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Attack Of The Bohrok

Axilus Prime

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Chapter 1: The Bohrok AwakenAs the Toa walked on, light flashed down and beamed them out of Makuta's lair. But next to Makuta's lair was another room. As he retreated to regain his power, he brushed against what was inside that room, so that the Toa would not interfere with his plan. What should have never been awakened when living, sentient beings were on the island, he had awakened. Makuta teleported away.Takua was alone in the lair. “Toa? Turaga? Anyone?” He walked around. The darkness had one place with a green light. He followed inside.“What is this?” There was no eerie chill wind, only something telling him he should not touch what he saw. A glowing green half sphere stood in front of him. There were circles bulging out slightly. The circles started to bulge and pulsate in and out.“Mata Nui...what is this?”Takua backed away slowly into a golden orb on a pedestal, with a square-shaped keyhole.“Wait Takua, just gotta see this and record it...just duty...” Takua still just barely convinced himself to stay. He gulped and looked at what was happening. Some of the circles started to burst open. Green sphere-like things flew out of the circles and landed on the ground. They had a strange stripe pattern on the front, clawed shields on the side, two sharp tooth-like blades on the bottom, with the shaft holding the front plate up in between. On the sides of the teeth, but below the front plate, were two red eyes. There seemed to be something behind the clear front plate, but with the stripes and the darkness, he couldn't make it out. The sphere-like things were all identical, and they unfolded. Short, stubby legs extended from the bottom, and they stood on two-toed feet. Arms just like the legs extended, with the shields now replacing hands. Mechanical noises were heard with each of their steps.“AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Takua thought he was in a nightmare. They advanced on him steadily. Creaking, chittering, beeping, and buzzing noises surrounded him. One rolled up into a ball and rolled straight for Takua. He was frozen in fear, and knocked down. When he got up, it was in open form again. It extended its head forward at the speed of a Tarakava punch and his mask came off. “No! Not that!” He dived for the mask, but another one of them rolled from the side and knocked him out of the way. He threw a bamboo disk at it, the common self-defense weapon of all Matoran. But the creature stuck out its shield, and spewed acid out of it. Takua narrowly avoided it and ran, never looking back and seeing his disk destroyed.“Give me back MY MASK!” Takua charged at the creature, but changed direction to confuse it. He confused it even more by running away from his mask. Suddenly he was circled by three of them in sphere mode, like a biker gang. “Well, I never played before, but...TIME TO TRY KOLI!!!!!” He tried to kick one like a Koli ball at the one guarding his mask, but it unfolded and knocked him back with its head. He flew at another, which, instead of knocking him the other way, threw him. Three more jumped down out of the green half-sphere, and shot him with acid in perfect sync with the one that threw him. He was hit and burning all over. Everything he owned except for one thing had been destroyed. That one thing was a golden Po-Koro chisel, given to him as a reward for exposing Ahkmou's treachery and helping Pohatu kill a Nui-Jaga. “Wait...this can fit...into that hole on the golden orb!”Takua ran wildly, zigzagging, turning around, and doing the most ridiculous running rountine of all time. The creatures were confused long enough for him to grab his mask. They saw him put it on and all surrounded him. They shot acid, but he leaped on the golden orb and stuck the chisel inside the square-shaped opening. A bubble formed around him and sent him flying rapidly into a tunnel, followed by the much slower creatures. The tunnel spiraled, and the creatures rolled into ball mode and followed him. One of them somehow dug a tunnel without acid and jumped in front of the sphere. The others behind Takua also unfolded. Takua rolled on and knocked the creature in front of him out of the way.“What in the name of Mata Nui are these things?!”A small creature, with the same eyes as the others but a head in the shape of one of their shields walked in. It could not roll into a ball, but it had the body of a Turaga, the feet of a Matoran, and two katanas suitable for cutting away bushes and leaves. They can cut bushes...and Matoran like me. Fantastic.One of the larger creatures somehow flew in sphere mode and landed in front of Takua. Another restrained him from behind. That one was stronger than the others somehow, and crushed the sphere. Acid hit Takua from both sides, and he crumpled to the ground.