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Looking to Buy/Trade Kanohi


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Hi all,


I'm looking to try and complete my Kanohi collection and am interested in buying or trading. I am located in Canada and ship worldwide.

Below is a list of Kanohi I am looking for:


Light Blue Matatu

Lime Matatu

Beige Rau

Dark Grey Huna

Infected Hau

Red Miru Nuva

Red Akaku Nuva

Blue Pakari Nuva

Green Hau Nuva

Green Pakari Nuva

Brown Hau Nuva

Black Hau Nuva

Black Kaukau Nuva

Black Miru Nuva

White Pakari Nuva

UK Copper Huna

UK Copper Komau

Gold Vahi

Protodermic Silver Hau Nuva

Protodermic Silver Kakama Nuva

Protodermic Silver Pakari Nuva

Protodermic Silver Akaku Nuva

Black 4-Hole Kraahkan


Below is a list of Kanohi I have for trade:



Blue Pakari x 1

Brown Hau x 1

Brown Miru x 1

Brown Akaku x 1

Black Akaku x 1

Black Ruru x 1

Trans-Blue Ruru x 1

Silver Miru x 1

Gold Kakama x 1

Blue Akaku Nuva x 1

Green Kakama Nuva x 1

White Kaukau Nuva x 1

Misprint Green Ruru x 1

Misprint Brown Ruru x 1

Misprint Brown Matatu x 1




Please note that not all pictured masks are available, see the above list for what is!



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Here is a link to photos of the masks as some have requested: https://imgur.com/a/Dm3hPab

Please note that not all of the pictured masks are available but the above list is accurate!


12 hours ago, Humble_Matoran said:

Are you open to selling as well, or just trading? 

Right now I'm only looking to trade, however if I still have some masks left after trades I will most likely post them for sale.

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have spares of the infected hau, vahi, kraakhan, uk copper huna, and might be getting a second dark gray huna in the mail in the near future. mostly looking for kaukaus and white masks as i somehow have only a white pakari nuva as far as recolors go, but you still do have spares i'm interested in.

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