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    Probably in front of my desk. If not, maybe on the soccer field.
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    Bionicle, BZPower, Lego, Soccer, Writing, Reading, Biology, and some other cool stuff.

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  1. Well, well, well.

  2. That's exactly it, Private. War's over, we won; turns out you're the big hero and we're going to hold a parade in your honor. I get to drive the float, and Simmons here is in charge of confetti!

  3. Very nice, quality is pretty good. It's got the same home-y feel to it as your avs. Humour, while being short, was funny and I had a short laugh. I would suggest that when you start the series (officially[?]) you make one or two comics before they make it to the Bionicle universe. 1000000/5 starz A+++++++++++ n confetti
  4. Cratak


    Happy Birthday!
  5. Waddaya know, it worked.

  6. Perhaps by removing myself from these arguments, the forum will go back to normal. I will, therefore. refrain from mentioning it.

    1. JiMing


      Oh trust me, the damage has already been done. How about you take your poisonous ideas to some other site with like-minded people, instead of a site stated to be accepting? There are members here who do that.

  7. Cratak

    On Disagreeing

    Oh, like plants? You are entirely correct. Of course, the obvious assumption is that you read the PMs. To that end, I was exemplifying the word "growing". Not Smeag's mind. Unless you are trying to say something about her. Because you can't be bothered to refer to someone appropriately, I have taken the liberty of making you seem like you care enough to use the correct pronouns.
  8. Cratak

    On Disagreeing

    DID YOU KNOW THAT There was once a thing called "Personal Message"? Not "Public Message to be shared via tumblr" FURTHERMORE Facts rely on supporting evidence that the thing in question actually exists IN ADDITION Something entirely of the mind cannot be proven via inanimate objects FIN
  9. Wow, something that was $28 turned into twice that amount. 0_0
  10. I can see all the possibilities rising up now that you're not holding me down.

  11. Wow, totally missed it, but happy birthday!

  12. So, guys, entry 5 is, like, awesome. [insert attack on every other comic here]
  13. Sitting here at my graveside, I've never been so alive/You pulled the dead man out of me!

  14. You and Me Both - The Classic Crime
  15. Cratak

    t h0r

    Oh look, AOB #2.
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