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Quest for the Toa "Walkthrough"


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I wrote a story similar to the official Mata Nui Online Game walkthrough. This one is for the GameBoy Advance game, "Quest for the Toa".

It's not as good but hopefully it's OK.


As Quest for the Toa is a more action-oriented game than MNOG I've taken certain liberties with the story. Obviously this does not include every detail of fighting every creature and jumping every gap that Takua finds. Additionally, I've a few other changes, especially in the last half. Most notably, I gave the Le-Matoran and Matau a little treespeak. It's very minor compared to what is in MNOG. I also made Nuju speak in his clicks and whistles, so Matoro needs to translate for him. Ta-Koro has the most drastic changes - Vakama asks Takua to enter the lava surfing competition to prove himself instead of asking him to cure the water supply (which was immediately forgotten about in the game and has no proper conclusion - the player can beat the game without ever getting the antidote). This was done to line up with Vakama telling Takua that he gave him the lavaboard in MNOG. I also made Takua find Vakama's mask, which doesn't happen in the game - this is, again, done to make the story line up with MNOG.

There are various other changes too numerous to list, but I tried to keep as much of the in-game dialogue intact as possible.


If people notice mistakes, errors, or even things they think can be ironed out, please let me know so I can correct them.




Quest for the Toa



"In a time before time, the island of Mata Nui was a tropical paradise.

 Then a shadow fell across the island-- A shadow known as Makuta.

In the dark years that followed, the islanders put their faith in a legend...

...a legend that forsaw the arrival of six mighty heroes: the Toa.

For only the Toa will have the strength and courage to bring peace and light back to the world.

As Mata Nui awaits the arrival of the Toa, a lone islander unknowingly begins a quest...

...a quest that will change Mata Nui forever."


Chapter 1

"Good morning, Takua!" a villager greets me. "I've heard that Turaga Whenua wants to see you. Head up this beach and talk to everyone you see. You'll eventually come to the cave entrance to our underground village, where you'll find Whenua!"

I run up along the beach, past the water and between some shrubbery, and jump over a rock in my path. I reach the ocean, leaping across the shallow water onto a sandbar that leads to the other side of the bay.

I see a blue Ga-Matoran in the distance. As I approach she shouts "You're quite the athlete -- I saw how well you jumped over those obstacles!" I keep running, and soon I find another river I must cross. This one is too far for me to leap, but fortunately there is a Hoi Turtle swimming by. I leap onto its back and over to the other side.

As I head inland, I spot a black Matoran with a purple mask - probably an Onu-Matoran, from the colour. "Whenua is waiting for you, little one. He has a matter of great importance to discuss with you. Enter the cave ahead to visit Onu-Koro, our underground village. Good luck!"

But why would Whenua want to speak to me?

I head onward into the cave. A guard yells out "Halt! Who goes there!" Another guard mimics him.
"Yeah -- who goes there!"
The first guard replies "I already said that!"
The second guard asks "Said what?"
"Who goes there!"
"Why are you asking me?"
As the two guards confuse each other, I walk past to find Whenua.


I head into the village of Onu-Koro. The village is a huge series of underground caverns that meet in a central area near the entrance I have come from. The villagers have built their homes out of huge, hollowed-out stones. As I approach one of the dwellings, a villager approaches me.
"Our village is in desperate need of your help! We fear that the Vatuka Beast has Whenua and he is being held captive in the passageways to the East! You will need Vakama's Firestaff to see your way in the dark tunnels. It can be found in the village."

I walk over bridge crossing a shallow stream and find see the firestaff propped up beside one of the larger homes. I'm not sure what it's doing here in the middle of Onu-Koro, but I know I will need it to rescue Whenua. I take it with me before heading further East. I enter a passageway into the cavern.


The cavern is cold and dark. I pull out Vakama’s Firestaff and carry it with me. The staff has an orb on the end that generates flame at my will, and I use the staff to light up the cavern and keep me warm.

