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Breath of the Wild


Rough Times

Posted by Voltex , in Life Mar 17 2014 · 269 views

So over the past few years there has been a growing tension between my father and I over various issues (too many for me to count).
To make a long story short, feelings have finally been made clear on both sides and we are no longer speaking. My mother has not officially taken a side but it's clear that she agrees more with my father's POV, and with my father returning home for easter and then again in September permanently I need to somehow get out of the house (easter is the more pressing issue, since I'm unsure if I can afford the transportation fees). 
Luckily I have been looking at moving out in September anyway, so it just makes the requirement to find a place to stay a little more pressing, but I`m not looking forward to when this news spreads all through the family grapevine.


The largest one of all

Posted by Voltex , in BZPower Mar 14 2014 · 208 views

Bionifight Ultimate has reached 98 pages - it is officially the largest game in the Games & Trivia forum, overtaking Bionifight 4: Hyper Fighting, which ended at 97 pages.
It took Bionifight 4 about 4 months to get 97 pages. It has taken Bionifight Ultimate less than two. Just some interesting facts. If the latter game can continue to sustain such high activity... well, let's just say that I dare to dream.


That was terrible

Posted by Voltex , Mar 10 2014 · 301 views

Remember that previous tale of triumph? Yeah, today didn't go so well. Everyone but Edea was KO'd and the reason I won was because I was able to brave four times with some offensive lightning magic.
Finally changed Tiz's class, and I also updated Ringabel. Edea will probably switch jobs soon too.



Posted by Voltex , Mar 09 2014 · 202 views

I had to battle the third boss in Bravely Default with three out of the four party members poisoned for the entire battle (Ringabel was the exception; one of his abilities allows me to remove any status effects on him). I was also stupidly low on health potions, and I couldn't use healing magic because it wasn't helping enough (and I needed the magic to deal big damage to the boss anyways).
That was more than a little nerve-wracking. That said, I still beat him with all four characters alive on the first try. Hence WINNING.
Job History:
Tiz - Freelancer (still looking for a new one)
Agnes - Freelancer, White Mage, Black Mage, Knight
Ringabel - Freelancer, Monk
Edea - Freelancer, White Mage (placeholder)


Bravely Starting

Posted by Voltex , in Video Games Mar 08 2014 · 215 views

At last it begins tonight in full.


A thank you is in order

Posted by Voltex , in BZPower Mar 06 2014 · 302 views

For Windrider so let us all say a big thank you
And now in return I shall give you +1 awesome points that you can add to your awesome count



Posted by Voltex , in BZP Library Mar 06 2014 · 255 views

Posted Image
(click to go to it)


This is interesting...

Posted by Voltex , in Film / Shows Mar 05 2014 · 682 views

So after Shockwave pointed out that the red 'bot in the trailer was Stinger and not Cliffjumper I cried for a little bit. Then I found this still online:
Posted Image
Look at the sign on the right, and all the stuff in the back. It looks like humans are creating Transformers of their own, and Stinger is one of the prototypes.
That could explain why he's not murdering the human or Bumblebee in this scene (specifically Bumblebee), since as far as I'm aware Stinger is usually a Decepticon?


Age of Extinction

Posted by Voltex , in Film / Shows Mar 04 2014 · 320 views

New trailer released today. I'd out it here but some language that might be considered "inappropriate" for BZP is in it. So.
That said... I will cry if that is not Cliffjumper I saw.


On the subject of avatars

Posted by Voltex , in BZPower Mar 04 2014 · 436 views

Is it weird that I have a female character as my avatar?
Because otherwise I'm not understanding why people are commenting on it being a girl :U


Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

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