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Happy 5th anniversary, Legends of Chima (2013)! :)


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Hi, guys!:) Are any of you aware of or do any of you remember a playset Lego theme called Legends of Chima in 2013-2015? Well, if you do and like it, then let’s celebrate its 5th anniversary this year. I like the theme. It was pretty cool.


Legends of Chima was originally going to replace Ninjago when Ninjago was going to end in 2013. However, Ninjago was so successful that it was able to continue to 2014. Also however, Legends of Chima and Ninjago were running together from 2013 until 2015 when Legends of Chima ended and it had more sets in 2013 than Ninjago (6 Ninjago sets).


Legends of Chima has a story and a TV show, like Ninjago. The theme is about humanoid animals fighting each other after magical energy called Chi.


The theme is the first original Lego theme to have constraction sets (there are 13 in total), and it took over the trading card business. Plus, it is one of the first themes to have ball-and-joint building system in the Lego System brick figures (rather than Mixels), and that began in 2014. The TV show is made by the same people who made Ninjago’s TV show. This show has voice actors that we don’t know, not like ones in the Bionicle movies, Hero Factory’s TV show, Lego Atlantis special, Clutch Powers, or Ninjago, who we know and are well known. The 3-D animation in there is slightly different from Ninjago’s. The voice actor thing and animation thing is a bit weird. Plus, it’s weird that the show ended in 2014 before the theme ended in 2015. The show has some shorts that tell untold stuff, which are funny, though.


In my opinion about the theme, well, as I said before, it was pretty great and cool, but it is a little weird. I give it mixed-to-positive feelings about it, including the show. However, I do like the character development and the humor.:)


I feel pretty sad about the theme ending.:( However, it did have a little bit of legacy. Legends of Chima was features in the season finale of Ninjago’s TV Season 5 as one of the 17 Realms in the Ninjago story. Plus, there are three LoC Fun Packs from a toys-come-to-life video game called Lego Dimensions in 2015. LoC has never been heard of ever since.:( However, after the theme ended, another theme with the TV show with the same animation, Nexo Knights in 2016-2018, took its place, even though when that theme in 2018 ended, there was no replacement after it. Well, it’s best not to make another theme with a TV show between Ninjago’s TV show is dominating and is more successful.


Anyway, what’s your favorite moment with LoC? For me, well, I like the parts where Laval fights Cragger, Plovar taking care of Cragger’s teeth at wrong times, the Speedor races, the heroes saving the Crocs from the Wolves, the Legend Beasts fighting the Dark Tribes, Plovar angering the Spiders by calling them uglies, the Heroes fighting the Dark Tribes in a cave where the Lion Legend Beast was, the good tribes having hard time fighting the Hunter Tribes when everything is frozen, the Bears being awake and fighting the Ice Bears, and the Heroes with the Fire Wings and Flinx defeating the Hunter Tribes.:) I am planning to do a marathon on the TV series someday.:)

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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I didn't watch the show much, but I did see Chima as a big presence at the LEGOLAND parks. I believe the Florida World of Chima has been closed, but as far as I know the Chima-themed LEGOLAND California water park is still there.

If this page is to be believed, the Chima Water Park is only closed seasonally and will be open again summer 2019: https://www.legoland.com/california/legoland-water-park/rides-and-attractions/

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