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Trans-Orange Kraata for Trade


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Hello everyone,

I recently acquired a spare Trans-Orange Kraata (pic attached) so I'm putting it up for trade. At the moment, I would prefer to trade for a Stage 6 Cyclone kraata (examples also attached) as it's the last one I need to complete my set.

I'm also looking for european misprint kanohi and any rare metal krana (WMKK, VMKK); I understand the latter are far more valuable, so I would trade/pay extra to make it fair.

Happy to take more pictures if interested. Thanks for looking!

(UPDATE: trade is completed)




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Trade completed
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14 hours ago, InconspicuousShark said:

I just checked and I don't have a spare Cyclone 6. I'm 4 slugs away from finishing my own set though, do you happen to have any wild Kraata dupes you wouldn't mind parting with?

Unfortunately I don't have any spares left, but if I come across any I'll let you know!

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9 hours ago, Maniac4Bricks said:

I know that I have Cyclone kraata, I can check soon if any are Stage 6, if the trade is still open.

Hi, thanks for checking in. The deal was completed a while ago, but I forgot to update the status. I know another user (Toa Trisabelle) who would be very interested in negotiating for your Cyclone kraata at this thread: 


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