally, not threatened by his Toa leader. “He is in a cage under the Archives, under protection from the Ta-Metru and Le-Metru guard. I trust Jaller and Defilak to keep a close watch on him and any other Barraki that must be captured… and punished properly for their crimes.”


Ahkmou growled. He looked at Takanuva.


“Was this your idea?”


“I am a guest, Ahkmou. I am only here to keep you all well-advised on this quest.”


Kanae tried to ease the situation.


“Forgive me, Toa-brothers, but I have good news – we have commandeered a sea-ship.”


Naho sided with the Toa of Air. “Kanae is right, Ahkmou. Let us stop this quarrel with Mazeka. He did the right thing.”


Ahkmou refused to take his deathly stare away from Takanuva. The other four Toa left the quarter without a word. When they did, the Toa of Stone fell to the floor, and weeped.


“I know why you fear me now, Toa. I know now.”


Takanuva’s stomach sank. He felt pity for Ahkmou, but could not bring himself to console him. He had seen the evil in Ahkmou’s actions. It was certainly here in this universe.


“I will let you control your emotions in peace,” Takanuva managed to say, before closing the door. He joined Naho and Mazeka on the main deck, pointed south, and spoke his wishes.


“Take us to the Southern Continent.”


- - -


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Chapter 5


Metru Nui was under a great siege. The Resistance had been pegged back thanks to the combined efforts of the Manas Crabs and Visorak horde overpowering the city. Less than a hundred Matoran reached the Coliseum before succumbing to Carapar’s vast army. Axonn beckoned the survivors into the safety of the Coliseum before slamming the doors shut. This was it – the final stand of the Resistance.


He checked his numbers but sighed at the dwindling number. Orde and Charger had both been killed. He walked over to the remainder of the Resistance. Only Norik, Jovan, Spiriah and Conjurer remained in his small fighting crew. Helryx joined her deputy as the Matoran started to panic.


“Be quiet, my children!” Helryx ushered calm. “You are no use to the Resistance if you keep acting like Gadunka in Takea-infested waters.”


Bomonga could not calm himself down. “But we are completely trapped, Turaga! The Visorak and Manas surround us and Metru Nui has fallen!”


“Silence!” Helryx warned the Onu-Matoran guard. “I will not have anyone worrying the others. We are not beaten, for we are still alive. And as long as we are all alive, the Barraki have not yet won.”


“What are we to do, Helryx?” Spiriah asked. His ebon and red armour flashed in the moonlight.


“I want you all the guard the entrances to the Coliseum. Nobody gets in and nobody gets out. I will counsel with Axonn until we find a solution to defeating Carapar’s army.”


This eased the Matoran, and as Norik and Jovan posted them to the different entrances of the Coliseum, the axe-wielding giant followed his Turaga leader back to her chamber.


“I have but a suggestion, Helryx – we could ask Spiriah to teleport to Ahkmou and the others, bring them back, and drive the evil away, before teleporting them closer to their goal.”


Helryx shook her head. Axonn looked perplexed, but carried on.


“Why not ask him to look for other Makuta? Their powers could drive the Barraki away if they unite!”


“There are no other Makuta, Axonn. Use your mask. Mutran is with the Barraki. Spiriah knows that he is the last Makuta in this universe that will protect the Matoran.”


“Turaga Helryx…” Axonn could not bring himself to say the words. “Have you… given up?”


Helryx laughed. “I gave up long ago, Axonn. My words are just brave lies to the Matoran. I cannot see what we will do now. The Coliseum is surrounded. All we can do is guard what we still hold, and hope Takanuva leads my Toa to Karda Nui, to heal Mata Nui and free the Toa Mata, before it is too late.”




The Southern Continent loomed on the horizon for the Toa team led by Takanuva. A week had passed since their encounter with Ehlek, and the group had started to bond. Takanuva had reeled in his distaste for Ahkmou, and the team had grown closer because of it. Yet Takanuva still felt this itch at the back of his mask.


Ahkmou had caused many problems for his friends in his own universe because of the evil force of Makuta – could this one turn to the shadows just as easily?


The boat rode up softly on the beach, and all six Toa jumped ashore. Kodan and Ahkmou naturally embraced the feel of the sand underneath their toes. The others however were more interested in what lay ahead of the beach. It was flat land for mile after mile, completely devoid of life. Any trees they could see had no leaves attached to them. The land was dead.


“The Barraki have destroyed this land,” Naho said. “This land was once fertile. Now look at it.”


“We must continue,” Takanuva said. “The Ignika is hidden underneath Mount Valmai – we must head inland.”


The Toa marched forward, led by Takanuva with Mazeka bringing up the rear, his sword ready to hit any who attacked. The barren land continued for kio after kio, and by nightfall, the Toa felt as if progress had not been made.


“I cannot take this for longer!” Kanae moaned. “This bald-land continues forever.”


Takanuva’s patience was being tested by the Toa of Air. “Well perhaps you can use your Kakama and scout ahead?”


Kanae laughed, before setting off at high speed. Naho, Mazeka and Takanuva all breathed a sigh of relief.


“Finally, that air-head is out of our hair!” Naho was relieved. “I do enjoy Kanae’s company at times, but his consistent moaning does not help the situation.”


“Leave him be,” Kodan smiled. “Young Kanae is free – a feeling we have not felt for thousands of years.”


They decided to rest where they had stopped, in a shallow ditch in the middle of nowhere. A Toa of Fire would have been welcome, for the Toa were cold. Ahkmou had asked Takanuva to use his power of light, but Takanuva feared that he would lose what little light remained. Tensions between Ahkmou and Takanuva had dwindled since the events on Ehlek’s ship, but now Ahkmou was beginning to doubt the Toa of Light.