As I walk through the cavern I see a number of small Fikou spiders charging at me. I use the power of the Firestaff to send a pulse of light through the cavern, blinding the creatures temporarily. While they are stunned, I fling some of the Madu Fruit I carry with me at them. The fruit knocks the masks off the spiders. Without their masks, they will no longer hunt Matoran.


I press on further into the cave. Soon, I see a pile of stones. As I approach, the stones begin to move. They form into a large beast made of rocks. The stone beast flails its arms around aggressively! Surely this is the Vatuka Beast that captured Whenua. The beast calls upon smaller rock monsters, half my size, to attack me. Once again, I use the Firestaff to generate a sudden burst of light. The small creatures are stunned and unable to see, but the large one continues to press its attack. The huge beast swings its heavy arms down upon me, but I dodge out of the way and hurl my fruit at it. It roars in pain, I continue to lob fruit after fruit at it until it is defeated. The beast collapses, now just a pile of regular, lifeless boulders. I look around. The small beasts that chased me are now just regular stones.

I look up, and I see Whenua, trapped in a cage hanging from the ceiling. There are also two heavy buttons, far too heavy for myself to press down. I use two boulders to help press the buttons down. Whenua's cage descends from the ceiling, and I open the cage door to set him free.

"Thank you for rescuing me! You're quite the adventurer. We had better get back to Onu-Koro! There is much that I must tell you. Follow me!"

I follow Whenua back to Onu-Koro, and he tells me his tale.

"It is a time of great danger, Takua. The island of Mata Nui is under siege by the evil Makuta! Dangerous beasts wearing the infected masks of Makuta roam the land. Each of the six villages on Mata Nui are in danger! I have heard that some of my fellow Turaga are missing... and their tools, like Vakama's Firestaff, have been scattered about the island. Makuta has also stolen the sacred Toa Stones that used to tell the legends! You must seek out the Toa Onua Stone in the passageways north of here. If the Toa Stones are not recovered, the Legend of Mata Nui cannot be told."

Whenua then hands me an object - a Volo Lutu Launcher. It’s a device that fires a Volo Lutu. The Volo Lutu is a small object that can stick to rocks and other objects. When activated, the launcher is attracted to the Volo Lutu. With this, I’ll be able to pull myself over large chasms to otherwise unreachable places.


I head off to the caves in the North. I soon come to a deep pool, with no bridge to cross. But I pull out my Volo Lutu Launcher, and fire it at a stone jutting out on the opposite side. The launcher fires the Volo Lutu, and it sticks to the stone. I flick a switch on the launcher, and it is now being magnetically pulled to the Volo Lutu! I’m quickly pulled across to the other side of the pool. I retrieve the Volo Lutu and continue on. I continue through the narrow cave, and find the lost Toa Stone! I take it back to Onu-Koro.

When I get there, Whenua thanks me for retrieving the stone. I decide to head on to the other villages. As I approach the exit of the caves, a Matoran stops me. "You have done well, Takua. To continue you must first race me, Onepu, the greatest of all the Ussal Crab racers! Collect all eight buried crystals to win." I suppose Onepu must be really eager for a race, so I accept his offer.


We each climb onto our Ussal Crabs. Onepu announces that we are ready to go, and the race is on! The Ussal crabs scurry through caves and dig through the dirt to find the eight crystals. Onepu is faster than I am, and knows the caves better, so I stay close to him. His crab does most of the digging. Soon he finds the location of the first crystals and we each take one. We continue through the caves, Onepu collecting the crystals just before I do. Once we each have seven, I take note of the direction he is going and urge my crab on. Onepu’s crab is now worn out from all the digging, while mine is still fresh. I pull ahead and grab the last crystal! Onepu is impressed with my handling of the Ussal crab. True to his word, he now lets me exit Onu-Koro.


Chapter 2

I walk out of the caves of Onu-Koro, and see the bright light of the sun bearing down upon me. The grass here grows plentifully, and the trees grow tall. A find a deep river blocking my path, but use my Volo Lutu Launcher to launch myself over a piece of coral to the other side. I leap across another river, and find near the beaches outside Ga-Koro.


