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what a day


DAY 5: Mayor, Mayor

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, BZP Library Jan 07 2016 · 115 views



Posted Image


Don't you have a city to run?


"The Mayor"

Created by Chip Biscuit

After the Reformation, Marako was one of those who took advantage of the chaos and manipulated it to his own ends.

He took a political charge, playing through several gambits that all paid off. He made many enemies in the process... but they did land him the seat as New Atero's Mayor, a role that he has played for the past twenty years. It is a position that should have been re-elected every four years, and as the days pass, even the most oblivious of citizens slowly begin to realize that their city is gripped in the fist of corruption.

The Mayor might be excellent with his own form of diplomacy, but all the cunning in the world won't save him from enemies determined to remove him from play. His Kanohi Volitak will not save him now.

But perhaps a Mad Great Being might...



“You cheated death.”


“Was it worth it?”

“Is anything worth it? The moment you begin living, each step you take is one step closer to dying. At the end of the day, one begins to wonder whether there is a point to anything at all.”

“You’re avoiding the question."

“I am. Perhaps it was worth it. Who knows?"

“Why did you do it? Why not just allow yourself to pass on?”

“I was afraid.”



Tomorrow, you'll meet The Agori.



DAY 4: Remember

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library, BZPower Jan 06 2016 · 110 views

Time for Day 4.


Posted Image

Do you remember?


"The Mask Maker"

Created by Toa Smoke Monster

Nobody knows this Matoran's true name - not even himself. All that he has to go by is the nickname granted to him by those who would become his closest friends long ago, when they were all thought dead to the world. He helped them to fight a war against an enemy thought unbeatable; he helped them to win.

But nobody remembers that war.

After the Reformation, Smoke Monster and the rest of his friends all went their separate ways; the number of times he has seen any of them since can be counted on one hand. Smoke Monster took up the trade of forging Kanohi Masks, and has resided within New Atero ever since doing just that. He works alongside the mysterious 'Artisan', and together their skills in the forge have become famous throughout Spherus-Magna.

It's not Smoke Monster that the Mad Great Being wants, but it might end up being Smoke Monster that she gets.



“...hello?” he asked. His voice was ragged from disuse, mechanical against his will.

The being frowned, opening their eyes and tilting their head up to look at him. Then their eyes widened slightly and they nodded, as though he had somehow answered an unspoken question.

“Interesting,” they murmured. Their voice was like a thousand lines of silk, all sliding across each other. “A Matoran, when I first created you. Now a robot, long past your time.”

He frowned. “You… know who I am?”

They nodded, but tilted their head to the side, re-examining him. “Curious… you are not him. So I did create you, but somewhere else. You are not from here. You’ve come a long way.”

“Look,” he started, stepping forward, clenching his fists. “I don’t know who you are, but you’re gonna start answering some questions right now. Who are you? Why are you here? How do you know me?”

“Once, long ago, I helped to create you, or rather, another me did.” The being said, seeming to speak as much to themselves as they were to him. “You were a Matoran; my first contribution to the Matoran race. I named you.”

“I don’t go by that name anymore,” he snapped, scowling. “It’s meaningless to me - the name of a murderer, and so much worse.”

The being laughed - a rich, intoxicating sound, addicting in its pure and unadulterated pleasure.



Tomorrow, I'll introduce you all to the Mayor.



DAY 3: Snark is Real

Posted by Lucina , in BZP Library, BZPower Jan 05 2016 · 137 views

And now it's time for DAY 3!


Posted Image

Tough love.


"The Snarker"

Created by Inferna Firesword

Some people would tell you that the Ce-Matoran named Sirien is rude.

Sirien would helpfully inform you that those people are wrong.

Having worked as a weapons supplier during both the Destiny War and the Reformation War, Sirien has learned how to negotiate with everything from her fellow Matoran to beings as powerful as (and sometimes more powerful than) the Makuta. Highly intelligent and pragmatic, she demands respect from all who would converse with her, and expects them to hold themselves to her own lofty standards. She is calm and unfazed in all but the strangest of circumstances, and is both snarky and sarcastic to the extreme.

