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Extraction Point


Name Changes

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in BZPower Mar 25 2012 · 46 views

All my display names so far:

iBrow Hearts Luna-Kermit the Pyro-Feb 28 2012
iBrony-iBrow Hearts Luna-Jan 13 2012 08:54 PM
ibrow-iBrony-Nov 29 2011 08:40 PM
The iBrow Classic-ibrow-Oct 13 2011 10:59 PM
Freelancer iBrow-The iBrow Classic-Apr 13 2011 06:03 PM
ibrow-Freelancer iBrow-Jan 13 2011 07:47 PM
Globin-ibrow-Oct 15 2010 04:20 PM
ibrow-Globin-Jul 17 2010 02:19 PM
007lewa-ibrow-Mar 20 2009 08:16 PM

It's that time again- the period two-three weeks before I can change my name and I begin thinking about what my next display name will be. This time around I'm looking for something with Portal or something with Xenoblade Chronicles. Ideas?

Name Change will occur March 13th.


Transformers 4 Decepticon Line-Up

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , Mar 23 2012 · 76 views





There are reasons... also, prologue coming tomorrow or Sunday.


Transformers 4 Autobot Line-Up

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , Mar 23 2012 · 62 views

-Optimus Prime



-Ultra Magnus


Join Mafia 2.5 In Games And Trivia

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , Mar 22 2012 · 45 views

It has 40 spots, 13 of which must still be filled. Awesome people are playing. And I need some more new awesome people to ally with, or even old awesome people that haven't been on/played in awhile to ally with.


Rpg Contest 23

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , Mar 21 2012 · 30 views

Currently my primary votes are going towards Trapped in a Map, Dreamland: Awakening, and Day Run: The Garden.

Secondary vote is going to Rust, and one other undecided RPG.


Game Of The Year 2012

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Video Games Mar 20 2012 · 46 views

So far it's looking like if Xenoblade ends up being everything I hope for it'll be this:

First Place: Xenoblade Chronicles
Second Place: Paper Mario (assuming it comes out this year like it's supposed to)
Discovery: Mari0


Team Fortress 2

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Video Games Mar 20 2012 · 36 views

I'm so scared to play it and see how much I must suck at it now oh god


I Return With News Friends

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Life, My Little Pony, Video Games Mar 18 2012 · 33 views

So after returning from Jamaica, here's the white stuff in between the cookies:
  • I am burnt on my shoulders despite layering them with sunscreen relentlessly. Stupid shoulders.
  • Stupid sock tan.
  • I missed that MLP episode about time and don't even know what it's called anymore. Time to go look it up!
  • I do not enjoy the thought of how bad I'm going to be at TF2 when I return.
  • I saw the 2011 Muppets movie on the airplane today woot.
  • Woot I'm home.
  • Oh wait I'm home and it's stuffy and I don't get to hang out with friends all the time now darn it.
  • My cat is SO FREAKING FAT compared to the cats I was feeding in Jamaica.


My Parents Suck

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in Life Mar 07 2012 · 39 views

Rant/whine entry woot.

Seeing as this will be the farthest away I've ever been from anyone in my family, it's comforting to have both of my parents screaming at me the last two nights. I "run away" too much when I'm going to find stuff they want or stuff I need (like sandals, which it looks like I'll have to spend my own cash on while we're in Jamaica), my asking to take Oreos with me is "absurd" when we have an extra package (but spending MORE money to buy Pringles we didn't already have makes sense), I'm ultra lazy because I didn't take our recycling out (thanks for telling me I had to do it, and thanks for pretty much summing it up by saying you're too lazy to, ugh), I asked if I could sleep until 7 since I was told I could be at the drop zone for 830 and my dad blows a fuse saying he wants me there at 8. So that's me being lazy x2, yet he didn't feel the need to tell me that the email he received ALSO said the bus was going to be there earlier and that was WHY we need to be there earlier- and he also started saying I wanted to be there at 9, which in itself is stupid since that's when we're picked up.

So I yelled back at my dad for the first time ever, and felt like I was dreaming since, it was like, the first time ever. He did NOT like being yelled back at. But I'd had enough. They have both been ###### at me the last two days and I haven't gotten reasons why (or when I do it's because "I don't do enough" and "I ask too many questions" and "I always argue about EVERY SINGLE DETAIL"), and I had enough.

WONDERFUL note to go out on. SOMEBODY isn't going to be emailing or phonining their parents for the next ten days. Ugh.

No doubt there's stuff behind the scenes I don't know about, but for the love of Mata-Nui don't take it out on me right before I leave, geez.

EDIT: And I like, quadruple posted this entry to boot. Internet Explorer 9 sucks, and I hate the fact that my computer automatically "upgraded" to it.


I'm Missing My Little Pony This Saturday

Posted by Sir Voltex the Blue , in My Little Pony Mar 06 2012 · 47 views

It figures the episode I'm forced to miss is the time travelling one.