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Glitch in the System

Posted by Lady Kopaka , Dec 08 2012 · 766 views

Reposting, because why the karzahni not?
For people who have already read glitch, I have a short story sequel. Otherwise on the GitS front, it's time to say goodbye to the fanfiction version. Currently attempting to make it a original sci-fi/cyberpunk graphic novel. Let's say 'attempting' is a keyword here.
I also am drawing a bionicle drawing (first one in what...two years?). It's a biomechanical version of Nuju. I'd like to do a HB of some character as well, but I am unsure who.

Welp. That's about it. Just sitting here doodling and eating cereal at 2AM in the morning.
Oh and I got in a wreck because a deer thought it would be funny to attempt to flip my car. But you know, life. It knows how much I love all these bills.

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I hope your non-fanfiction version of GitS turns out well. I know it's been in the works for a long time, and as far as storytelling goes it some significant potential.

Looking forward to seeing how that Nuju drawing turns out. It feels like it's been forever since I've drawn anything BIONICLE-related, but then I realize that I drew things just earlier this year for both the Battlescapes contest and the Flash Fire contest. I suppose a busy semester at college just makes it feel unusual not to have done much drawing in my free time. Hopefully when I do get back to drawing, all the work I've done in my drawing class will be valuable experience.

Awful to hear you were in a wreck. I hope that you are able to make ends meet.
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Everyone kept saying I need to read GitS, but I never had the time to dive into it. Now that you're posting it piece by piece, I can probably follow it a chapter at a time. Looking forward to it.

Sorry about the wreck; as a Wisconsinite, believe me when I say I know that deer consider themselves king of the road. Hope you can work things out with a minimum of trouble.
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GitS would be awesome to read in a non-Bionicle capacity. I'd even pitch in if you Kickstarter'd it.

Also I sense venison on the grill in your future. I'll grab a plane and go join ya.
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Lady Kopaka
Dec 09 2012 02:20 AM

I'm quite serious about GitS, enough to make it a kickstarter. However I won't touch that until I have a original draft/script at hand, waiting for art improvement, and aware of health issues...it's hard to say when that will happen.


Venison is on the menu tonight boys!

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A graphic novel? That's quite a great project; good luck with it. :)


also, I can't even put into words how much I'm looking forward to seeing art from you again. That would be... perfect. :3

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I read Glitch ages ago and i still think it was one of the best stories I've read in general. I'd totally be thrilled with a graphic novel version, even without the bionicle.

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Jan 06 2013 12:17 PM

Good luck with everything!



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