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  1. Grab dat torch. And name yourself.
  2. OMG, this gives me nostalgia vibes when I made my weird Bionicle In Minecraft comics. Good vibes they are. I highly suggest to check the chest.
  3. Well I should say this now before I end up forgetting. This year was very hectic for me, and I have been unable to doing anything here as much as I wanted to. And currently things have happened to me recently that prevent me from taking the time to even read anything on the BZPRPG forums. So in conclusion I've decided that I will withdraw from all BZP RPGs. I've said this a couple of times before, and came back a few days later when I had the chance to cool off. But now I literally have zero motivation to even attempt to make a new post. Furthermore I know that certain characters are in interaction lock because of me, and with my leaving, I hope that those characters are able to speed up the activity here. If anyone wants my current characters though, pm me, although I doubt that this will happen. But before I close off, I should thank everyone I've played with for giving me the chance to experience role playing and helping to improve my role playing skills. So yeah. To be brief, I'm leaving, good bye, and thanks for letting me play the game. P.S. I'll still be on Skype and stuff, if you'll allow me.
  4. Khromatose


    IC: Arid/Approaching Canus I had returned from an unsuccessful scavenging trip in the Wastes, and had begun to make my return to Canus despite knowing that I could've spent another hour more or so. My cloak helped a little in protecting my head and my body. The sands kept pelting my legs, and I wished that I had invested some time in the hopes of finding some kind of cloth for boots. And so I entered Canus, emptyhanded.
  5. Name: Arid Race: Su-Matoran Gender: Female Mask: Powerless Akaku Abilities/Skills: She's an expert marksman able to strike a target 8 bios away 8 out of 10 times in the best condition, and is also good at maneuvering in the sands. Weapons/Equipment: A tattered cloak that works well except in extreme conditions, and a handmade wrist mounted slingshot made of scraps parts, and a crude knife made out of a piece of metal with cloth wrapped around a portion of it to function as a handle. Appearance: She's a slender Matoran in orange and white who wears a sandy tan cloak. (Image will be soon drawn.) Personality: A sharpshooter with a sharp tongue. She often finds herself in verbal or physical conflict with others. But when she isn't trying to actively get into trouble, she's a responsible person, and often goes out of her way to help out around the town. Weaknesses: No actual hand-to-hand/melee combat skills. Sometimes acts hurtful whether intentionally or accidentally.
  6. IC: Azure Stryker/Got no gun Azure shrugged. "Sorry, I don't have any ranged capabilities that can reach that far. Perhaps I should get one, huh?"
  7. IC: Azure Stryker/Can't think of anything clever with Gyro "Yes, please."
  8. IC: Azure Stryker/Feeling Uplifted "I'm doing great, now that I'm not falling to my death. Thanks!" He issued a thumbs up.
  9. IC: Azure Stryker/On the ground And before he could've broken his legs, Katherine had saved his metallic bacon and put him on the ground. He knew that his weight would've caused her some injury and so he apologized for that.
  10. IC: Azure Stryker/Huh. "Well then, this is a surprise," thought Stryker. At this height, it was possible for him to be able to jump off and land safely. Hopefully, he wouldn't break his ankles. "Don't think I'm thankful for this. We'll still bring this ship down." With that, he jumped and prayed to all that was good and holy.
  11. OOC: Sorry, internet got bad and I had to go to sleep. Life stuff. IC: Azure Stryker/HEY! With a strong flick of the wrist, he removed his swords from the engine and stepped back to avoid Traf's hands. He thrust a sword down the hull to stop him from falling off. "Where do I go?!? Do you think I can simply just jump off?" But then again it might have not have been a bad idea. He looked down in his preparation to dive.
  12. IC: Gadget Thompson/Continue the firing He reloaded his pistol and continued to fire at the ship all the while getting closer to Azure. He saw that the XL in blue was getting fired at, and knew that he was a big target that couldn't dodge forever. IC: Azure Stryker/Oh no The blast hit Azure's hand which forced him to let go of the sword, leaving it stuck in the engine. He quickly tried to keep his balance by pulling out his other sword, and slamming it down through the engine. He grabbed both swords tightly. Seeing another Hero put a bomb in the ship, he frowned. "Anyone who can fly and get me off this thing would be appreciated!"
  13. OOC: Just how much more mass does Traf have? He shouldn't have much left to fix the ship. IC: Gadget Thompson/Fire away He fired at the partially repaired windshield and control panel. IC: Azure Stryker/Shaky business In his stupor, he accidentally drove his sword into the other engine in his attempts to not fall off the ship.
  14. OOC: Also, Azure's sword is still in one of the engines. IC: Azure Stryker/help The ship, now aflame, was too dangerous to stay on. He removed his sword from the engine which it had been sheathed in before it could be sundered, and looked down. "No way I could make a landing in the lake, could I?"
  15. IC: Azure Stryker/Electric + Water and Fuel With water in almost every orifice of the ship and quickly getting flung off, Azure took the chance to unleash waves of electricity again to try and further wreak havoc on the ship. His sword was still stuck on the engine, and he was very grateful to have it so that he could cling onto the ship while it spun in the opposite direction. The lightning would also ignite the fuel leaving for a nice explosive surprise.
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