A blue villager blocks the bridge to the village.
"Welcome to Ga-Koro! You may have access to our village by participating in our boat race. You'll race against me. I'm really fast!"

The villagers are preparing for the boat race. The villager I spoke to earlier leads me to the boat I will be rowing in. Three more of the blue Ga-Matoran pile into my boat. I look to my right, and see the three other boats we will be racing again. The villager who spoke to me earlier waves at me - she is in the boat directly next to mine. All the boats are a similar design, holding four passengers, but painted in different colours - ours is predominantly red. A Matoran shouts “GO!”, and our leader shouts commands at us. We begin rowing, slowly picking up speed, and head out into the bay. Our leader skillfully guides us around the rocks and sandbars, and seems to have an excellent eye for the currents that will help us toward our goal. We are soon far ahead of the other racers, and over the finish line. My teammates cheer together in victory.

We row back toward the village. Ga-Koro floats on the water, made up of many large lilypads tied together by bridges. Slightly smaller lilypads serve as the main material for their homes. When we reach the lilypads, we tie the boat ashore and I walk toward the center of the village.

I approach one of the villagers, and she tells me "Greetings, fellow islander. Our Turaga, Nokama, is missing! We think that she has been captured by the Makika that lives in a cave across the harbor. Will you help us rescue Nokama?" Of course, I answer in the affirmative. She points me toward the harbor, where the Makika nests.


I head out of the village toward the harbor. I make my way up past the reef, until I find a cave. I slowly enter. Deep inside the cave, I see a huge, long-armed Makika Toad. Behind it, I spot Nokama, tied up and struggling to get free. The Makika notices me, and hops over toward me! I run backwards, towards a boulder I have spotted. I lift the heavy boulder up over my head. As the Makika comes in to try and grab me, I throw the boulder at it. The boulder lands on its head, and the Makika is too stunned to move. I take the opportunity to scramble over to Nokama, and carry her out of the cave.


When we return to Ga-Koro, Nokama tells me "Thank you for rescuing me, little one. The island of Mata Nui needs your help! As I have learned, some of the sacred Toa Stones are still missing. Our own Toa Gali Stone was taken by a creature that lives in the cliffs across the harbor."

I head out of the village, toward the cliffs that tower alongside the harbor. A huge river divides the land, but once again I use my Volo Luta launcher to fly through the air to the other side. As I explore the cliffs, I soon find a giant grasshopper guarding the second Toa Stone. Before the grasshopper notices me, I throw a series of my Madu Fruit at it. The grasshopper falls over on it’s back, and I grab the Toa Stone.

When I return to Ga-Koro, Nokama thanks me again. I leave the village, to walk around the bay and onward to Po-Koro.

Chapter 3

I leave Ga-Koro, heading toward the stone canyons of Po-Koro. As I tread through the canyons, I head down a path to the East, and stumble upon a drill - I believe this belongs to Whenua. I take the drill with me. The canyons are a long maze, but I find a Po-Matoran who tells me
"You can use the drill to dig under some enemies and knock them over or to dig under walls like this one."
Taking his advice, I use the drill to dig under the ground. The drill is surprisingly powerful and can dig tunnels very quickly, and soon I have made a shortcut by digging under the canyon wall. I step out into sandy plains, and spot the Stone Gate of Po-Koro in the distance. I begin walking toward the gate.

When I arrive, I'm stopped by a guard.
"Stop! Who are you!"
His companion chimes in.
"What do you want!"
"Why are you here!" Demands the first.
"How do we know you aren't an ally of Makuta?"
"What's the password?"
"There isn't a password"
"That's right. Ok, you can pass."
"I already live here!" The second guard has clearly confused himself.


I walk in to Po-Koro. It's a well-protected village, built up against one of the walls of the canyon. The homes are all built out of stone. As I wander through the town, I stumble upon a hammer. I pick it up - it looks like the one that belongs to Onewa, the Turaga of this village. However, after searching I cannot find him anywhere. The villagers do not seem to know where he is either, but tell me of a canyon that he may have visited. I leave the village toward the canyon, and find a bridge that takes me higher onto the natural stone walls. I find Onewa's Hammer useful to break through some boulders that block my way. I take some of the shattered remains of the boulder with me - I will surely find the rocks more powerful than the Madu Fruit I have been using to defend myself with.


