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Kraggh's Works ♫♪


I Brought The Donuts!

Posted by Kragghle , in Life, Wisdom, School Nov 07 2011 · 54 views
school, life, philosophy
:kaukau:You know what? For once I brought the donuts to the lunch table and I shared! Who says that old dogs can't learn new tricks?

It's actually a very good feeling and I think I'll do it again next week. Though I might warn people not to be sharing just because it feels good. That leads into the thinking of committing to things not because they are right, but for some other reason. See the little trap there?

Back on topic: I have mixed feelings to everyone's reactions. On one hand, they were all very appreciative, so ultimately I'm happy. Although there was the one person who said "You're actually sharing for once", as is people couldn't change. If my reputation's that strong, then I guess I'll just have to bring stuff from the bakery next week and the week after that.

In my school, we have a derogatory term called "That Guy". You don't want to be that guy.

You know what? I just might go over the top as Thanksgiving approaches.

Your Honor,
Emperor Kraggh


Bow Ties

Posted by Kragghle , in Life, Nerd Nov 07 2011 · 55 views
nerd, life
:kaukau:Recently I bought off of Amazon.com a red bow tie and a white bow tie. Of course, they're also hand-tied, so they're not those little clip-on toys. Since I already have a lack tie, I'd say that my bow tie collection is officially underway. What I really need is a bow tie in school colors to really gain momentum.

And I also bought white suspenders. I already have black and red suspenders to go with the other two bow ties, so just to make sure I had a pair fr each tie I got these. They're also the type of suspenders that have those button attachments instead of clinchers, so they don't leave dents in my nice pants.

Amazon rocks. The next time I save up enough money, I think that I'll buy some more Rubik's-style puzzles. And of course they shall forever be my go-to source for new bowties.

Your Honor,
Emperor Kraggh


Vote On My Cube!

Posted by Kragghle , in Life, Nerd Nov 05 2011 · 57 views
V-Cube, Rubiks, Nerd, Life, Poll
:kaukau:The future of my V-Cube 7 is in your hands. The stickers are beginning to wear off and it won't be long before I must buy a new set from Cubesmith.com, and when that happens, I might as well start a custom color scheme. What we're looking at here is something that's quasi-grayscale. Below is a list of the colors that interest me, and it is up to you, yes you, to help me decide what color combination is the most aesthetically pleasing and stylish:

Grayscale set

The sight also lists Cream as a color for the V-Cube 7, but they don't have an example picture, so before I buy anything I will probably e-mail them asking if they actually have in for V-Cubes or not, although for now I will assume that they don't.

Now, based upon the colors I've provided, please post what colors should go on what sides. In Cube notation, the sides would be Up (which is the top), Down (which is the bottom), Front, Back, Left, and Right.

Thank you for your input!

Your Honor,
Emperor Kraggh



Posted by Kragghle , in Literature Nov 05 2011 · 34 views

:kaukau:I just remembered something yesterday.

Back when I was five or six years old, I imagined that the main villain of my series, which I now call Death, would grow out his fingernails and scratch stuff. I don't know why I imagined fingernails instead of outright claws, but perhaps I was too young to think outside of the box. Or maybe that kind of looks extra creepy when the fingernails of a dark hooded figure suddenly grow.

Basically whatever he clawed at would explode, which to me was a pretty cool concept, but even way back when I took it a step further and I imagined that his claws were sharp enough that they cut through the fabric of space and he caused space to explode.

I love it when I can remember ideas such as this from my childhood because they make my writing easier and far more fun. Although now I'm going to imagine that the villain grows claws. It's so...villainous.

Can you imagine how cool it would be to grow claws that could rip through the fabric of space and cause giant fiery explosions? Ik vind hem leuk!

Your Honor,
Emperor Kraggh


Halloween Concert

Posted by Kragghle , in Life Oct 31 2011 · 40 views
:kaukau:Today I dressed up as Inspector Gadget. He was the only thing to come to my mind since I hadn't planned anything ahead of time and I had to make do with the regular clothes that I already have. Fortunately, I buy some rather interesting clothes. Take, for instance, a cream colored fedora and trench coat. Even though the Inspector didn't wear one, I put on a bowtie because it gave the outfit the feel of a children's cartoon.