“No...have to warn...have to live. I can't die...no...” Takua lowered his head, not looking up. He had an idea suddenly. He kicked the smaller creature in the elbow, and it dropped its katana. Takua picked it up and dueled. His acid wound stopped his arm partway through a swing, and the creature slashed his hand. He dropped the sword and the creature picked it up. But there was something on its back. Takua grabbed it and the creatures advanced on him. He got another idea.“You want this, monsters? Take it!”Takua threw it back as hard as he could and ran to the edge of the tunnel. Some of the large creatures chased him, and the others, including the small one, ran back to get what Takua threw. Takua tripped and rolled out of the tunnel. A circular door opened and he rolled out. He had come out of the same door he had tried to open from outside a day ago, while the Toa were out collecting masks. That door was the circular mouth hole of a carving. A carving of Mata Nui's symbolic face. The creatures came out, and Takua ran. He looked back once, and saw them dissolving the carving as more came out the entrance. The short cliff the gate was on soon dissolved, revealing the outside of the tunnel. The tunnel itself was eventually destroyed from the inside and outside. The creatures for some reason paid him no mind, not even turning away from the place they were destroying. Takua ran as fast as he could to Ta-Koro.Takua reached Vakama's hut.“Turaga--”“I know what you saw, Takua. Let me tell you a story. The creatures you saw are called Bohrok. They exist to destroy all of the island, except for the bare rock beneath. They will level even that, for whatever reason. They are meant to clear the island. But not now. Not even close to now. Wake one, and you wake them all. My only guess is that Makuta woke them up. The Toa arrived here, after seeing them. They warned me and the villages. I told them what I am telling you now. Makuta, as they guessed, WILL return. But first he awoke the Bohrok. They have smaller servants, called Bohrok Va. The Bohrok Va have no powers, but have weapons. They have the color of whatever Bohrok they are made to assist, and heads in the shape of their Bohrok's shield. The Bohrok have shields that can shoot elements. Not control, only shoot. They can also be pointed somewhere, and existing samples of their element will fly to the place they choose. These, though dangerous and to be feared, are nowhere near the Toa's powers. The Bohrok and their Bohrok Va, when referred to specifically, have their own names. Tahnok: Fire.Gahlok: Water.Lehvak: Acid.”Takua interrupted. “Why not air?”Vakama shook his head. “I do not know, but the Lehvak are deadly as they are. The others are these.Pahrak: Stone.Nuhvok: Earth.Kohrak: Ice. All of them can push their heads forward, just for sheer smashing power. Each also carries a Krana. Without a Krana, a Bohrok is paralyzed. The Bohrok Va don't have that weakness. They carry spare Krana to their Bohrok. The Bohrok can lower their faceplates as well, showing the Krana. If it knocks your mask off, and thrusts its head forward with the plate down, the Krana will land on your face, forcing you to serve the swarms. The Bohrok Va also have strange weapons. Tahnok Va: Copies of my Firestaff. They can actually shoot fire from those.Gahlok Va: A single copy of one of Gali's hooks.Lehvak Va: Katanas.Pahrak Va: A copy of Onewa's hammer. Nuhvok Va: Twin claws like Onua's.Kohrak Va: Twin ice picks, in the shape of Bohrok teeth.Takua's mouth hung open. “I hope I never meet them again!”Vakama frowned and shook his head. “You will, Takua. You are also a guardsman now. You must have the Virtue of Ta-Koro. Courage. And there is more to the Krana than that. There are eight types, all granting a special power.Krana Xa – Lets the Bohrok form complex strategies.Krana Vu – Lets the Bohrok fly in sphere mode.Krana Yo – Lets the Bohrok dig through anything.Krana Su – Makes the Bohrok incredibly strong.Krana Za – Gives them telepathy. Combined with a Krana Xa holder, these are deadly.Krana Ca – Can form shields around itself, and others. It is also able to protect from ambush.Krana Ja – Can detect even distant obstacles. This has many uses, alone or with other Krana.Krana Bo – Gives the Bohrok night vision.These Krana will also give the possessed wearers these powers. That will make even the best of friends deadly opponents. Worse, the control is greater than that of an infected mask. The victim will still have the ability to see what is happening, however. Some may feel that is a curse, though it can become useful...should the possessed wearer be freed. Each Bohrok's Krana will be the same color as the eyes of the Bohrok using it. Only the Krana that match the Bohrok can be used. And the only way to stop the swarms is to gather all 8 different Krana from all 6 Bohrok. It is far easier to get them from the Bohrok Va. It doesn't really matter where they come from. But when all 8 are gathered, and placed in the slots in the inner Bohrok Nest, it will unlock the secret of stopping the Bohrok. Not even we Turaga know the secret beyond. We told the Toa already of all this. All you must do is your duty. In this troubled time, you will have to stay