“Come on, Takanuva. Surely a flash of light would be beneficial for the whole group, no?”


“Maybe, but when I use my light power, I feel… drained. I cannot explain.”


“Why not?” Ahkmou questioned. Kodan was less interested.


“Let Takanuva be, Ahkmou. Darkness has infected this team just as much as our new friend.”


Ahkmou stood up and walked away from the camp without a word. Kodan tried to reason with his friend, but Mazeka put a hand on his shoulder.


“Ahkmou needs time on his own, brother. His anger and frustration can corrupt him. Confrontation on this will not help him, only his inner darkness.”


“Let us rest,” Takanuva said. “I will take first watch. Then Kodan, then Naho, then Mazeka.”


The Toa lay their heads down and rested, Takanuva sitting on a rock, staring into the night. Less than ten minutes had passed did Takanuva see the light of a heartstone, coming towards him. He pointed his Power Lance at the figure, but it emerged from the darkness, revealing himself as Ahkmou. But the Toa of Stone did not look happy.


“Kanae has been captured!” Ahkmou gasped between breaths.


“What? By who?” Takanuva questioned.


“Barraki Mantax has a group of the bruiser clan from Stelt in a canyon not two kios south, and they’ve captured Kanae!”


“Is he coming this way?”


“I don’t know. I left as soon as I could to bring word. What should we do? Should we wake the others?”


“No need. If we are also captured the others must finish the mission. We’ll go alone.”




The two Toa sneaked through the darkness like Stone Rats looking for food in a Matoran Hut. The wasteland erupted into a vast, well-lit canyon, where they watched almost twenty of the hulking natives of Stelt readying themselves for battle, as their leader, the brawn black-armoured Mantax, encircled Toa Kanae, who was tied to a pole in the centre of the canyon. The cheeky Kanae did not feel defeat and barraged Mantax with taunts.


“You’re a slippery Barraki-lord, Mantax. Your master Pridak will be upset when I quick-flee.”


“Isn’t that cute?” Mantax laughed. “You could not escape us on open land with a Kakama, Toa. How do you think that you will escape from capture?”


“I’ll sure find a way, evil one.”


“Try all you like, Toa. You won’t be free soon!”


“Shut it, Krekka,” Mantax warned his soldier. “Make sure that your energy web is still working.”


The brute skulked away, leaving Mantax to confront his captor.


“Please, Kanae. Don’t make this hard on yourself. Word has spread across the universe that you are travelling with other Toa. So tell me, where are they?”


“Not here. There are no Toa in this bald-land.”


“I can see through your lies, Toa. Don’t test me. I’ve a habit of making Toa of Ice melt and Toa of Fire shiver. Think what I could do with a Toa of Air…”


Mantax stroked his favourite knife along Kanae’s mask, but the Toa did not even wince as metal scraped metal.


“Try it, Mantax. You best be able to quick-kill, for I am different from a Toa of Ice or Fire.”


“And how is that?” Mantax puzzled.


“I can quick-dodge a knife.”




Takanuva and Ahkmou slipped into the canyon down a crevice that was not in the immediate light of Mantax’s camp. Two brutes passed by, arguing about whose turn it was to watch the southern entrance to the camp. Takanuva’s sent a pair of shadow tentacles, which covered their mouths and bound their legs and arms, sending them toppling in near silence.


“How come you have the powers of shadow, Toa? Were you tainted by Mutran?”


“It’s a long story. Let’s just say I was… given them,” Takanuva said, sneaking behind a canister. Ahkmou followed him up, still curious.


“By a Makuta I wager. But which one? Mutran would only give you his gifts if you had become a minion of the Barraki. And if you had come into contact with our good friend Spiriah, he would have asked you to join the Resistance long ago.”


Takanuva thought back to seeing Spiriah in the Great Temple. The spiked armour, immoral mask of Corruption and dangerous scythe-like blades did little but remind him of the evil Teridax, the being that he had defeated not so long ago.


“A Makuta gave them to me, yes, but not Spiriah.”


“Ah, you have been around for a long time then,” Ahkmou said. “Another great Makuta gave you his gifts.”


“Makuta? Great?” Takanuva sighed. “The Makuta are nought but pure evil. They threaten and hurt Matoran across the universe for the sole purpose of control.”


“What? You cannot be serious, Takanuva.” Ahkmou was stunned.


“I am. I have fought Makuta before. The only good Makuta is a dead one.”


“I have broken the Toa Code myself, but never to kill a hero.”


“Typical,” Takanuva snapped. “I should have known Toa Ahkmou was just the same as his Matoran self, idolising Makuta when the real heroes are the Toa!”


Ahkmou was aghast. “You really don’t know, do you?”


“Know what? What could I possibly not know about you, Ahkmou?”


“Not me. The team. There should be seven members of our team, Takanuva.”


“Seven? Who was the seventh toa?”


Just then, the two brutes that Takanuva had incapacitated grabbed them from behind, free of their shadow bonds.


“Toa! We take you to Mantax now! He know what to do with you!”


The two Toa were dumped next to Kanae, who grinned at his friends.


“Hello, Toa-brothers! Guess what, an old friend has come to greet us.”


The two Toa looked up to see Mantax standing with another Toa, wearing armour of black and silver, and a couple of red strikes here and there. On his face he wore a Pakari of blue with matching red strikes. He walked over towards the fallen Toa, knelt down in front of Ahkmou and sneered.


“Hello, brother.”


- - -


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