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The Fish Bowl Champions


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Welcome to the Fish Bowl Champions.

As our grand comeback we've thrown traditional multi-author comic making at the wall,

stepped on it a few times,

left it out in the rain,

beat it with a legendary artifact rock salt door that menaces with spikes of cloth,

and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled it as firelighters.

We have three authors that have come back from the dead.

Decei, Garda, and Utah.

And joining us as our three PGSs we have,

Henning, Joland, and Mizkio.

So with that said. Enjoy.

​C&C appreciated just be polite about it.


(None Yet.)


Name:Link to Sprite:Which Author you would like to GS you:Other random stuff(Powers. etc.):


1. Don't complain if you don't like your Guest Star Comic.

2. We'll get to GSing you whenever we get to, don't complain about waiting. Be patient.

3. We don't care if you sign-up more than once, but if you do sign-up more than once, don't plan on you

being on top of the list, unless there is no one else on the list.


Rahi Zaku for RZMIK.Google for images.

Justax-Kal for Garda's and Decei's Mask.

Garda for Garda and Henning's Sprite.

Decei for Decei's sprite.

Utah for Utah's and Joland's sprite.

Mizkio for Mizkio's sprite.

Forgery made random sprites and sprited weapons.

VALVe for Team Fortress 2 and Hats.

Edited by Garda

Guess who's back?

(>^.^)> It's Magic. ~(._.~)

Not me.

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One suggestion. Just one. I know this was just random bits, this was just the first comic and all, and this may not be so much of a problem, but just one suggestion for now.NEEDS MORE COWBELL.Anyways, a good start, and I am glad to be a part of it. Good luck.

Edited by Henning
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It is really annoying to read text placed like this

Especially because we read from the left to the right in the English Language.

It's fine if you're an Arab, but I think the majority have decided that reading from left to right is the thing to do.

First comic was... odd. I really didn't understand what the point of it was. I know random humour is random and bla bla bla but it's not a great introduction comic as far as most of them go. The point of an introduction comic is to introduce the series, and all I could deduce was that the green fellow was a murderous sociopath.Hopefully gets better from here.

Majhost sucks

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