Unfortunately, since the Reformation, society has not had much use for weapons manufacturing - and with a personality hard to get along with, Sirien has struggled to find an occupation that can hold her attention. At the moment, she works as an employee of the Ko-Matoran Makua in both his personal bookstore chain 'Threadbare Books' and the New Atero Library. She has not had the job for long, but its tedious nature already has her itching for action... and an adventure with a Mad Great Being might be just what she needs.



Bronze poked the dark bronze and cobalt Matoran in the shoulder six times before she finally reacted, her eyes narrowing into a glare as her gaze shifted from the open book on the counter to him.


“Hello!” he said, smiling and holding out his hand. “I’m Bronze! Who’re you?”

She ignored his outstretched hand in favor of pointing at the name tag on her chest. “Do you know how to read?”


The Ce-Matoran slammed the book shut and stood to her feet, the stool she had been sitting on scraping the floor as it was pushed back. Without sparing him another glance she turned on her heel and stalked away. Bronze remained where he was for two seconds before rushing after her.

“Wait, come back! I need to ask you something! If I don’t Lady Araina will get mad! Well, you know, more mad then she is already, I guess. Great Beings are so moody sometimes, it’s just like-”

He was cut off before he could continue by a hand pressing against his mouth and shoving him headfirst into the nearest bookshelf. Bronze blinked and shook his head to clear it as the hand was removed and the Ce-Matoran stepped in front of him, poking him hard in the chest.

“Did you just say Great Being?” she asked, her voice dangerously low.

Bronze nodded, grinning. “Yep! She’s my boss! Sorta. She doesn’t say boss but it’s kinda like she is the boss because she tells me what to do and then I do whatever it is?”

“A Great Being,” the Ce-Matoran repeated, bemused. “In New Atero?”

Bronze nodded again, trying and failing to remove the Ce-Matoran’s finger from where it was now stabbing into his chest. “Ow. Yes. She brought me here. We’re looking for some Matoran. I think she went to find the mayor? Yeah, something like that. I wanted to go but she said I had to get us some librarian named ‘Sirien’, whoever that is, and then I got lost for awhile because I didn’t know what a library was but some nice fellow pointed me over here and now I’m here and do you know where this ‘Sirien’ is?”

A look of disbelief was his only response before the other Matoran drily replied, “I’m Sirien.”

He blinked. “Oh.”



Tomorrow, I'll introduce you to the Mask Maker - as well as another preview for OBLIVION!



DAY 2: Sign Right Here!

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, BZP Library Jan 04 2016 · 239 views

Here we are! Day 2 of OBLIVION!


Posted Image

What's a BZP Story without BZP characters?


"The Living Mask"

Created by BronzeJet Kanohi Kakama

Every mad being needs a companion, and for the Mad Great Being Araina, that companion is the Ta-Matoran that she has named Bronze. Formerly an ordinary bronze Kanohi Kakama, Bronze was given life after being picked up by Araina ten years ago. With a living Kanohi Mask in her hands that she did not wish to carry, Araina constructed a special bronze, red and o range Ta-Matoran body for him. Bronze has been traveling with (and working for) her ever since.

While the Mad Great Being's often disjointed, rambling thoughts can seem incoherent to most other beings she comes across, Bronze has learned to understand what she means to convey and often serves as a translator... which will undoubtedly prove to be a godsend to the rest of the crew.


While the primary cast of this story is rather small - six characters, to be precise - I am in need of other characters to help populate this world... which is where you all come in! Simply fill out the form below and post it in the comments.

While I cannot promise you an appearance, I will try; just keep in mind that any appearances will be smaller compared to what I've done in the past (but in return, I will try to make each one unique).

NAME: [Quite obviously, really!]
ALTERNATE NAME: [Not to point any fingers, but calling a character by some of your display names might be weird! I can still make it work if you want me to, however.]
SPECIES: [You can choose either Matoran or Agori!]
ELEMENT: [Likewise, you can pick from the canon Matoran elements, or the canon Agori elements!]
OTHER INFO: [Other stuff you want me to know! What is your character's gender? Any recommendations for their personality? Any personal history I might try to include, or a favored tool/weapon? As well as any other good stuff like a specific mask, or colors, maybe.]



Tomorrow you'll meet the next member of the team... and perhaps I'll even give you a teaser of their first encounter with the Mad Great Being!



