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New Trailer for Masks of Power Released

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In case you missed it on 810NICLE Day, Team Kanohi released the BIONICLE: Masks of Power - Demo Trailer, teasing a playable demo for early 2024. You can follow the game on the Steam page for BIONICLE: Masks of Power to get notifications when it's available for download. I definitely plan on checking it out based on the beautiful trailer!

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This is an amazing trailer for the fan-made game! The graphics are quite stunning! I wish Lego had made this game in 2001, and all of Bionicle’s and Hero Factory story arcs have this treatment! :) Anyway, I have seen a lot of Masks of Power videos. How long have they been working this game? Like, ten years? Sure feels like it because I have seen some videos where Toa were wandering around a white gameplay grid or whatever this prototype build was (10 years ago, I believe). I’ve seen videos where one can have the Toa wandering around the island (6 years ago, I believe). I’ve seen videos about that thing called “Masks of Power Legacy”, where one has Toa train in various training places, encounter Matoran versions of themselves, and fight against Makuta Teridax when he was using the Mask of Time to harass the Toa. Last year or two years ago, the makers of the game made videos about Masks of Power having this kind of graphics (the one shown in the trailer). Before this, were all of those versions of the game that serve as prototype builds for it? The makers never released the game, did they? Anyway, I like that they are improving the stuff in the game! These guys are doing a fantastic job! 

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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