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The Starship "Christmas Brick"

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Yeah... not really a story for this one. Took some of the concepts I learned with the Goliath-A cargo ship and made another flying brick. Lotta SNOT (basically a custom 2x1x2 SNOT brick with a 2x2 surface on one side) as well as a sorta-kinda hangar bay in the back. There's some engine pods on the sides and to round things off, some nice detailing on the front. I also made it my mission to avoid showing any studs. If only there was a 1x2 inverted plate. That'd be nice.


I dubbed it "the Christmas Brick" because it looks like a very Christmas-y kind of ship and it's rather brick shaped.


They don't look too great, but brick-shaped ships are a lot of fun to build.

LEGO Republic:

The Valkyrie

The "Christmas Brick"


My BZPRPG Profiles


Now a proud member of The Kanohi Force


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