While searching through the winding path, I think I spot a cage in the distance. It looks like Onewa is trapped in the cage! As I approach the cage, a number of insects burrow up from under the ground and charge at me. I try to escape, but I cannot dodge them all. They begin biting at my feet, and I run back, shaking them off. Once I have retreated a short distance, the insects stop following me and burrow back beneath the earth. I slowly walk up to the cage again. As I approach, a single insect burrows up and rushes toward me, but I throw a rock at it. The insect is knocked out. I repeat the tactic, taking slow steps until an insect burrows up to stop me, and hitting it with a rock. After about a dozen times, all the insects are defeated.

I walk up to Onewa's cage. It's surrounded on each side by small, metal towers, and I cannot free him with the towers in the way. I cannot move them by hand, no matter how hard I try. I search for another way to free Onewa. I notice there is a pattern etched into ground, and a few small mounds where it looks like the sand has been dug up. I try to dig up these mounds using Whenua's drill, and find a small switch in each one. When I flick the switches, the metal towers sink down into the earth. I open the cage, and Onewa tells me "It was so hot in that cage! Let's go back to the village, it's much cooler there."

I follow Onewa back to Po-Koro. "You're the best, Takua!" says Onewa. "The desert just won't be the same when you're gone." I ask about the Toa Stone, and he says he believes a giant scorpion that lives in the desert may have stolen it.


I leave town once more, toward the nest of the giant scorpion. Along the way, I find a discarded Bamboo disk - the preferred weapon of Matoran guards. These disks hit hard and return when thrown.


Soon I am at the nest, and have spotted the Giant Scorpion. I see the Toa Stone in it’s claw. The Scorpion is huge - as tall as I am, it’s stinger towers over me. It notices me and quickly moves in to attack. I throw my new Bamboo disk at it, but even a direct hit hardly fazes it. I try to dodge as it thrusts its stinger at me, but it’s too fast and it grazes my arm. It thrusts it’s stinger at me again, this time I pivot and manage to dodge. The beast continues to press the attack, cornering me against a stone wall. It attacks with its stinger again, this time I dodge and the stinger gets stuck in the stone. I know even my bamboo disk will not faze it, so I dig into the ground with Whenua's drill, underneath the fierce rahi. When I am sure I am underneath it, I ram my drill up into it's belly. The beast is wounded - it's belly is clearly it's weak point! But it comes at me again. Again, I dive into the tunnel I have already made, and attack with the drill from underneath. This time, the blow is fatal. The beast cries out in pain, and collapses. Now, I can easily retrieve the stone from its grasp, and head back to the village.

When I return, Onewa thanks me once again.


As I head to the gate to leave the village, one of the Po-Matoran stops me. He says
"I am the village Koli champion! Let's play!" It's been awhile since I have played Koli, and I'm eager to test my skills - but surely it is Huki, not this strange Matoran, who is the village champion? Regardless, we head to the field, where the Po-Matoran finds two more players. In Koli, there are four players and four goals.  The players must kick balls into their opponent's goals to score a point for themselves, and deduct a point from the player the goal belongs to.

When the game starts, I quickly run to my goal, and kick the balls near my goal away. The other players are fast, but they follow the balls to the other quadrants of the field. I run toward the other goals, and score a number of points. I then return to defend my own goal from any balls that have come near my quadrant of the field. When all the balls on the field have entered the goals, I have the most points of all. I bid the other players farewell, and leave the village to head toward Le-Koro.


Chapter 4

After some travelling, I find myself amongst the enormous trees of Le-Wahi. I meet a Le-Matoran, who informs me "Every time I try to play with the others, I get knocked off the ledge! There must be some way to get my own Kewa Bird!" I am unsure what he means, but I spot a set of stairs leading up one of the trees, and climb up. The stairs lead to a hollowed out section of the tree. Suddenly, a bird carrying a Matoran rider flies in and knocks me out of the tree! I fall down onto the hard ground. I pick myself back up and climb the stairs again, this time ducking behind a stone obelisk when the rider flies by. He comes in to land, and I prepare my volo lutu launcher. I fire the volu lutu at the bird, and launch myself at the rider! I kick the Matoran off the bird, and climb on top. Taking the reigns, I direct the bird out of the tree and into the air.


