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Great Games


3DS Friend Codes

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Dec 30 2013 · 276 views

Just realized that I've owned my 3DS for like a month and never actually bothered to find out my friend code but now I know it so wooooooooooooohoo this is stupid
Anyway here it is: 1736-1497-1415
So like share yours below or something I guess, the only thing I might have in common with you right now is Pokemon and maybe later Animal Crossing


Christmas Haul 2013

Posted by Lucina , in Life, Video Games Dec 25 2013 · 343 views

Not too bad; I'm not gonna bother listing everything here, but some interesting items I got:
-a new wallet (finally more card spaces =D)
-Red vs. Blue: Season 11 
-RWBY Volume 1 
-Two books I forget the names of lawl
And for us four brothers, we got really lucky on the annual "multiplayer video game for Christmas" front:
-Super Mario 3D World
-New Super Luigi U
The only other multiplayer game worth anything for the Wii U right now that we don't own is Rayman Legends, so that's certainly something. 


I just got Just Cause 2

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Dec 19 2013 · 165 views

Or to be more specific the Just Cause Collection
wooo more games I can't play


A Link Between Worlds

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Dec 15 2013 · 194 views

I beat the game the other night - loved every second of it (minus that stupid treasure center where you need to pegasus boots to beat it.... ugh, I hate corners).
This was, without a doubt, the Zelda game that I have wanted since 2010, and the best Zelda game since Twilight Princess was released. Every single thing I have wanted was there, and then some. While Yuga's presence in the second half of the game was unfortunately limited, every boss battle against him was lots of fun.
I have nothing but praise for this game, except the one pet peeve that irks me every time it occurs: there is no way to save your game after the final boss. I don't know why games still do this in the year 2013, but it is an unfortunate reality.
That said... the game was still so good that I think I'll try out Hero Mode over the upcoming break, and undoubtedly fail at it.


Nintendo 3DS

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Dec 03 2013 · 181 views

So... now that I have a 3DS, it is time to start listening for game recommendations. So I will list the games that matter that are currently in my household and as such do not need to be purchased:
-Kid Icarus: Uprising
-Mario Kart 7(even though it sucks)
-Super Mario 3D Land (even though it also sucks)
-Ocarina of Time 3D (this sucks too)
-A Link Between Worlds
-Pokemon X & Y
-Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
-Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
-Star Fox 64 3D
-maybe something else I'm forgetting who knows
Games I'm already planning on getting at some point:
-Fire Emblem: Awakening
-Animal Crossing: New Leaf
So... what other 3DS games should I look into?



Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Dec 02 2013 · 454 views

Posted Image
That is one ugly picture, but the machine is a beaut. Much deserving of its place with me, considering that it will be taking the place of my 7 year old DS Lite that recently died (perfect timing, DS Lite... you were there for me until the end ;_;
Also totally had this conversation with Blade while trying to figure out how Club Nintendo works with downloaded games:

4:11 PM - Tex: sooo
4:11 PM - Tex: My product registration survey still doesn't work, but
4:11 PM - Tex: It expires November 22 2018
4:11 PM - Tex: That's nice
4:11 PM - BZP Blade: Wow. =P
4:11 PM - Tex: I'll just wait FIVE YEARS to fill it out xD
4:11 PM - BZP Blade: xD
4:12 PM - Tex: aaaah there we go it worked
4:12 PM - Tex: Now it expires January 1st 2014 though
4:12 PM - Tex: Laaaaame
4:12 PM - BZP Blade: xD



Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Nov 29 2013 · 432 views

Posted Image
I ordered it online today, so it should arrive sometime next week! :D After two and a half men years I will own a 3DS, specifically a 3DS XL, since my hands are too big for the regular sized one if I wish to play for extended periods of time. 
Plus, I'll get the Zelda game I've wanted for years - seriously. Pretty much when the 3DS was first announced I thought "it would be totally cool if they remade the original Zelda for the 3DS with upgraded graphics and new features, with the 'pick a dungeon' setup". While ALBW isn't a remake of the original game, in my opinion, it's even better - because Nintendo has also fixed my issue with items in the past (virtually every) installments. ALBW is the Zelda game I have probably been waiting for my entire life.
And of course I've still got Pokemon X to play; I put it down for awhile since it's a little frustrating to rely on someone else's gaming machine to play. However, with this I will be able to exchange friend codes and play to my heart's content!


Pokemon X

Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Nov 26 2013 · 271 views

I'm kind of wishing I'd chosen the female avatar instead of the male one... there are so many more customization options available. 
I haven't touched the game much in recent weeks, mainly because I'd rather play it on my own 3DS, which has yet to exist. Hopefully there's still a Zelda 3DS XL available once I'm ready.
In other news, I have discovered that my old DS Lite is completely non-functional. So... I need the 3DS even more now if I want to enjoy the few DS games I have again. :P



Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Nov 19 2013 · 504 views

Posted Image
Luigi wins by a vote of 8-4, emerging as our second "Best Character Ever"!! He earned it - the Year of Luigi really has paid off in full. 
Feel free to suggest themes for the future - who knows what three will be? (Although I must admit, there is one idea I'm leaning towards....)
Did Luigi deserve to win over Hades? Would Luigi have defeated any challenger he came across? Who knows - we'll see if he can advance to the finals again in the future.



Posted by Lucina , in Video Games Nov 19 2013 · 584 views

Posted Image
Brought to you by Voltex and Burnmad - who will emerge victorious?
Click below for a larger bracket!
Posted Image
I cast my vote for Luigi.

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