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Changing Your Name

Posted by Lucina , in BZPower Jan 25 2013 · 184 views

There's a major reason why most of my name changes have involved "ibrow" in them. Now, there are a few that don't:
-007lewa (I started out with this, #noob)
-Kermit the Pyro
-Voltex (although this has been added on, making my official moniker "iBrow Voltex")
Every other name change involves "ibrow" in some fasion, or a variant of it ("iBrony"... ugh, honestly, what was I thinking? Worst. Name change. Ever.)
And the main reason is that I just find it really hard to adjust. It doesn't feel quite right to look up at my display name or see it in the blogs or on posts and not read "ibrow" there. It's like if I was to start calling myself Steve in real life. I'm not Steve, I'm me.
But even worse is when everyone starts calling me by the new name. It doesn't actually bother me, so much as it just takes getting used to being referred to by a name completely different from what I'm used to. I particularly noticed this last year with the "Kermit the Pyro" name change - good lord, it must've taken me almost a week to get used to that. Granted, with that one I was being called a million different nicknames for the display name at the same time.
Anyway, those are just some rambling thoughts I had. I don't actually regret any of the name changes that don't involve "ibrow" in them, because I can look back and be all like "oh cool unique name changes for me what up". But there are of course some name changes I do regret, which I shall list here now to finish this entry off:
-iBrony (I thought it would be a really neat combination of "ibrow" and "brony", but in the end, ugh, it just doesn't work out at all.)
-iBrow Hearts Rarity (spur of the moment name change... however, I wasn't very active for the first week and then I was gone for an entire month, so I thankfully didn't have to put up with it for very long.)
Anyway bye now

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Toph Beifong
Jan 25 2013 07:16 PM

The only name change I've ever regretted was Belonephobia. That was idiotic of me to join in on that weird staff name fad. Especially since they changed after a week. =P


I didn't mind "Dark Pit: Servant to None" as I really like Dark Pit's character, and the name sounded cool anyways. "XIV. Xion" was a bit odd, but I was okay with it, I just hope no one assumed I was a girl....


Now I try to incorporate JiMing in all of my new names. I kicked things off with "JiMing (TF2 Spy)", which I'm wondering why I used parentheses. Now I'm rocking the name "JiMing: Metal Overlord" which I really am enjoying right now. Not sure what anyone else thinks though. 

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Engineer Alexandra Humva
Jan 25 2013 10:35 PM

My name has been, for the last several years, been "Alex Humva" with some sort of title. It makes it easy for brand name recognition.

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My last few name changes have either been pony related or part of the Bambi family. Not sure if I'll ever use with anything different.
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Jan 26 2013 07:30 PM

i usually want to include "Squishy" in my name somehow, but sometimes it's fun to just do other things. until i realize just how long 45 days is, lol.

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Jan 28 2013 11:55 AM

Please don't feel bad about this, but "iBrony" was pretty awful IMO.


I've only had a couple of name changes, and I haven't hated them, just grown tired of them after awhile. TN:TS, for example (whoa, was that really a year ago?) got really long and boring, and when I could change my name, oh yes I did.

I was even going to do Tahu: Toa of Platinum right after, but I finally decided to rid myself of the Tahu moniker and move to Nintendo spoofs, and I'm glad I did.


My favorite of all of them is definitely Meta Nuva, so don't be surprised if I return to that name next name change :P. Because the current one is also somewhat long, and while Link is probably more epic than Meta Knight, there's something about my twist on the name I just love.



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Well, considering I listed it as my least favourite name change, I don't think I can muster up the energy to feel offended. =P

As for Meta Nuva - it was your first cohesive, unique name that's easy to read, type and say quickly. And people have gotten used to calling you Meta, even though you don't have it right now.


It's like ibrow, except I was intending for it to become my official bzp moniker.

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