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Infinite Awakening


Submit Possible Names!

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Feb 21 2013 · 217 views

So I've been thinking recently that every single name change I've done has been because I alone wanted it. I've accepted ideas from you guys in the past, but I don't think I've ever really followed through with any of them.
For this, I apologise. However, I almost happy to announce the first ever iBrow Name Changing Submission Awards Ceremonial Blog Contest for the Conquest and Victory of Changing iBrow's Display Name!
iNCSACBCCVCiDN  for short.
So what I'm thinking is I'll give you guys two days to suggest possible display names in this entry - I encourage you to go both the tradition "ibrow modification" route and also to try going the "so wacky it's not even human!" route with these.
Then I take the best ones, and in two or three days I'll put those into a list in a seperate entry and you guys can vote for whichever name you want to see me use for the next 45 days or so.
You can begin whenever. :)


My Eyeballs Burn

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, Life, Film / Shows, My Little Pony, Video Games Feb 10 2013 · 150 views

Now that you have been drawn in by that excellent title, let us move onto the matter at hand, which, while it did involve the use of my eyes, would be rather hard pressed to make them burn.
I'd just like to mention that for my occupation as an "eyebrow" (not gonna lie; it feels weird to type it correctly), I have a lot to say sometimes.
But then I remember that right now I have my display name on a character that refused to stop singing and talking when he'd been shot in the chest, so you know, it all works out.
What does this entry mean? Well to be honest, I don't know. An eyebrow just talks sometimes because it wishes to be heard. (Actually it's more because the eyebrow wishes to speak and does not care if he is heard or not).
What I need right now is some Team Fortress 2.
I'll get it in about... hmm... six, seven, maybe eight or nine months! Yeeaah. B-) 
It's cooool, folks.
Also I heard that a certain Twilight Sparkle was becoming a winged unicorn and that people were upset. I think that's cool too folks. B-) 
I'm outta here! There be other power business in the bionicle zone to attend to!


Funny Descriptions

Posted by Lucina , in Reviews, BZP Library, BZPower Feb 09 2013 · 160 views

So I'm just chatting with one of my irl friends whilst browsing BZPower, and we're flipping through the different library clubs (ECC, SSCC, CCC, Ambage, CFE), and in the middle of looking through different posts, he stops me.
Then he says that a lot of the posts are like the speech Darth Sidious made to the Senate in Star Wars Episode III, and the church in Dishonored (I haven't played this, so I dunno if this part is correct).
I asked him why and he says this:

It sounds like they are proclaiming themselves as being this 'amazing' group that will help everyone, while in reality it never lives up to that and often contains a certain level of corruption....

That's a pretty funny description to give to the clubs on a website for a children's toy, don't you think?


Changing Your Name

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Jan 25 2013 · 189 views

There's a major reason why most of my name changes have involved "ibrow" in them. Now, there are a few that don't:
-007lewa (I started out with this, #noob)
-Kermit the Pyro
-Voltex (although this has been added on, making my official moniker "iBrow Voltex")
Every other name change involves "ibrow" in some fasion, or a variant of it ("iBrony"... ugh, honestly, what was I thinking? Worst. Name change. Ever.)
And the main reason is that I just find it really hard to adjust. It doesn't feel quite right to look up at my display name or see it in the blogs or on posts and not read "ibrow" there. It's like if I was to start calling myself Steve in real life. I'm not Steve, I'm me.
But even worse is when everyone starts calling me by the new name. It doesn't actually bother me, so much as it just takes getting used to being referred to by a name completely different from what I'm used to. I particularly noticed this last year with the "Kermit the Pyro" name change - good lord, it must've taken me almost a week to get used to that. Granted, with that one I was being called a million different nicknames for the display name at the same time.
Anyway, those are just some rambling thoughts I had. I don't actually regret any of the name changes that don't involve "ibrow" in them, because I can look back and be all like "oh cool unique name changes for me what up". But there are of course some name changes I do regret, which I shall list here now to finish this entry off:
-iBrony (I thought it would be a really neat combination of "ibrow" and "brony", but in the end, ugh, it just doesn't work out at all.)
-iBrow Hearts Rarity (spur of the moment name change... however, I wasn't very active for the first week and then I was gone for an entire month, so I thankfully didn't have to put up with it for very long.)
Anyway bye now