What was really cool was that everybody could get who I was. I knew that it wouldn't be too hard because I had worn these clothes before, sans the bowtie, and people would call me Inspector Gadget without thinking about it. It's was awesome when people just called me by my character's name instead of my own name the whole day.

Asides from having what was apparently a good idea for Halloween, considering that I put almost no effort into it, the other significant thing about today was my first choir performance. I have a good voice. I have never been in choir before. People were always shocked that I wasn't in it. They said I should. I said I wouldn't. Then the choir president gave me a challenge, and I, under the influence of testosterone, made up my mind instantaneously that I would go out for the first time.

Although I really didn't go out for concert choir. "Mixed choir", which only meets two times a week and since just four songs, was my best bet, because otherwise I didn't have any study halls for first semester.

The songs were okay. The only one that I really liked was "Bata Yetu", which I love because I play Civilization IV and knew most of the words. My least favorite song was "The Promise of Living". My, oh my, could I go on a rant about that one.

"The Promise of living, the promise of growing, the promise of ending is labor and sharing and loving."

First, what does the song mean by "the promise of ending"? And are you really promised sharing and love? I agree that we're promised labor, since nothing in life is guaranteed except for death and taxes, and therefore labor. But sharing and loving? I can see how loving is a purpose of life, but if we're talking about the purposes of life, then labor isn't part of the big three. This was just one big stack of superlatives that the lyricist picked out because they sound good, but otherwise don't directly correlate and don't come together in this song to create a unifying theme.

Oh, and you're going to love what the opening spiel introducing the song said. If I can paraphrase:

"We asked all of the choir students what this song meant to them [translation: No, they didn't]. We all said that life was full of hardships and pretty much sucks ["Sucks" makes it sound like something a high school student might actually say, but they were just putting words into our mouths]. Yet, we all agreed that amidst everything, the guaranteed principles of labor, sharing, and love are the three highest principles of living [Most of us did not agree]. When we die and are gone, everything is as dust. Life is brief and has little comfort, but we all have the opportunity to leave behind the three sole virtues of labor, sharing, and love, to bring us peace in our souls [Unless you're a Matoran, in which case the three universal virtues are unity, duty, and destiny, which have a little more correlation]."

They said the three virtues of labor, sharing, and loving quite a bit. Hey, I'll agree with loving, but I really think that if you get a deep look at humanity, labor and sharing can probably described as assets of other, purer virtues. I don't feel that it really gets to the crux of the matter. Nor is it the most powerful of the songs, so I don't understand why it was supposed to be the climax of the entire show. Nobody did.

There was also the issue that the song was very complicated with five different parts singing very fast, so I messed up in a couple of places. At least I had over a hundred other people to blot those mistakes out.

So the song just sucked.

It was nice to hear the concert choir and their additional songs for the first time, too. I didn't know that they sang a Dies Irae, nor that our concert would include some dancing and stuff like that. It was all very cool. I might go out for concert choir next semester, although I still have to think a lot about whether or not the cool extra music is worth it or not.

No, I did not go trick-or-treating. I think that I will use the special atmosphere of this night to contemplate new writing ideas.

Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good fright!

Your Honor,
Emperor Kraggh


Twinkle Twinkle Aristotle

Posted by Kragghle , in Literature, Humor, School Oct 29 2011 · 83 views
humor, literature, poetry, school
:kaukau:This poem came to mind when I was looking back at some old ideas that Aristotle had about the laws of motion. I decided that I would write a poem about it that could be sung to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", although if I were to ever make a video of it I'd make a split screen and add in a harmony to make it more interesting, because the tune is only interesting for one stanza. Meanwhile, if you happen to have the eleventh edition of Paul G. Hewitt's Conceptual Physics, this contains a few references to Page 19.

Twinkle, Twinkle little star

Turning circles from afar

No beginning and no end

No escape from the curve's bend

Pure and perfect without flaw

Set apart from worldly law

Spared by their distance from us

Never mind Copernicus

If not for the veil of space

Sin would pull them from their place

Stained by vice amongst your grace

Like the moon's corroded face

Earth is up and down and drear

Everything is flat 'round here

Hollow without quintessence

Flowless sans music's presence

Thus is all of motion's model

So said thinker Aristotle

Your Honor,
Emperor Kraggh


Convenient Insanity

Posted by Kragghle , in Humor Oct 29 2011 · 35 views
:kaukau:There's a fine line between sanity and insanity. If you're on the sane side, you might be a little more practical, but it's boring and you don't get a whole lot done. Yet, if you're insane, you might come up with some awesome solutions and yet it's kind of a dangerous place to be.