Three other Matoran riding birds are out here, flying among the trees. They seem to be playing a game where they throw fruit at each other. I fly towards them to join in, throwing my own fruit. Before my target sees me, I have hit him right in the back of the head! Now he has noticed there is a new player, and he directs his bird towards me. He pelts his fruit at me, but my bird dives, making me difficult to hit. The aerial battle rages on, with the four of us diving, banking and throwing fruit at high speeds. The other riders are clearly more adept at handling their birds, but their aim and throwing distance does not compare to mine. Whenever one comes in to attack, I hit him first. Soon, I am declared the victor, and we all fly back to Le-Koro.



Le Koro is a village built into the tree-tops, with wooden platforms built onto the trees and bridges between platforms everywhere. The villagers live in houses made of numerous tree branches.

One of the villagers approaches me and says "Your skill at wind-riding the Kewa Bird is impressive! I must ask for your help. Matau, the Turaga of our village, has been kidnapped. Only Matau ever-knows the secrets of the Toa Lewa Stone! You must rescue him if you can..." He gives me the directions to the place he thinks Matau has been taken.


I climb down the bridges to the surface in search of Matau. When I approach, I see a huge bird’s nest in a tree! Even far away, I can hear the squawking of birds. As I approach the tree, a giant blur of red flies from the nest toward me! I run away, but huge talons pick me up and carry me back to the nest. I look up, and see that my captor is a wild Kewa Bird. I struggle to escape, but I can’t break free of it’s grip. It drops me into its nest where it’s hungry chicks await. I look around. Matau, wrapped up in a vine, is in the nest with me - I wonder if he is a snack for later? One chick hops over - it’s as tall as I am - and pecks at me. I scramble away and use my Volo Lutu launcher to fly out of the nest, onto the branch of a nearby tree. I climb to the ground, and try and think of a way to rescue the Turaga.


I see a large stone nearby. I hold it above my head, and walk back toward the nest. This time, the Kewa grabs the stone instead of me. When it returns to the nest, it drops the boulder in. I repeat the process a few more times with different boulders I find. Once the bird has taken five boulders as “food”, I listen hard - I can no longer hear the squawking of the baby chicks. I approach the tree without a boulder, and let the eagle carry me back to its nest. It drops me in. I can now see that the babies have all been crushed by the stones the eagle has taken. I help to untie Matau, and he tells me
"Oh, Takua -- you saved me! Time to quick-return to the village."


When we return to Le-Koro, Matau says
"Once again you have proven that a small stature does not prevent great deeds! As a reward for rescuing me, here is Matau's Kau Kau Staff. With it you can clear trees from your path. Use it wisely! Only the late-knowing use the Kau Kau Staff without good purpose. Once you find the Toa Lewa Stone, you must go to the ice lands to the northeast. I've heard that a strange tree deep-wood may provide the answer to the location of the Toa Lewa Stone. Seek-find wisely, and may Lewa look out for you!" I gladly take Matau's staff.


I head down to the surface to search for this strange tree. As I head away from the village, I notice something on the ground. It looks like Turaga Nuju's Ice Pick! I take it with me.


I continue searching Le-Wahi, until I stumble upon an unusual gear. I take it with me. Shortly after, I find the tree Matau told me about. It has a huge mask carved into its trunk, and four branches which have had the top half cut off, with a protrusion coming up off each branch. I find another gear on the ground nearby. The gears seem to fit the carved branches of the tree, but I need two more. I hunt around the area, and find another gear tucked under a fallen leaf. I spend some more time searching for the last one. Eventually I come to a ravine. It looks as if the last gear is on the other side. Seeing no way across, I use the Kau Kau staff to cut down a nearby tree, and use it as a bridge to cross the ravine. I walk across, grab the gear, and head back to the carved tree. I place the last two gears on it’s branches. The carving on the trunk slides downwards to reveal the hidden Toa Stone! I take it back to Matau.


