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Posted by >_< , in Totally Sane and Sensible Stuff Mar 25 2013 · 317 views

Based on a random chat the very latest scientific advance in the field of Derpology, I present you:
Since the sole reason that he does so incredibly much is that there's actually 14 of him, and they're all just called 'Black Six' instead of 'Black One through Fourteen' for the sake of the unified brand, this gives us a whole new lot of possibilities.
A simple one: Black [any number] divided by Black Zero. Since the 'Black' is present in both parts of the division, it can be omitted, so you get [any number]/0 AKA Black Infinite. Or a black hole, if your calculator doesn't support that.
And now for something more interesting: it can be used to calculate B6's parents. His parents were both equal to the root of Black Six, since √(Black Six) * √(Black Six) = Black Six.
Science-shipping. It's real.
Also, if you apply B6-mathematics to physics, you get stuff that's in the 4th Dimensioneer.

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Mar 26 2013 09:35 AM

That last sentence is the best.  And I think I'm going to use this on my calc test.

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Also Black is represented by zeroes in computer codes, so Black Six = 0*6 = 0.

So the conclusion is Black Six doesn exist, at least not in the 3th dimesioneer.

Also you might wanna add that B on the keyboard of a computer is represented by the number 66 so that makes: B6=666 :o

But It's clear B6 is not 0 but 42(Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy) so that states that B actually means 9 since 6*9 = 42 :)

B6 math solved...

Black Six means three things: Nothing, 666 and 42
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Black Six means three things: Nothing, 666 and 42


Also, in hexadecimals B6 is equivalent to the decimal number 182, and in the year 182, the Emperor of one of the nations that would later become China was born, and the Roman Emperor, Commodus, ordered the death of many civilians, and narrowly escaped his own death.



That last sentence is the best.

Basically, this entire entry was created solely because of that last sentence. It was worth it.

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Ramona Flowers
Mar 27 2013 02:54 AM

I think there are actually six clones rather than fourteen, and that they spread across the internet in an attempt to conquer; unfortunately, the first five weren't as successful as the sixth, who now runs BZP with a flaming hand.


(either that or, y'know, he's just a normal guy or somethin')


- Indigo Individual

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