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  1. Hello everyone I have two tanokas for sale or trade (see attached pictures). SOLD The things I am looking for are: -Plain black Kanoka (I had one but I seem to have lost it :c ) -Plain glow in dark opaque Kanoka -Wild Kraata & Trans Orange Kraata I also have other kanohi (including misprints), krana and a couple of sealed sets that could be part of a trade for those items (but at the moment I am not looking to sell these, I would only let them go as part of a trade). Please send me a DM if you have anything of the above (I can also buy if you are not interested in trading). If you would like to buy one or the two disks, please send me an offer. The Official Rare & Promotional Collectibles Topic values the tanoka disk in a range of $50-$100 USD, but feel free to send me any kind of sensible offer! Items are available until I otherwise state it in this post. Edit: The disks are now unavailable, but I still have other things to trade in exchange for the kraatas and the other disks mentioned above (I am also willing to buy). Send me a DM if interested. Thanks!
  2. It contains 92 of 96 :p By the way, sorry for stating it here @BioHunter71, but now that you bring it up: if anybody wants to trade Dark/Light Purple Krana send me DM please (i have some to offer and I am looking for some too) Good luck with your sell!
  3. Hello I have a 5 chin holes Kraahkan for sale or trade. If you are interested send me a DM please! I am based in Europe. Item is available until I remove this line.
  4. Semon ÑU!

    1. Shimon the Digger

      Shimon the Digger

      Realmente no se si te cai gordo, o si solamente eliminaste tu fb para tomarte un descanso.

      No te sientas obligado a conversar conmigo, eres libre de hacer todo lo que quieras, si te lastimo con mis palabras entonces puedes hacerte el favor a ti mismo y seguir adelante.

      No se, te aprecio mucho como persona, estare mas que contento de ser tu amigo. Perdoname por ser un asco de persona de cualquier manera =/

  5. Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday!

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