Matau thanks me for finding his village’s Toa Stone. I leave Le-Koro, toward the icy peak of Mount Ihu.


Chapter 5

After trekking through the snowy plains of Mount Ihu, I approach Ko-Koro. The village sits between two glaciers. Outside the gate, I spot a Ko-Matoran. He tells me "I'm always in the mood for a good snowball fight! Get ready!" He leads me to an icy field where two more Ko-Matoran are waiting. Soon, the snowball fight begins, and I am sliding around, pelting snowballs at the other three. They are good, but I dodge almost every snowball they throw at me. At the end of the fight, I can barely tell where their white bodies end and the snow begins! I am barely touched by snow at all, and am declared the victor.


I head through the gate into the village. There are two guards stationed here. The first guard says blocks my path, saying
"Go back, or you'll be frozen in ice!"
His comrade replies,
"No, you'll be buried in snow."
"Frozen in ice is better." Argues the first.
"I like buried in snow!"
"Let's compromise: go back or you'll be really-really cold!"

I walk past the guards and enter the village.


The villagers have hollowed out sections of the glaciers to make some of their homes. More dwellings are littered around the snowy plains, built out of ice. As I walk through the village, a Matoran runs up to me and says
"You've arrived just in time! Turaga Nuju has been kidnapped by a horde of evil beasts! My friend Matoro has been injured! The best trackers of our village have been unable to reach Nuju. You must rescue Nuju!" He tells me where the trackers believe Nuju has been taken.

I head out of the village in search of Nuju. Shortly after, I find a herd of Mahi goats blocking my path! Whenever I get close, they begin growling and charge at me. There are many of the beasts, and I am not fast enough to run past them. The goats have made their territory at the base of a small cliff covered in snow. I throw an explosive Madu Cabolo fruit at the cliff, and the explosion causes an avalanche, burying the creatures in snow. While they are stuck trying to escape, I run past.


Shortly I find Nuju. He appears unscathed. I walk up to him, and he speaks to me. Nuju only speaks in whistles and clicks, and I do not understand him. Regardless, he returns with me to his village.


When we enter the village, Nuju leads me to a Ko-Matoran I recognise as Matoro. Nuju speaks to me in his strange language, and Matoro translates for me. "Now that you have proven your ability, I must ask you for your aid. The sacred Toa Kopaka Stone has been stolen from Kini-Nui. It must be found and returned so the Legend of Mata Nui can be told."

Matoro tells me where Nuju believes the Toa Stone has been taken. Once again, I leave the village.


I reach the cliff where I was told the Toa Stone would be. I don’t see the Toa Stone, but there is an arrangement of three regular stones. I think I see movement under one. I take Onewa’s Hammer and swing it at the stone. The stone shatters, and underneath I see an angry Ice Hikaki! This is a dragon-lizard that can hurl shards of ice from it’s mouth. Clearly it’s mad that it's home has been destroyed. It immediately starts spitting ice at me. I run away, trying to make myself a hard target, and throw my disk at it. It's stunned for just a moment, but almost before I catch my disk, it attacks again. I dodge, duck and weave its ice attacks, while taking every chance I get to throw my disk at it. The Hikaki hits me with more than a few painful shards of ice, but after I hit it with my disk for a fourth time, the dragon-lizard has had enough. It runs off into the snowy fields. I inspect it's nest - it has left behind the fifth Toa Stone! I take it back to Ko-Koro.


When I return to Ko-Koro, Matoro thanks me on behalf on Nuju.


I am ready to leave this icy mountain, and head toward Ta-Koro - my old home.


Chapter 6

Ta-Koro is built into the Lake of Fire, a huge pool of lava that sits in the Mangai Volcano. I cross the stone bridge that leads to the village, but when I reach the gate of Ta Koro, the two guards stationed outside start shouting at me.
"There he is! Let's get him!"
"We can't let him get away!" says the second.
"Stop where you are!" the first shouts.
"Ok!" replies the second.
"Not you, silly!"

