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  1. Hello Looking for a stage 5 and stage 6 Cyclone. I will buy or trade, offering a gold Kanohi Ignika for both!
  2. Hello, I am seeking the 175 Kanoka and Pearl gold Visorak, I am based in the UK and I am happy to negotiate prices
  3. Spend money on plastic parts even after almost a decade of its end.
  4. I don't know how easy it would be, but assuming you could take it apart, you could soak the corroded parts in white vinegar. I've fixed a few old 9V battery boxes this way.
  5. Absolutely. Star wars is getting stale, especially with such bad sets like the First Order AT-ST. There are many good ones, yeah, but I wanna see something original. Blacktron 3 perhaps?
  6. Gosh I love M-tron. This is just great.
  7. Really excited for more OT stuff, that speeder bike is beautiful.
  8. No more Russian exclusive packs. In all seriousness tho I'd love to see some larger more technic focused sets like the Rahi. We have LoSS and the creatures, it'd be interesting to see what else the set designers could do.
  9. They can have the old Blacktron stuff. The Bionicle is MINE!!
  10. Right now on a big display I'm quite proud of. In a few months I'll probably have them all carefully boxed up, to be built again in the far future.
  11. Gettin there ever-slowly. And yes I know the walls need repainting
  12. I did one for Stormer XL, didn't win. Oh well, never really expected to win
  13. That second shield deffo looks better. Also I think using the 2016 masks would make the team more consistent.
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