7 DAYS OF OBLIVION: Day 1: Madness

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, BZP Library Jan 03 2016 · 234 views

As promised to a few of you, here is the official announcement of ...

Posted Image

Due to a set of unfortunate circumstances (that may have perhaps been unavoidable, since we are online), I was hired on to keep on giving after BZPower's Secret Santa (protip: we should make sure the staff turn it into an annual thing).

Of course, there was only one route to take - write an epic! This particular epic will star a select cast of characters created in part by certain BZPower members. Gathered together by an insane Great Being, they will find themselves in a deadly race to find the Mask of Life, hunting down a mysterious and deadly foe before they can end the newly reformed world....


Posted Image

Of course, what better way to start it all off than to introduce you to the Mad Great Being herself?


"The Mad Great Being"

Created by An/a Blade

Long ago, the Great Being Araina helped her brethren to build the Matoran Universe and create the Matoran. Unfortunately for her, towards the end of the project she had the misfortune of coming into contact with the Kanohi Ignika, Mask of Life - the Mask cursed her, causing everything that she came into contact with to suddenly spring to life. Deemed as mad by the other Great Beings, she was locked away within an ancient fortress deep within the jungles of Bota-Magna.

There she remained until sixteen years ago, when she was freed by a mysterious robotic warrior; she has roamed the planet of Spherus-Magna ever since... until now.



He coughed. “You… said something about a Great Being inside of me?”

They shrugged, waving the issue away. “Oh, yes. That nutter. Really, if any of the Great Beings deserved to be called ‘mad’, it’d be him, not me. He managed to override your coding by essentially inserting a small portion of his own soul into you. Made you stop being you and start being him. And then when you broke through, came here and stopped him. Unfortunately, he found a way to transfer his thoughts into you as memories to preserve himself, because both of you are too clever for your own goods. You’re a ticking time bomb.”

“Thanks,” he muttered. “I’m really feeling your appreciation.”

The near-blinding grin he received in response suggested that the Great Being seated in the cell with his staff had long since lost the ability to perceive sarcasm. “Thank you! I do appreciate you! That’s why I brought you here, of course. Because you’re you, and that means you’re lugging him around too. Or, you know, a part of him. It works!”

“What works?!” he cried. “Why did you call me here?!”

“To let me out, of course,” the Mad Great Being said, sounding confused. “Did I not explain it already? You have a bit of a Great Being inside of you. Just grab the bars, picture him in your head, and he’ll be deleted in exchange for freeing me!”



Tomorrow I'll introduce you to the first member of the Mad Great Being's team - and I might have a way for some of you to get involved as well!



do yourself a favor

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower, BZP Library Jan 01 2016 · 152 views

and go read (and follow) Soran's The Road to Home.

It is going to be a fantastic CYOA Comic and is a brilliant idea. Jealous that I did not think of the idea first (even though I don't have the artistic skills to make a comic on my own anyway)

Seriously though go read it and follow.



Posted by Lucina , Dec 31 2015 · 317 views

2015 is so this year

It's time we started looking to the future!

2016 is so this year

It's time we really started looking to the future!
(that moment when you make the same joke 2 years in a row)
(that moment when you re-use an old blog entry)


2015 in Disappointments

Posted by Lucina , in Film / Shows Dec 30 2015 · 130 views

Usually when I write up the list of my favorite films of the year, I list a total of ten films. This can be seen with my lists for 2014, 2013 Half-Year, and 2012 (& Revisited).

I shortened it to five films for 2015 because despite enjoying many movies this year (and there were a few very good highlights such as Mad Max and Kingsman), I also found there to be just as many disappointments. As such, here they are are.

---> Everything about this movie is terrible. I enjoyed a single scene in this movie; it is towards the end, when Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Hawkeye briefly fight against Captain America and the twins. The close quarters combat as each character briefly tussled was excellent, and Thor's dramatic reappearance to end it off was really cool.

I hated everything else about the movie. Ultron was wasted; his motivations and plans made no sense. Quicksilver's death was meaningless. Tony starts the movie off by making the mistake of creating Ultron... and then illogically decides to make that SAME MISTAKE with Vision, only it somehow pays off because Jarvis?? Thor's sidequest was cut out so much that what was left behind doesn't make any sense (and should have been cut as well). The Black Widow/Hulk romance is poorly done; actually, I was very unhappy with everything they did to Black Widow in this movie. Almost all of the action feels fake; when you have the Hulk battling Iron Man in his Hulkbuster, my jaw should be dropping; I should not be struggling not to fall asleep in the movie theater.

