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Internet Memes based on Bionicle?


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Hi, guys!:) Since today is about "Internet memes" recently, like "I am Groot", said by Groot from Marvel, and "Extra thick", said by Aku from Samurai Jack (Season 4, Episode 9, specifically), people use them to make jokes in the Internet. Internet memes are like well-known quotes.


So, when you like certain quotes in Bionicle, would you consider it to be your Internet meme?

For me, my quote(s) is/are this/these:


"I can feel the power!" - Tahu in 2015 Online Animations


"I can feel your power." - Umarak the Destroyer in Bionicle: The Journey to One in 2016.


I find them quite fun to say. Suppose Takua puts on the Mask of Light. He would say "I can feel the power!" while transforming. Get it? Lol.:P


Anyway, what certain quotes that you know would make your Internet memes?:)

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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