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Maverick Hunter Lobby No. 0


Blarg AMA fad.

Posted by Phoenix Zero , Jul 25 2014 · 46 views
You get the drill, ask me absolutely anything!

So long as it is BZPsafe, and does not involve farm animals.


Oh, Birthday!

Posted by Phoenix Zero , Jun 25 2014 · 58 views
for me!
As this blog entry probably has clued on, it is my birthday! Am now 16 years old. =P Couldn't do much today though, as I had to attend SAT prep class today. xP

Ah well, there's always the weekend. Hope you fellows had a better day than me!


Mega Man Fans....

Posted by Phoenix Zero , Jun 23 2014 · 87 views
holy heck, awesome, epicsauce and 2 more...

This fanmade opening was so good that the author of the manga it was based off of requested to upload it to Youtube.

That is the work of an amazing fan. If only we had more dedicated fans like this, I'd love to see a Mega Man Classic anime.

(Granted, it's a reskin of the Namco x Capcom opening, but still....)


From: Video Game General (Smash 4 Demo)

Posted by Phoenix Zero , Jun 14 2014 · 65 views
smash 4, hype

I have just joined the blessed ranks of those who played Smash 4 early. Took three hours in hot sunlight, but it was sooooo worth it!

Got to demo both 3DS and the Wii U versions one after the other, two minutes each. Was Pit in 3DS and Mega Man in Wii U. Gotta say, I cant play with the 3DS buttons OR Pro Controller so I kinda sucked. xP But maaaan I loved every second of it. Upperdash Arm is amazing and beats out HI-YI-YI-YI-YI-YA! For me, and recovery move is much better. Other differences were really subtle but Pit seems like a better char now. Mega Man was kinda funky but Crash Bomb and Leaf Shield were really fun. Super Arm as his grab felt fun, and Spark Shock was great for trapping people. Also, the Mega Buster projectiles are kinda OP in Sudden Death Mode, found that out on accident. =P

Will probably post more complete thoughts if I can, but my hype has gone up 150%.

Source: Video Game General
(Also hai Blogs haven't seen you for a while)


Smash Thoughts!

Posted by Phoenix Zero , in Games, Nintendo Apr 09 2014 · 216 views
Yes, I know this was yesterday. WHO CARES, I HAVE THOUGHTS TOO! Now, I'm too lazy to organize my thoughts in paragraphs and whatnot, so here are bullet points for each comment I have to make, in order to the things were revealed in Smash Direct.
  • The stages being split could possibly lead to disappointment for some (especially me since I don't plan on buying a Wii U anytime soon), but I think it could also mean some games get represented that normally wouldn't. Like Find Mii. =P
  • Kid Icarus is being represented on the 3DS AND Wii U?! YES.
  • Hard rock and orchestral Skyward Sword theme is also YES.
  • So the Yellow Devil acts like a miniboss of sorts? And there'll be more stages like that (coughcoughRIDLEY)? That could be very interesting, but the competetive scene will probably go NO I WANNA FIGHT DA PLAYERS! BANNED
  • Online play split between the casuals and the competitive scene? I figured something like this would be implemented, but I wasn't sure how... Now that I do know, I'd say it's a great idea! Hopefully it doesn't lag nearly as much as Brawl did though. =P
  • Final Destination versions of almost all stages? YES. Tourney matches will probably be having a lot more variety later on!
  • Global Smash Power? Eh... Not a bad idea, but I don't particularly like it either. Matchmaking based on skill is smart though.
  • New items look fun, especially the Rocket Belt, which looks amazing.
  • Saki and Lyn are Assist Trophies? Welp, there goes two potential female candidates out of the picture....
  • Skull Kid, Midna, Dark Samus, and Elec Man? YES. Also Pong. =P
  • Not much to say on the Pokemon, other than Arceus is now summonable. Yeah.... =P
  • I like the splitting up of characters who changed mid-match. It gives another move to their moveset and allows you to concentrate on how to use one fighter, instead of two or three. I hated playing as the Pokemon Trainer for that reason. =P
  • Zero Suit Samus with jet boots? That's cool and all, but has any other Metroid game before featured this? I don't think so....
  • Before I say anything else, Zelda's hair clipping THROUGH HER BODY is hilarious. =P Even though I never really played as her in Brawl, the Phantom move seems like a nice addition! It also references the Spirit Tracks iteration. Though that means no Toon Zelda/Sheik I guess.
  • I've always preferred using Sheik over Zelda (though she's still not one of my mains). Her new moves look pretty cool, and I'm glad to see Sheik is back!
  • Kirby's tweaked Hammer move looks like it should add a whole lot of usability to it, and the move still seems very powerful. And the Ultra Sword looks waaaay better than Cook Kirby ever was. Glad they changed his Final Smash.
  • King Dedede now throws Gordos? Oooh... That seems evil. 
  • Lucario seems like even more of a monster now that it's aura moves get even stronger than they did in Brawl. Though being able to self-destruct with the new power seems to put a damper on things. And Mega Lucario is his new Final Smash? Saw it coming from a mile away. =P Though it looks much more useful than Aura Storm.
  • Olimar was apparently a beast in the competitive scene, so it'll be interesting to see how these changes affect him. Only being able to have three Pikmin at a time seems like it'll make management a whole lot easier, especially since they come out in a set order. Winged Pikmin also looks like a much better recovery move than Pikmin Chain.
  • For Pit, I never really used the gliding much, so meh. His recovery move seems a lot easier to use now though, and I like how they're giving him more offensive power than he did before. And his new Final Smash is the Three Sacred Treasures? YES. I hated Palutena's Army in Brawl. Glad they're replacing some of the less useful Final Smashes!
  • Woah, this wasn't really focused on, but Sonic looks a whole lot more fun to use now, just look at that awesome combo he pulled off! As he was my main in Brawl (yes people like Sonic still, get over it), I am very happy.
  • I like Yoshi's new design, though I will probably not play as him very often. His double jump as his recovery made it really awkward for me to use him in Brawl...
  • Hah, that troll with Pseudo-Palutena. Well played, Sakurai. =P
  • Rosalina looks like an interesting character with the fact that she and the Luma can fight separately. It seems like it'll open up lots of combo opportunities, which is always exciting. Also, Gravitational Pull seems eeeviiiiiil.
  • Little Mac also looks like a unique character. His attacks look fast, powerful, and seem to give him super armor often. Which also looks eeevvviiiiil. =P However, his weakness in the air and horrendous recovery seem like they should even out. In any case, I'm looking forward to trying him out! Oh, and the wireframe costume looks unique and will probably please the old school fans.
  • Words cannot describe how eeevvviiiiiil the Villager's Pocket move seems. =P However, Timber looks exceedingly slow and will probably be not that great in direct combat. =P I see lots of usability in every move of his other than that.
  • Mega Man, like he did when the game was first announced, looks like a very unique, fun character that I really want to play as! A lot of my guesses on what his moveset would be seem to be correct, and that makes me happy. And his Final Smash? SO MUCH YES.
  • Wii Fit Trainer seems as silly as ever. =P Sun Salutation seems like an out of place move, but then again, yoga can probably only get so far with making a moveset. =P Oh yeah, apparently there's a male variant too. Meh, it looks like just a cosmetic difference.
  • Custom move sets? Oh wow, that's what they meant by customization... It looks amazing, and I want to know more now ugh
  • So I guess Smash Run will be the stand-in for the Subspace Emissary for the 3DS version? Looks like a fun change of pace. Though I wonder what the Wii U ersion will have...
  • Charizard returns! Also saw that coming from a mile away, along with the Mega Evolution. =P Greninja, though, I did not. I'm still hyped because I like his design the best out of all the Kalos starter's final evolutions, and he looks like a really fun character to use! I have a feeling I'd use him more than Charizard actually. =P
In a nutshell, the Direct was SO MUCH WIN and hype. Summer seems so far away now.... Dang. Hopefully they reveal more information before then!