This movie was a colossal waste of time and a colossal waste of money; if you haven't seen it yet, you're doing yourself a favor. This movie is why I'm worried that next year's "Captain America: Civil War" is also going to be terrible (it already looks overcrowded and 'meh' from the trailer, which isn't a good sign....).

---> Man, I liked the first movie so, so, SO much. Despite the changes they made, I felt that it was a more than worthy adaption of the book, and had such high hopes for this movie... only for them to take everything out and replace it with generic, bland action-zombie movie filler. I hated this movie, I hate what they've done to the series, and I don't understand how they got from the first movie to this. Ugh.

There was so much in the book that was begging to be put on the big screen and they wasted all of that potential. The lightning storm should have been a cinematic highlight of the series; instead, it's a 30 second shrug of the shoulders with no tension whatsoever. The only thing they got right in this movie was the party scene where Thomas and Brenda get separated, but even that's only two minutes long. What a mess.

--->Losing Edgar Wright did irreparable damage to this film. The fact that his touch is still visible - and yet severely watered down - several times throughout the movie only makes it hurt more. Much of the humor now falls flat, and they absolutely wasted Hope. There's a moment in the movie where she proves herself as entirely capable of pulling off Scott's role on her own (and in fact, she could do it BETTER), but she's not allowed to put on the Ant-Man suit herself because... reasons?

From that point, the movie should have shifted gears at least a little bit and allowed Hope to either replace Scott or join him as the Wasp; if she had actually REPLACED him, it would have been a very cool twist that might have served the story very well.

At least Ant-Man was tolerable to watch, though. Can't say the same for "Age of Ultron".

--->Man. They wasted Andrew Scott. They wasted Christoph Waltz. They wasted Dave Bautista. The plot itself is illogical, and while I admire their attempts to turn all of Daniel Craig's run into one big scheme against 007, their execution was extremely poor.

Andrew Scott's C should have had his own film to shine; his character's plans and connections would have been more than enough to keep Bond busy. This should have then built up to Christoph Waltz's villain appearing in the -next- film; which, being the 25th James Bond movie, would have made for a very grand touch. As it is, Scott is barely in "Spectre", and he's taken out far too easily.

The true identity of Waltz's character should come as no surprise to anybody. But his childish grudge against Bond for what amounts to nothing at all (his father... took Bond skiing? and hung out with him a bit?? or something?) turns what was a legendary and deadly Bond villain into an insufferable brat. Remove the idiotic personal connections to Bond, shift his in-person big entrance/reveal to the next film (perhaps keep his appearance in the shadows at the meeting, that was neat), and that might have worked.

As for Dave Bautista... I just wish we knew more about his character, honestly. Other than that, I was actually kinda happy with him; Mr. Hinx on the train is the first threat that truly appears to faze Daniel Craig's Bond, and that's something. Still disappointing that he was taken care of so easily afterwards, though.

--->Unlike the other films on this list, I actually do enjoy this movie; I mean it's not great or anything, but it's a fun time. And that final 'battle' is AWESOME.


Besides that however, I just can't get over Bryce Dallas Howard's character, Claire. How and why does she wear heels for the entire movie? It just doesn't make any sense. She's in a jungle, running away from raptors and a T-Rex and something that's a bit of both and she's somehow wearing high heels?

Plus, the dinosaurs. One of the characters does call out that they'd look different if all natural, but... why not just give us all-natural in the first place? That would've been cool too.



Name change

Posted by Lucina , Dec 29 2015 · 121 views

Earlier this year:

1st name change of 2015: Lucina

The goal - I wish to only change my display name 6 times this year at the absolute maximum; even less than that is preferable.

1st Name Change: Lucina
2nd Name Change: N/A because I haven't changed my display name since

So only one name change in 2015, compared to:
-8 in 2014 (9 if you count a modification to one by staff)
-7 in 2013 (8 if you count staff switching me back to a name after a small data loss)
-7 in 2012
-4 in 2011
-2 in 2010
-1 in 2009 (this is the name I've held onto the longest, and is the record I intend to break)

It's been 11 months. About 5 more to go, and then we'll see what happens from there.