as a guard. Gali will send you messages of important events through your mental link. Hopefully this time the secret of the Krana will not force you to descend into the nest! You were lucky to return before!”Takua shuddered. “Yeah. And even more lucky to escape the Lehvak and Lehvak Va. They actually decided to attack me!”Vakama nodded. “It is rumored that the different types of Bohrok behave differently from other types. Hope the next ones to arrive are not so aggressive.”Keahi sounded the alarm. “Turaga Vakama, we are being assaulted by these Bohrok you told us about!”Takua was surprised. “You told the whole island?”Vakama facepalmed. “Of course I told them! Use you common sense, Takua! They must be ready. Left unchecked, the Bohrok will destroy the island in one day!”Takua was embarrassed. Right. What is with me? “Um, I'll get my disks and my two pronged spear!”Takua arrived with the weapons and got on top of the wall. To his surprise, Turaga Vakama got on the front line.“You're fighting too, Turaga?”Turaga Vakama never looked away from the advancing Lehvak. “Yes. Though I do not have the full power of a Toa, those with power at all must protect the weaker!”Takua agreed. “Thank you, Turaga. Now, LET'S DO THIS!”The Toa were all at Tahu's mark, the one he had made the previous day.Pohatu was a bit irritated. “Not a single day of peace, huh? These Bohrok will pay for what they are doing to the Matoran!”Gali glared at the outside, even without a Bohrok in sight. “We will destroy them, for the Matoran. It is our duty! Together!”Tahu agreed. “Yes! The Krana will be ours, just as the Kanohi were! And we won't have to search for them, we just have to destroy enough Bohrok to get them!”Onua shook his head. “We haven't seen any aside from those Tahnok that attacked us when we got out.”Tahu growled. “If those melted Kopaka's ice that fast, who's to say the Kohrak can't freeze open flames?”It was one of those times when Lewa didn't even have a trace of a grin on his face. “They can. Turaga Matau told me. But the Bohrok don't have the power of air! That is my advantage over them!”Onua said, “No. They will go for you and Turaga Matau the most then, I think. With you under the power of the Krana, they will have even air on their side.”Lewa frowned. “That's what Turaga Matau said.”Tahu broke in. “Naturally they will want our powers. We will prove that our power is too much for them to handle!”Lehvak Va arrived at the gates of Ta-Koro. They supplied the Lehvak with Krana Vu, and rode on them as they flew across the lava moat, straight to the gates of Ta-Koro. That strategy had been thought out by distant Krana Xa and relayed by Krana Za. It allowed the Lehvak Va to switch the Krana back to normal after arrival at the gates. They dissolved the gates instantly.Jala threw disks at them, but one of them formed a shield, blocking the attack. Then they started dissolving the bases of the walls and bashing them with their heads. The Lehvak Va were knocked down with disks from all the Ta-Matoran.Jala was giving orders. “Keahi, we need to use the bows and arrows! Get them! Kapura! Just throw disks from where you are! Takua, lead Aft and Agni to duel the Lehvak Va with your spears!”The Matoran followed orders. Some Lehvak stopped assaulting the wall and started assaulting the Matoran, only to be hit from behind with arrows. The arrows did little though, and some Matoran were falling off the walls. Those that fell quickly drew spears and fought.Takua was in a hard battle with a Lehvak Va. “What's wrong? Mad I took one of your Krana and threw it?!” He thrusted and the Lehvak Va blocked. It spun around and slashed at him from the back, but he whirled around and blocked with the stick of his staff. He kicked its legs and it fell to the ground. He took its Krana and threw it up to Keahi. A Lehvak flew up, unfolded, and caught it. Before falling it hit Keahi with acid, and he fell down. The Lehvak changed to sphere mode and landed hard next to the base of the wall, further shaking it. Turaga Vakama burned some with his Firestaff. “Take that! And that!” They looked up at him and started to back up. Takua finished off the Lehvak Va he was fighting, but a Lehvak shot him from behind, then kicked him. Takua flew forward. It used its Krana Za, and another Lehvak came in front of him and shot him.“AAAAAAUUUGH!” Takua screamed louder than he ever had before, and the second Lehvak knocked him into the wall with its head. The impact and the acid on him weakened the wall even more. Before he passed out, he contacted Gali with their link.“Gali! Gali! All of you, check on your villages! We're being assauted by Bohrok! Help us! Help...”Takua had passed out.Gali jumped when Takua contacted her. “Everyone, listen to me! Ta-Koro is being hit by Lehvak! Check on your villages!”Tahu was enraged. “They dare attack my people!? They will pay!” He sped off with his mask power to Ta-Koro before anyone else spoke. Gali was next to do the same for Ga-Koro. The others did it for their villages.


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