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The Mountain of Power

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I'm not really good at creative writing, but I thought I might do a story for BZP. This short story is part of a universe I hope to expand on in future works. Feedback is appreciated, and enjoy the read.


The Mountain of Power


0 AA (80,000 Years before Present)




They had come so far.

They had fled their world, knowing that its only hope would be for them to return, stronger and ready to fight the League, to free their home from its control.

All of their effort might be for nothing, if someone did not do what needed to be done now, on this new world.




The Po-Toa gazed across the massive crater before him. Raging in its heart was an unnatural storm of energy. If left unchecked, it would grow exponentially in size to consume the planet. All that the races of the Matoran Universe had only just rebuilt would be destroyed.

I might be the only being on Rukanor-Zar that can stop the storm before it becomes too large to ever contain, Zavuae thought to himself. As the only Toa of Stone, Earth, Metal, or Ice on the world of Rukanor-Zar, he knew that only his Nuva-enhanced power was capable of entombing the source of the problem. Months before, the Red Star had crashed on this world, on it escapees from the Matoran Universe. Unbeknownst to the new arrivals, the artificial star's power source was damaged in the landing. This event had unleashed an energy storm that threatened all life on Rukanor-Zar.

When the Red Star landed, it had impacted a mountain on the floor of the caldera. Massive pieces of rock still lay scattered nearby, a fact which was crucial to Zavuae's plan.

I must go to the crash site. I will reform the peak around myself and the Red Star, forever sealing us in. As a Toa Nuva, my body will be able to absorb the energy. I must do this, or everything on this world will perish.




A spire of rock rose up from the floor of the crater, slowly blocking out the unnatural red light that came from within. Around the tower, a mighty storm raged, but it began to subside as more and more stone covered the mountain's heart. A group of onlookers had gathered at the formation's edge, not daring to come any closer, due the powerful cyclone above. Among them was a Vo-Matoran named Chronicler Kaiavo. She dubbed the site Cearran-Kal, or the Mountain of Power.

It is not merely a name, but also a warning of what is contained within. If the Red Star's energies ever again escape their tomb, Rukanor-Zar may be doomed.

RPG Characters: Explota Akkitu
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