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I Have No Idea


Stupid Thought

Posted by Trijhak , May 24 2017 · 55 views

What if volcanoes were actually living creatures that tried to eat people



Posted by Trijhak , May 19 2017 · 83 views

wear other people's faces to get different powers



Posted by Trijhak , May 03 2017 · 110 views
i am not tired
Do you ever look in a mirror and go 'Wow, I have a face!'


G3 Concept and 'Improving' BIONICLE

Posted by Trijhak , Apr 30 2017 · 65 views

G1 but deconstructing and reconstructing everything, and the Toa's masks are their faces and now they swap bodies instead of masks.

Takanuva still has the Ussanui made out of the corpses of Makuta's offspring.

Voya Nui is now even darker, to the point where it's eternally dark and the only thing anyone can see is the shining edge of the Piraka's teeth. The Piraka must now only speak in rap. Specifically, the Piraka Rap,

Pewku is no longer forgotten about the moment 2003 ends.

Makuta is initially not a antagonist, but a concept everyone that exists faces, echoing the words that Makuta is nothing and thus cannot be destroyed. It is only towards the end that the concept of Makuta is revealed to be controlled by a singular, malevolent entity.

G2 also happens and is similarly deconstructed and reconstructed. Except, this time, it's far in the past.


Unorthodox G1-G2 connection hypothesis

Posted by Trijhak , Apr 11 2017 · 118 views
Mata Nui (island) was on a planet with very few other islands, and was meant as camouflage.

Okoto was also on a planet with very few other islands.

Mata Nui (giant robot) crushed Okoto when he crashed into Aqua Magna. Mata Nui (island) took on traits of Okoto in an attempt to blend in.

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If you're reading this, you're reading the wrong part of the blog, but I suppose you're curious as to what's here.

Well, it's not much.

Just a few sentences.

Do you ever feel like you stopped ageing mentally somewhere around when you were 14-15, despite the actual amount of time gone by?

Remember to relax once in a while.

There's a lot of people on the internet, isn't there? Lots of pointless things, too. Like this block!

Well, you can go about your business now. Hope I haven't distracted you for too long.