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Pretty Rare Kanohi/krana/kraata?

Mask collector

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Hello, i was recently looking at my collection and was wondering, who all has rare items here on BZP? I don't mean like a gold or silver kakama or something, i mean relatively rare like VMKK's, or Misprints etc. and i'm also wondering if anyone had full sets of Kanohi, or Krana, or even a full set of all 259 Kraata?I myself have 4 VMKK and almost a full set of kraata and krana, i'm still a little off with the kanohi, but i am only missing 1 black akaku nuva to complete that full set.Anyways post what you got!ThanksMC

Were you a member of the Protosquad? if so please PM me! I'm looking for Grey Plastic Krana Kal, Or GPKK. I only need the 8 Variations of the GPKK to have The only complete collection of BIONICLE in the world! Please contact me if you, or someone you know has any GPKK!



Mask Collector


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