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Digital Constraction Collection

Calamitous T

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The Digital Constraction Collection (previously the Bionicle Database of Studio Models) is a single resource containing Studio models for Bionicle and other Constraction-related themes including:

  • Hero Factory
  • Slizers & Roboriders
  • Exo-Force
  • Other CCBS themes

These files are freely available. My hope is that this resource can be:

  1. A useful reference for fans who want to identify how models are built, and to easily create parts lists for uploading into Bricklink
  2. A springboard for other creative projects, be it artwork, animation, or
    your own MOCs/revamps!

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IJyAHHGeeMkKCyhR39vl42MGvrDsQPxV?usp=sharing 84


I’m really excited to announce that this project has reached a significant milestone: We now have every standard Canister Set, Titan Set, Small Boxed Set, and Playset from Bionicle G1*!

*As far as can be built with currently available parts

In addition, we have most of the official combiners and alternate builds, a good start on G2, as well as loads of sets for other Constraction or Constraction-elated themes.

Ongoing work includes:

  • Building remaining G1 Combiners
  • Building G2 and other themes
  • Sourcing missing parts and updating placeholders
  • Creating decals and multicolored variants for the parts that require them
  • General QoL improvements, eg. corrections, documentation, consistent submodelling
  • Prototypes maybe?

If you have any files you think might be helpful, please PM me here or elsewhere, or email TammyCalamity [at] outlook.com

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated their time and digital building skill to the project so far!

Keep on building,


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