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  1. Finding only a few of my old comics on my old hard drive really sucks. Almost all lost

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    2. Lemony Lepid

      Lemony Lepid

      Poor majhost. Luckily for some holy reason, brickshelf still lives. But that doesn't mean it will not die out soon.

    3. Lemony Lepid

      Lemony Lepid

      We must be cautious.

    4. Terra Nuva
  2. Terra Nuva

    Chimoru R Kit

    He's been on this site for a long time. I'm sure he'll be back at some point.
  3. Majhost has ruined hope for a return

  4. Wow, you actually made rayg look amazingly beautiful. Not surprised because You're very talented, but still impressive nonetheless.
  5. Perhaps the fourth wall is the defendant seat?
  6. Terra Nuva

    Chimoru R Kit

    Wow, that looks pretty good. I'll have to play around with those sprites when I get a chance
  7. Nice opener. Thought provoking and it has me anticipating the next comic.
  8. Yes you did. But then again, you may be possessed! Actually Xanis is for those who come from the Bionicle universe. The Vortex sprites, with a lot of modifications, are what I used to represent Minecraft. Thanks for enjoying them, BTW! Anyways, just to let you know, here's the specifics on my game plan. I'm going to start the first chapter of my co-op comic series with my brother, Phoenix on Wednesday, June 12th. The first day of our summer break. While I'm doing that, I'm starting Chapter 3 of Undying Power on my deviantart. I'm currently planning on trying to find a good web hosting network, so I can take them off my deviant and put them on a more original website. Afterwards, when I finished the chapters of both the above. I will post the comics of Chapter 4 of BiM that I will do in the meanwhile. Hey, look! At this time there are 66 comments and 999 views! One view away from 1000. Ah yeah, i just figured that out. My bad haha
  9. Huh, It never occurred to me that Xanis looked like something out of minecraft. Pretty Cool. I just started reading these, and so far I enjoy them. Looking forward to more.
  10. Dang BZ Power Broke my topic OP :o

  11. Hopefully I can start my comics again. Don't know when. Maybe another year. Maybe soon.

    1. Cratak


      Save the comics forum! PLEASE!

    2. ToaTurna
  12. Your comics have been great and It's sad to see you leave. It seems like this is happening to most authors on the comic forum and it's really in a depressing state. I will be enjoying the last two comics but it's sad to see you go.
  13. I have to agree. This is incredibly sad and really hurts the state of the comic forum. This kinda worsened my day.
  14. Is it not Summer?

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    2. Dr. Giggles PhD

      Dr. Giggles PhD

      Or enjoying summer vacation.

    3. Terra Nuva

      Terra Nuva

      I enjoy my vacation by sitting I front of a computer screen

    4. Dr. Giggles PhD

      Dr. Giggles PhD

      I like doing stuff.

  15. "What does reworking an entire universe feel like?"
  16. Dear Fans(I think you exist), I am taking a temporary Hiatus(if you hadn't guessed already). I need more time to devote to my other projects, and I hate leaving loose ends here for people to wait for the next comics for months at a time. I believe I should be back up during the June-July period, so it won't be a long wait, but just long enough to keep anybody who may be wondering when the next comic comes out to understand the situation. I hate that I started the new season and then just stopped, and feel sorry for that to anybody who cares. Please accept my dearest apology, and know that when I return...you will see the best comics that I can possibly offer with my skill set. Thanks for following me. Your comments give em the strength to want to continue. -Terra Nuva
  17. Well once again I apologize for the long leave of absence I am getting a new computer, so it could be a little while for the next comic as well. However, thanks for sticking by me (I hope) even through my abandonment of you guys. Knock Out
  18. Yes I do know your feeling well with the computer crashing during a comic that was about finished. I hate PC's, but I will be getting a new computer very very soon, so I shall be happy. I really like the intro logo as I have said before. It gives a slightly futuristic feel and shows you know how to use graphics. I will be sending my spritesheet to you very soon if I can get my act together. Feel free to virtually punch me in the face. The introduction was done quite well. I enjoyed it, it was simple and introduced the new Ler very well. It shows off his character with he small amount of dialogue and it's just enough to make readers want to watch this series. For the choice part, I would have put actual sprites of the masks instead of the outlines because, in my opinion. I think it looks a little sloppy and makes a divergence from your overall theme. It isn't really a problem, I just would have changed it to look a little less weird. Just my own preference, that's all. I really enjoyed the intro and I will be sticking with the series (of course).
  19. Yay, In the Top 10 most viewed and Most Commented Comics on the front page of the Comics board. Thanks guys!!!

  20. 4/5 Haha, I have a better one in the comic forum. That's why I'm really here.
  21. Hello everybody. I wanted to tell you about a Do not bypass the filter. -B6 that has tons of great content planned for the future. We are going to do gaming commentaries and Crysis 3 gameplay is in the process of being uploaded. Please check us out. What games do you want to see us do? Leave a comment and tell me. Leave criticism too.The newest series of Dishonored gameplay follows a unique way of playing the game. My partner and I take turns playing without showing the other what we have done.Check us out and tell us what you think.Do not bypass the filter. -B6
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