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a repository of terrible bionicle drawings


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figured i'd do one of these and actually contribute something slightly meaningful to this site.

here's a kiina i recently did, which is actually a redraw of a kiina design i sketched several years ago, just in my current art style.  the first in a series of bionicle waifus i'm gifting to my mates soon.


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I would consider it premature to evaluate your artwork as “terrible” - in terms of poorly executed artwork, I have seen much worse.  

A better adjective to describe it would be grotesque. Your artwork simply emphasizes the worst aspects of Kiina - her childish flippancy and constantly moving from one thing to the other frantically - as opposed to other positive aspects of her character. I would expect such a drawing from the most ardent critic of The Legend Reborn. Perhaps it will be material for a suitable meme in the future. Until then, from one artist to another, my regards.


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