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  1. not so much interested in the tanoka but you mentioned other misprints for trade? i have around 50 misc kraata and a bunch of spare kanohi, in addition to a lot of sets including a nsib vorox
  2. i do want that, just saying i wish i could get a proto mask. i wanna moc with one so badly
  3. the orange kraata is one of those things that bugs me like crazy, much like the green nuva weapons. they aren't even remotely expensive, just no one on bl is selling any.
  4. hey i mean i'm intending it be for trade, hmu with what you have (honestly the main things at this point i'm still looking for are a yellow kaukau, copper komau, pgk, most of the euro misprints, and half the silver nuvas, but that's only because i doubt anyone will trade me either a proto mask/weapon or unreleased galidor parts lol)
  5. if you're willing to trade for either a set or mask recolors lmk!
  6. not in my possession yet, having it shipped from australia via a buddy in new zealand who bought the rest of the lot it was in
  7. ooc, how much does a clear bohrok windscreen go for? think i might've found one but it doesn't look like it's the same proto with the magnifying section. bl gave me some prices but, as it didn't list the set it came from (and the prices were all less than a dollar), people i've talked to think those listings were just mislabeled korahk ones. idk feel like you guys would know better
  8. i want the dark blue great ruru and the blue akaku. i have a tan matatu, black hau nuva, miru nuva, and blue akaku nuva.
  9. thanks. was there anything you wanted to trade?
  10. yeah been getting really lucky with deals recently. come find me if you need something after
  11. UPDATE: these are my duplicates now, inventory up-to-date hau: red x7, yellow x7, gray x3, silver x1, gold x1, infected x1 hau nuva: red x2, black x1 pakari: black x10, light blue x5, orange x5, sliver x3, gold x3, red x1 pakari nuva: black x7 akaku: white x9, sand blue x6, gold x1 akaku nuva: white x7, blue x1, green x1 miru: green x5, gold x3, brown x2, white x1, silver x1 miru nuva: green x8, blue x2, brown x1 kakama: brown x11, dark orange x4, gold x1, green x1, red x1 kakama nuva: brown x13, black x1 kaukau: blue x8, silver x5, gold x1, black x1 kaukau nuva: blue x9 huna: orange x3, blue x4, black x2, copper (uk) x1, light blue x1, dark gray x 1, metru x1 mahiki: lime x3, metru x4 rau: light blue x 4, tan x1, metru x2 ruru: dark gray x3, black x1, trans blue x5 matatu: light gray x4, dark gray x4 komau: tan x5, metru x1 vahi: orange x2
  12. i actually no longer need a silver miru, found a bulk lot online with a couple of them in it i should be getting soon. sorry man.
  13. EDIT: huge collection update, also will be coming into possession of a lot more duplicate recolors soon as well. i'll update when i have them. (dots indicate either in the mail or on a moc) EDIT: since someone was confused by this, these pics are my collection. not the trades. it was just easier to show what i didn't have that way
  14. oh then no, i definitely don't. all mine more or less are pictured. tbh haven't even seen any of them used or irl before.
  15. does anyone know where to buy the older knockoffs? ie like star soldier and master of disaster? some of those parts are amazing for mocs but i can't find them anywhere.
  16. variant? i just meant the normal one that came with gali. did you honestly think i had 12 light blue ones lmao and don't even know what that means but assume it's a krana thing so no. what i have more or less is pictured, maybe minus a couple that came in after or i missed but this is pretty accurate.
  17. i don't even known which are which enough to care lol
  18. it was pure luck, i stumbled on it on fb marketplace and almost pooped myself when i noticed the tahnok kal in the guy's collection was a misprint. he clearly didn't know that though lmao. if you happen to live anywhere near utah though, i saw someone selling titan mata nui in a bin of nerf ammo for 15. just letting you know. only reason that isn't mine is because they will not respond
  19. ikr? $25 for this, a 4 hole kraahkan, glitter avohkii, dark gray rau, and a handful of random non-recolor masks
  20. he came in today and minus giving him a new rubber band (since he had none) is in basically perfect condition. so happy
  21. -looks at the like dozen or so trans blue kaukaus in my dupes bag no think i'm good lol. the other ones definitely. both masks i own but i'd get more use out of another neon miru than the krana lol. and i think it's just slizer purple? whichever shade that is
  22. i have a topic with all my krana/kraata pictured. idk names of them offhand
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