I walk through the gate while they bicker.


Ta-Koro is a huge fortress that sits on a stone island in the middle of the Lake of Fire. I see Turaga Vakama outside one of the buildings. I am not eager to speak to him after so long, but I need help to find the last Toa Stone. I walk up to him, and he tells me
"I've heard about you, Takua. You're just a villager! You've come very far for one so small. I've heard about how skilled you are, but I am not convinced. Are you strong enough to recover the lost Toa Tahu Stone? I don't think you're up to the task! But I am willing to give you a chance." He hands me a lavaboard, and tells me that I must enter a lava surfing competition before he will help me find the last Toa Stone.


I head over to the Trem Krom Break where the Ignalu Lava Surfing competition will take place. Four of us line up, ready to surf down the lava flows. The referee shouts “Go!” and we jump on our boards, surfing down the river of fire. I stay to the fastest flows of lava, and quickly take the lead. I reach the finish first, and return to Ta-Koro to tell Vakama of my victory.


But when I return to where Vakama was earlier, I cannot see him. In his place, I see one of the Ta-Matoran guards. He tells me
"It's about time! Where have you been? Vakama has been taken by a band of hot-headed Fire Maha! Only you can save Vakama, as I must stay here and guard the village." The guard tells me where he thinks Vakama has been taken.


I head out of the village in search of Vakama. As I trek through the plains, I stumble upon what looks like his mask. I take it with me, knowing I must be on the right path. I continue through the warm, rocky mountainside. Soon, I see a cage. When I approach, I can see that Vakama is locked in it. He yells to me "Help me! Those Maha over there have the key to this cage. You must knock them all out to get the key!"


There are four Maha. I walk up to them, but when I get close they all flee! I chase after them across the mountainside, hurling my disk at them. Soon, I have knocked them all out, and find the key on one of them. I return to Vakama’s cage and unlock the door. I return both his mask and firestaff to him, and we head back to Ta-Koro together.


When we return, Vakama says "Well, I guess you've passed the test, but I think you were lucky! There is little time remaining to find the Toa Tahu Stone! You must find it quickly before it is lost in the depths of the Mangai Volcano forever. Now get going!"

Before I leave, the guard I spoke to earlier tells me "Good luck, Takua. The path ahead is a dangerous one! Now go! And may Tahu protect you..."


I leave the village and head up the mountain to where I will find the last stone. It’s in a cave that crosses with rivers of magma. After trekking through the cave, I see the last stone in the distance, on the other side of a river of magma. I leap onto my lavaboard to get across. Once I am on the other side, I take the final Toa Stone. But after I take the stone, the ground beneath me gives way. As I’m falling, I pull out my lavaboard and manage to land on it - I am lucky I did so, as I have landed in a chamber full of magma. The lava flow pulls me along, and I begin surfing down through the magma-filled chamber. I quickly build up speed. I see a light at the end of the cavern - I’m approaching the exit!. As I get closer, I can see the lava ahead of me is falling down a cliff. When I reach the end of the cavern, I go flying through the air.



I am unhurt when I land. I believe I am near Kini Nui. I see the six Turaga together. I walk up to them.


Onewa greets me. "Thanks for dropping by, Takua!"
Nokama tells me "You are our hero, little one... you have recovered the Toa Stones!”
Vakama says "Hmph! I guess you did. Not bad for an amatuer...
Whenua says  "Now that the Toa Stones have been returned, we can once more tell the Legend of Mata Nui, and prepare the way for the arrival of the Toa."
Matau smiles and says  "Good work! Now please return the Toa Stones to their proper places in the temple."
I return each of their staffs to them, and head up to the temple.

I place the stones on the Amaja-Nui.


They begin emitting bright, colourful lights.


There is a huge explosion, and I am flung, high into the air. The light around me is a powerful collection of colours.


I begin falling, the beach of Mata Nui gets bigger and bigger.


I land hard in the sand.

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