2015 in Film

Posted by Lucina , in Film / Shows Dec 28 2015 · 130 views

It's that time of year again; time for the list where I mention my favorite movies out of the ones I saw this year.

As always, I did not manage to see every movie; I will be seeing "The Hateful Eight" by the end of the first week of January, and plan to see "The Revenant", "Joy", and "The Good Dinosaur" if opportunity allows. Others ("Peanuts", "Ex Machina", "Sicario", and a few others I was interested in but missed) will most likely have to wait until 2016, when I can catch them on Netflix or other miscellaneous channels.

But out of the movies I DID see, here are my favorites for 2015...

--->Without question, the best movie of the year. I loved everything about this film, and just thinking about it, I want to watch "Fury Road" again. What little dialogue there is serves the dual purpose of advancing the plot and developing the characters, and not a word is wasted. The soundtrack is ever-present, building the tension and giving breaths of calm in between the chaos. The practical effects are a sight to behold, and the action is frantic and exciting in a way few movies managed this year (coughAgeofUltroncough). The vibrant, oversaturated colors actually -work- in the mad world that the characters live in, and Furiosa definitely has the coolest robot arm.

Plus, it's a two hour car chase, and that in itself is all of my dreams come true at last. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Saw it twice in theatres, managed to get my hands on a DVD copy to watch it again, nearly bought the 3D Blu-Ray even though I lack a 3D Blu-Ray player.

--->The best James Bond movie this year by far. This movie managed to make me enjoy (and actively root for) a character with a silly name like "Eggsy", and that in itself is an achievement. This riff on the classic spy movie is nothing but fun all around; Samuel Jackson's villain is hilarious in his pragmatic yet contradictory attitude, Colin Firth is delightfully charming as the gentleman spy, and that church scene (you know the one) is probably my favorite action sequence of the year. A sequel is in the works, and I want so badly for it to succeed just like this one did (even though it probably won't).

Saw it once in theatres, have seen it twice since on Netflix.

--->I won't say much here, simply because I do not want to spoil anything. Suffice it to say that it is a return to form for the franchise, it successfully feels like Star Wars, and I cannot wait to see more of Rey and Finn (and Poe) in Episode VIII.

I've seen it twice so far, and am hoping I can find time for an IMAX screening soon.

--->One of those movies that wasn't even on my radar at the beginning of the year (I will admit I have not read the book, and it is on my to-read list for 2016). I went on a bit of a Matt Damon kick around the time "The Martian" came out, watching movies like "The Departed" and "The Adjustment Bureau" (amazing and okay, respectively) before seeing this one in theatres. This is one movie where 3D is definitely worth it; the Martian landscapes (and the shots in space) are a beauty in 3D, and the soundtrack is both subtle and energizing in turns. Damon easily carries the movie on his own, and his sarcastic brand of humor was right up my alley to make "The Martian" a fun time.

Saw it twice in theatres. Still waiting to watch it again.

--->This one -really- snuck up on me; I didn't know it even existed until about October. Ian McKellen playing an aged Sherlock Holmes sounded too good to refuses (and too good to be true), so of course I had to see it. I was pleasantly surprised; the story of an old, retired Holmes slowly losing his memory being inspired to finally author his own (more truthful) version of his final case was rather charming, and the connections he builds with a young boy and his mother - the first he's made since meeting Watson all those years ago - are heartwarming. This movie wouldn't be for everybody, but I would recommend it nonetheless.

I've seen this once on Netflix; I may watch it again soon, or I might save it for another time.

--->Season 12 made it onto my list last year; Season 13 was far, far better, but missed the cut this year due to me cutting my list down from 10 films to 5. That said, Season 13 is among the best seasons of "Red vs. Blue", and for any fan of the series, I highly recommend watching it.


Those are my five favorite movies of this year, without having seen "The Hateful Eight" or "The Revenant" (both of which I suspect would otherwise be on this list). In the next few days I might write up a post about the disappointments I saw this year; I'm always up for the chance to complain about "Age of Ultron" (what a waste of time that bloated piece of horrible smelly stuff that was).

just for fun

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