Laws of BZPower: What Will Have You Ridiculed and Possbily Banned, Volume 1

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Jan 16 2013 · 205 views

In today's episode of "Why did you click that link?", we'll be discussing a topic that is near and dear to all of our hearts here on BZPower - our avatars and banners.
In the newly released book that is tearing up the sales charts, "Laws of BZPower: What Will Have You Ridiculed and Possibly Banned, Volume 1", one of the major topics that the author discusses is the subject of avatars and banners. For your enjoyment, we have included an excerpt of the author's opinions on the subject:
"[Insert any sort of religious or political or historical icon here] forbid that you ever have the same banner as another member, you know? I mean, it's hard enough for all of us when half the population uses a different colour or type of font, or even a different size, or if they use a signoff of some sort, or if they have different text in their signature, or even, I dunno, have their own name you can look at. All that's a no go if you and another member have the same banner, because suddenly, the population believes one of two situations. In the first situation, you're suddenly the guy's twin, or maybe his superhero alter-ego. In the second, you're a hero worshipping freak that must immediately be ridiculed. Prepare for your life as an outcast."
Clearly his views are rather strong, and certainly it has been driving sales. However, like every other thing on the web, we feel the need to quote his opinion on avatars, because this is just brilliant:
"But honestly, the banners aren't really a big deal. So what? Sharing a banner with someone isn't even close to being as bad as sharing an avatar with them. [Insert any sort of religious or political or historical icon here] forbid one even think about sharing an avatar with somebody. I did it once, and man, did the population hate me. I always get the same old people commenting on my looks, but suddenly, there were people I didn't even know existed accusing me of being the other guy! What is this place, Tibet? Honestly, population? In the name of [Insert any sort of religious or political or historical icon here], give it a break, calm down, go do your homework, and then, I'm going to ask you to go get yourself a life at Wal-Mart while they're on sale, because I'm not sharing mine! Sharing an avatar with someone means you're jumping on a bandwagon, even though the bandwagon doesn't exist because you're the only one to do it. It also means you worship the other person as a deity. Please excuse me, because I need to go do my evening prayer to them. Never mind that if I wanted to worship them, I'd do something cliche like "[INSERT NAME HERE] IS AWESOME" or start a fanclub, or turn my non-existent blog into a worship center for them, or even do all three. Why would I change my avatar to do that job? It's pointless I tell you, pointless! You're all pointless! Even I am pointless! That is the whole point!"
Word has it that this passage has already been entered into the "quote of the year" awards. The author of the book, Brizwald Joseph Isengard Wulfric Zedderstrom, has agreed to give a speech on the matter from Parliament Hill in three weeks. Wondering about the "Volume 1" in the title? Zedderstrom has Volumes 2 and 3 waiting for publication to begin, with Volumes 4 and 5 in the works. In response to accusations that his complaints were directed at only one individual in particular, Zedderstrom had this to say:
"They have a saying in some parts of the world. 'If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times'. So I take it to mean that one person has already told me what they said one thousand times. Continuing on from that, would it then not make sense that if one person has told you, a thousand have? And for each of those thousand, you have another seperate thousand. That's a lot of people ridiculing me. Are you trying to give me an anxiety attack? Because it's working! I only just got over the pimple on my nose last week, people! I've had it for nine years!"
This has been "Why did you click that link?". Tune in next time when we discuss J.K. Rowling's controversial decision to write an eighth Harry Potter book!
This has been a 100% serious article, and all opinions in this article are to be taken 100% seriously.*
*We're lying


Name Change - The AfterWords: Preview 3

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, BZP Library Nov 30 2012 · 96 views

I have changed my name to yet another new-but-not-really-new name!
Also because I hatehatehate two entries within a close time period, the third AfterWords preview is included here too. Here Furno plays a little prank on Takanuva Stars.
“What is it?” Takanuva Stars asked.
“I’m... I’m really scared right now.”
“What do I care?” Takanuva Stars asked. “Keep climbing, we’re seriously right there.”
“No, you don’t understand! My jetpacks, I can’t control them! They’re about to turn on!”
“Your jetpacks can turn on?!” Takanuva Stars cried.
“Yes!” Furno wailed. “They’re turning on right now! You’re gonna be blasted into oblivion! Jump while you still can!”
“But it’ll be painful!”
“I don’t want you to die!” Furno cried. “Jump, save yourself!”
Takanuva Stars nodded, saluted the hero, and pushed himself off of the wall. He never knew what he was planning to think on the way down, because the fall lasted all of two seconds before he smacked onto the floor front first.
“Oh snap... and crackle... I’m fairly certain I heard a pop.” Takanuva Stars groaned.
From above there came a sudden violent burst of laughter that, after a few long seconds, clearly wasn’t going to stop. Takanuva Stars slowly stood to his feet and glared up to where Furno was in the exact same spot as before, laughing so hard he could’ve sworn that the Hero Factory set was about to begin crying.
“Oh holy Tohu, that was hilarious!” Furno gasped from above, his chest heaving as he struggled to stop laughing. “I can’t – I can’t believe you fell for that, Hahaha!”


Important Notice

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, Video Games, Life, BZP Library Nov 15 2012 · 247 views

So it turns out I have a 70-something grade in a subject I absolutely need a 90-something in (English... bloody fantastic) so as of the moment this blog entry is posted, I am killing all internet ties for the time being until each of my marks are above an 85. What does this mean?

For the Ambage:
  • I will be unable to participate in any of the weekend write-offs until further notice. As a secondary note, do not expect me in the chats until this point arrives as well.
  • If I find the time I might still enter the flash fiction contests, but it is no guarantee.

For those of you that read my Comedies:
  • I will still update them. As of right now I am delaying the release of Vultraz Anniversary as I have yet to begin writing it, and I will not have time to write until further notice. However, thanks to my forward planning, when I remove my laptop from the equation I have a memory stick with all of the files regarding everything Tahu vs. Tahu, Dark Unto Days, and The Afterwords. Release will continue as normal.
  • The promos for The Afterwords will continue to be released. These too are on the memory stick.
  • I WILL still have the time necessary to run the Comedies Critics Club, as well as function as one of the leaders of the CF.
For those of you I do stuff with outside of BZP (Bzcraft, anything Steam):
  • I will be 100% gone from everything off of BZP until further notice. This means I will not be playing Minecraft, TF2, L4D2, GTA IV, Portal 2, etc. You will be unable to chat with me unless I activate steam on my desktop - and even if I do that, there will still be no games.
For those of you just here:
  • This blog will (most likely) be updated far less frequently. If you feel the need to talk to me about something for whatever odd reasons you have, send a pm.
Anyway, that's that. See you all in... whenever.


How Does it Feel?

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Oct 07 2012 · 118 views

How does it feel, bloggers, to know just... how in control, you really are?


Blog Approval! =D

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Sep 26 2012 · 172 views


time to never use this thing right

Posted Image


New Blog Theme

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Sep 24 2012 · 104 views

I actually gave my blog a real theme! =D
Now to get to work on a blog approval!

Challenge your fate!

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