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Jetera, Rogue Storm

Storm Verse

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This is Jetera, my Generation 2 selfMOC. He's the narrator, but not necessarily the hero, of an experimental storyline based around all the main characters being inspired by real people.


His physical appearance was inspired by my own, to some extent, while retaining a few similarities to previous versions that were explicitly based on other character designs. His personality (described blow) is a mix of my own and that of my G1 selfMOC, who Jetera parallels in the same way that the Masters/Uniters parallel the Mata/Nuva.




A stranger who claims to have no memory of his past. Although some have tried, no one has been able to refute this claim - and none have been able to trace him from prior to his arrival on the beaches of Erkelon, far south of Okoto, in a strange "canister". What little knowledge he does have of his nature comes from his recent experience - although he has been awake for but fifteen months - and a few strange "premonitions". He is not even sure of his own name - "Jetera", he says, is only a reconstruction.

Shortly after his arrival, Jetera was chosen to be the Master of Storms of the Toa Vihagu. However, Jetera's control over his electrical element was inconsistent and best, and nonexistent at worst - so he used deception and surprise as his chief tools. Despite his initally aloof and sometimes outright hostile to his teammates, his affinity for them has grown greatly, and the friendships he has with them have become his driving force - as he had no fixed morality or sense of purpose upon arrival.



Jetera currently wields a lightning-infused steel sword known as Faera, which was bequeathed to him after a battle on the island of Talis. Its natural power greatly increases Jetera's elemental potency, although, for reasons unknown, he often opts for a non-elemental weapon.

Jetera initially had two knives upon arrival - one was lost within his first few months, but the second he still keeps as a sidearm. It appears to have come from a far more technologically advanced society than that of Erkelon or any of the surrounding islands.





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Currently entering Phase One, with 3% chance of complete personality breakdown.

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Awesome creation: the caped head is a nice touch and, in overall, the customness is praiseworthy, both for its complexity and the well-implemented CCBS shells that give him a smooth and not too Technic-y appearance. I really like the sword, too, the blade in itself is not original anymore, but the hilt is. Well done!

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