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Meiko's Generic Blog Name


Toy Fair 2013 Nuremberg

Posted by Meiko , Jan 31 2013 · 1,459 views

Oh my gosh banana machine gun:
Posted Image


Talked to -Windrider-

Posted by Meiko , Jan 30 2013 · 557 views

I swear we have the weirdest conversations. Half of the conversation yesterday is our top-secret troll plan that we might be able to do at a certain time of year in 2013. No more details. ;)
The other half is an agreement that hashtags and swag makes everything better, so we are...
  • Making a charity called #hastags4swag that guarantees 1 swag donated for every hashtag.
  • All of my posts on my profile feed will now be hashtags because why not.


Legends of Chima Online

Posted by Meiko , Jan 25 2013 · 861 views

So, a contact of mine at LEGO is getting some beta accounts for Legends of Chima: Online for some of the TCW Staff, including me. :D
I won't legally be able to share screenshots or videos of gameplay until the game is out, though, so... yeah.
I'll keep you updated. I can't wait. :)


So I've had some good laughs today

Posted by Meiko , Jan 21 2013 · 506 views
I got a 3 minute long preliminary video for LEGO Chima today. It's really funny. The minifigures were terrible. Laval looked like a hedgehog, and the eagles looked like something that would have been found in nuclear waste. The gorillas look more Planet of the Apes than they look LEGO.
The constraction sets are cool though. And the Speedorz concepts were pretty sweet.
It also had some gameplay of LEGO Legends of Chima Online, the MMO coming out later this year.
Sadly the video was in Russian, so I have no idea what they are saying in it.
I'll get you guys some screenshots of the video later, since I can't link to it under BZPower policy.



Posted by Meiko , Jan 19 2013 · 679 views

So I'm in Boston. And look I see an Aanchir and a Lyichir.
Yeah, I might go to a LEGO store. If I do, I'll probably empty their stock of Chima... 


So that was awesome

Posted by Meiko , Jan 16 2013 · 978 views

Oh my goodness, Chima is awesome (the TV show).
The characters are amazing.
Lagravis is awesome. He's like god and kicks butt.
Longtooth is like... how can I make this appropriate... kick... no bad... he's donkey 8D (Actually that makes me kind of want a donkey tribe)
The ravens are really, let's say "simple minded". Not much going on under the cranium cap there. Makes it pretty funny.
The gorillas, or at least Gorzan, are such hippies. Gorzan sees the battle and is like "Groovy". :P Also he seems a bit... high. No honestly. He seems to be acting like King Kong (heheh gorilla jokes) or something and needs to come down a bit. 
Crocs are awesome. Cragger is awesome, and his flashback story is great. Crooler... Oh my I didn't know LEGO would make such a seductive character with some appeal for "older audiences". Let's go with that.
Wolves seem pretty  cool. I really like Worriz's character. He's evil, and not a cheesy evil. He's evil, he knows it, everybody knows it, and it's a really cool evil.
Didn't see many eagles, but Eris is soooooo cute. Her voice and the way she acts. It's adorable and attractive. :inlove: 
Also, the "Legend Beasts" are awesome. More or less they are natural lions that never harnessed chi long ago, and didn't evolve like the others. "Legend says they will return when Chima needs them most." They are AWESOME, and I want a LEGO piece for the lion Legend Beast.
Anyways, the show is pretty awesome, and if you couldn't tell from the things I did my best to tone down the coloquial terms which I'd be able to describe it better with, it's entertaining for any age group. Hopefully the terms I used weren't too bad.  :mellow:


Super Awesome Wednesday Ahead!

Posted by Meiko , Jan 15 2013 · 688 views

Chima premiers tomorrow! :D And even better, I'll be able to watch it on my new 50" HDTV, instead of the little box I had before. It's gonna be awesome. :)
Hopefully the TV show will bring lots of activity to The Chima Wiki. Any help is appreciated. :)



Posted by Meiko , Jan 13 2013 · 476 views

Anybody got a Minecraft server I can join? I'd love a Tekkit or a Feed the Beast server, but Vanilla Minecraft is good enough for me.


New Chima Wiki Logo

Posted by Meiko , Jan 04 2013 · 470 views

Yes the old one was all beta and mostly a placeholder. It had a lot of things wrong with it so I made a new one.
Posted Image


More HD Chima Images

Posted by Meiko , Jan 03 2013 · 457 views
Here you go guys:
Cragger and his sister Crooler: http://chima.brickcr...and_Crooler.png
Eris, Laval, and a gorilla: http://chima.brickcr...and_Gorilla.png
GORILLAZ: http://chima.brickcr...rilla_Tribe.png
An adorable Laval holding Chi: http://chima.brickcr...al_With_Chi.png
Crug, with his metal jaw of glory: http://chima.brickcr.../68/TV_Crug.png
Razar: http://chima.brickcr...51/TV_Razar.png
And I'll probably have more to come!


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