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BZP Origins: Ghosthands

Posted by Ghosthands , Aug 27 2012 · 221 views

I have a blog now. Blogs are cool.

Posted Image

Sorry, couldn't resist. <ahem>

So, I've been on BZPower for a while now. Some time in those bygone years when Mata Nui was still asleep and Jaller was still a Matoran, I stumbled across this site while looking for images for a Bionicle card game (which, like almost all of my harebrained projects, fell through). Since then, my interaction with the BZP community has been...whimsical, shall we say. I created an account under the name 'Karzahni Kaita', never posted with it, lost the passwords, and forgot about the site.

In early 2009, I made this account. I don't remember ever using it, except to check the front-page BZP news.

Until one fateful day, I happened to read a news article reporting the reboot of something called the 'BZPower Official RPG'. Intrigued, I found the topics of the BZPRPG's last days, and read the intro to Friar Tuck's reboot.

I was hooked.

Since then, I've become a regular RPer, made a sprite kit, posted MOCs, founded a wiki, organised an Oscars analogue, grown out of Bionicle, left, returned, and finally bought lifetime Premier membership.

And now, been nagged to make a blog. So here I am.

You may expect the content of this blog to consist mainly of BZPRPG, Doctor Who and Mass Effect, but with smatterings of many other diverse topics. And so -


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Ramona Flowers
Aug 27 2012 04:48 PM
That's funny, X-Men Origins: Wolverine was on TV last night... ;)
Welcome to the blogs of BZPower, GH. We're sure you won't be leaving any time soon... :evilgrin:

- Vorex
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Huh. That's more or less what happened to me: I found out about it by sheer coincidence, made an account, looked around a bit, left for a year, came back, looked in on it, saw the announcement about the reboot, and decided to join. I even disappeared for a few months, then came back.

Except, you know, you've done a LOT more than I have in the meantime. =P
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Hehe, I do tend to get up to a lot, don't I? XD
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Aug 28 2012 08:01 AM
Congratulations on going Premier! :D
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Thanks ;)
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*applauds* I like you. I like you a lot.

In a not-creepy, RPer sort of way.
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Sweet & Sour JL
Sep 24 2012 07:08 PM
Whats your opinion on ME3 Ending?
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