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New LEGO Ideas 10k Trio

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Three new projects have achieved ten thousand votes of support on LEGO Ideas over the past two days. Take a look at SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy (BFR) by haymaw99, Ancient Greek Temple by HP_Brixxter, and Succulent Garden by Succulent Joe, three very different models that all garnered a lot of support. All three builds feature amazing details and techniques and could be a great addition to the Ideas theme, both complimenting and contrasting the Winnie the Pooh set revealed earlier today. We wish them the best of luck when they enter their upcoming review phase!

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After there release of the ginormous Colosseum, I'd love to see more LEGO sets based on other well known (and perhaps lesser known!) historical sites, archaeological sites, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Greek Temple is a bit disappointing in that its a "generic" Greek Temple, inspired by a few but not particularly based on one. It's a beautiful model, though.

The succulent garden is the real winner of the three though. So cute, and representing something you pretty much never see rendered in LEGO. It'd be nice companion to the bonsai.

Seems like every week there's another project reaching 10k. LEGO Ideas is such a cool platform and we've gotten some great sets from it.

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