Then there's being right on the line. It's called conveniently insane.

Your Honor,
Emperor Kraggh


Impossible Sequels

Posted by Kragghle , in Movies, Humor Oct 27 2011 · 66 views
Humor, Movies
:kaukau:There are certain movies that you simply cannot make sequels to. I can only imagine how bad these sequels would be.

Titanic 2: I once looked up Titanic on Google Image search and found a parody poster of this. Hardly any description is needed to advance the humor of this ridiculous idea. Although the poster did include the catch phrase "Jack is Back".

Schindler's List 2: The Alternative History of Minor Events that are Minutia Compared the Main Event: If it's a really good and noble movie about actual and powerful real events, common sense dictates that you're going to look really stupid trying to do a follow-up.

It's A Wonderful Life 2: Let's Give George Baily Another Inspirational Lesson That Makes the Original One Seem Insufficient: Hey, it ended happily enough that I'm not wondering about his life afterword.

Twilight Extravaganza: It's not that the original was so good that nothing could be added to it. Sometimes something is simply so bad that it shouldn't be continued.

The Princess Bride 2: Unless the Sicilian was genius enough to fake his death the whole time, I don't want anything shattering my childish fantasy that lovers can live happily ever after.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Title After It Has Already Gone Around the Entire World and Hit You in the Back of the Head Because It Is So Long: Peter Jackson had a lot of guts to pull off as many of the endings depicted in the book as possible. Let it not be in vain.

Star Wars Saga #2: This Time Without Darth Vader: And can you imagine trying to pull it off with all those various Star Wars books out there? Not a chance.

The Lion King 2: Wait, they already did that...What have they done?

Your Honor,
Emperor Kraggh


Rhetorical Errors

Posted by Kragghle , in Wisdom Oct 19 2011 · 64 views
:kaukau: In my last entry I pointed out a difference between hypocrisy and logical inconsistencies. Interestingly enough, the example that I gave of a logical inconsistency was a rhetorical error of a rhetorical error. In other words, the presentation of the argument is wrong, although not necessarily the argument itself. This can come from making a bad analogy or a poor generalization or forgetting to clarify something. It' incredibly easy to make rhetorical errors that make you sound like you have a logical inconsistency.

For me these have led to many, many misunderstandings. It's tough that people can't read my mind, and that's never going to change. Wouldn't the world be ideal if we could all understand each other? Obviously, it's not, and I attempt to make do with what I have. Rhetorical errors are easily forgivable fallacies, and I try my best to give people the benefit of the doubt and understand them as best as I can.

And yes, my best isn't very good, but I'm improving.

Your Honor,
Emperor Kraggh


Me? Hypocrite?

Posted by Kragghle , in Wisdom Oct 18 2011 · 44 views
:kaukau: Like all of us, I have been called a hypocrite. It's part of life. Both the accusations and the fact that I am a hypocrite. Everyone's a hypocrite somehow.

Still, what often nags me is the way that it gets used in debates. In my mind, hypocrisy is not the same thing as having flawed reasoning or an imperfect argument. That's what I call logical inconsistencies. What comes to my mind when using the word "hypocrite" is a person who preaches a belief without believing that it applies to them. For example, I might guilt someone into sharing their donuts with me, but later on when I'm the person with the donuts I won't share with them. Yes, I do that all the time. I'm a total hypocrite when it comes to anything food related.

Being called a hypocrite does seem to be an overused term in debate sometimes. It's a bit too accusatory and it's always personal. It should not be used when the flaw being exposed is a mere error in reasoning.

Now that you know where I see the difference, call me out on hypocrisy when I'm being unfair and hogging in all the donuts. Call me out on a logical inconsistency when it turns out when I take an imperfect analogy too literally.

Your Honor,
Emperor Kraggh


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Username: Emperor Kraggh
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Gender: Male
Heritage: Half Dutch, 25% Hungarian, 12.5% Swedish, 6.25% German and Irish
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