Wisdom Teeth Removal - Fun!

Posted by Phoenix Zero , Apr 07 2014 · 156 views
auuuugh pain
So yeah, today, I visited my dentist and got my wisdom tooth removed. He gave me a lot of anesthetic, so it still doesn't hurt yet, but when it wears of... At least I can stay home for Spring Break. =P


Pokemon Music

Posted by Phoenix Zero , in Nintendo, Games Apr 05 2014 · 121 views
So I just listened to a bunch of battle themes from Pokemon X and Y, and I... I don't know, I guess I'm disappointed? I don't know how I'd describe the feeling of liking the Trainer battle theme more than the Gym Leader or Elite Four themes. I seriously don't get how that could happen, given the excellent music from previous generations. I read a comment that sums up why I dislike the themes so much. 


 The majority of a lot of X/Y's battle music is just an intro, and hardly any music. Drums, an occasional note here or there, but it takes almost a minute to reach the melody, if you can even call it that.

That explains it a whole lot better than I could have. I heard the route and city themes were okay, but I don't know for myself. Oh well, time to play the HeartGold SoulSilver Gym Leader theme on repeat again!


I am now a game host!

Posted by Phoenix Zero , in BZP Mar 29 2014 · 64 views
A Mafia game, to be exact. Requiem of the Dead, the next side game in the series.
To tell the truth... I'm kind nervous at how this'll proceed, since I've never hosted a game previously. But if I'm careful, everything should be fine. Oh, and if you wanna sign up, feel free! There should be a few spots left.



Posted by Phoenix Zero , Mar 22 2014 · 98 views
im sorry
Posted Image
It had to be done.


Bravely Default Outsells Lightning Returns

Posted by Phoenix Zero , in Games Mar 16 2014 · 101 views
I am not surprised at all by this revelation, but it's still the best news I've heard about the game yet. I choose to take it as a testament that maybe classic mechanics, plot, characters, etc. aren't bad. Experimentation is great and all, but the general opinion I can see of the Final Fantasy franchise as a whole now isn't very positive. =P Hopefully the game's good sales leads to the localization of Bravely Second worldwide, and maybe a new franchise that can get up there with the JRPG kings that were Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

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