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  1. The Digital Constraction Collection (previously the Bionicle Database of Studio Models) is a single resource containing Studio models for Bionicle and other Constraction-related themes including: Hero Factory Slizers & Roboriders Exo-Force Other CCBS themes These files are freely available. My hope is that this resource can be: A useful reference for fans who want to identify how models are built, and to easily create parts lists for uploading into Bricklink A springboard for other creative projects, be it artwork, animation, or your own MOCs/revamps! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IJyAHHGeeMkKCyhR39vl42MGvrDsQPxV?usp=sharing 84 -MAJOR UPDATE AUGUST 2022- I’m really excited to announce that this project has reached a significant milestone: We now have every standard Canister Set, Titan Set, Small Boxed Set, and Playset from Bionicle G1*! *As far as can be built with currently available parts In addition, we have most of the official combiners and alternate builds, a good start on G2, as well as loads of sets for other Constraction or Constraction-elated themes. Ongoing work includes: Building remaining G1 Combiners Building G2 and other themes Sourcing missing parts and updating placeholders Creating decals and multicolored variants for the parts that require them General QoL improvements, eg. corrections, documentation, consistent submodelling Prototypes maybe? If you have any files you think might be helpful, please PM me here or elsewhere, or email TammyCalamity [at] outlook.com Thanks so much to everyone who has donated their time and digital building skill to the project so far! Keep on building, -Tammy
  2. I've updated the OP to make it clear that I'm referring to Bricklink's Studio programme, it's pretty ubiquitous within the fandom. Also, I'm definitely not a 'he'...
  3. Hi all, Today I’d like to introduce the Bionicle Database of Studio Models - a repository of digital files for Bionicle sets and models compatible with Bricklink's Studio programme. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1IJyAHHGeeMkKCyhR39vl42MGvrDsQPxV?usp=sharing 5 The project is currently in Beta, as we’re currently rapidly populating the chronology of official sets. And this is where we need your help! We need Studio models of: Canister sets from 2005 onwards Boxed sets from all years Combiners Alt builds Canon contest winners (Artakha, Todbuk, Dark Hunters etc) If you have any files you think might be helpful, please PM me or contact me elsewhere. Keep on building! -Tammy
  4. Aww thanks, I kinda wish I'd spent more time working on it now! Nobody seems to have pointed out how storyboard-Takanuva looks like the T-1000!
  5. Haha, I just noticed this on the front page. Thank you so much!
  6. Takua and the gang in Metru form! https://youtu.be/4CVfV_QwgDk
  7. A semi-parody/semi-serious review of the brick-build Kanohi Hau! TeeCee's Ripoff Review: Brick-Built Kanohi Hau | Bionicle - YouTube Brick Build Hau RED.io
  8. The 10th Anniversary Edition uses recently released, high-resolution art assets, additional voice-over lines, and has been presented in chronological order to clearly tell Mata Nui's story - from his construction amidst civil war, to fulfilling his Destiny and healing a shattered world. https://youtu.be/gKPa14CwWCY
  9. Congrats on the coverage! This is awesome.
  10. I also made a follow-up for the Akaku 'Mata' and Matatu! https://youtu.be/qKqVrwxilXg
  11. Thank you, you are right about it being a little more recessed, but if you push it back any more it the tapered end means it falls out. Yes, once I took five seconds to actually look at the original I realised it was just two bar-size holes and another awkward stud. I have an idea though, so hopefully wont take long to follow up!
  12. I added a translucent scope/lens to Kopaka Nuva’s mask. Does it look alright? https://youtu.be/23EBYhmPQlA
  13. I have heard of Ashens, he was on an episode of Podquisition and I've seen some stuff he's been in and a couple of his videos. He seems pretty nice, but I already spend pleeeenty of time on YouTube!
  14. BioSector01 has you covered: As of Teridax's reign, there were more Turaga in the Matoran Universe than Toa (meaning there were at least 58 Turaga). So seven currently accounted for.. only 51 to go! Also thank you for the feedback everyone
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