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I'm assuming that's from Short Stories, but the same could probably be said for Epics last time I checked.

(And I don't just mean the review topics)


- Indigo Individual

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:( I took a break from the library to work on other projects, which I badly wanted to finish, and look what happened.


Such a shame. I will just have to put more effort into finishing up and making a return.

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As a Short Stories assistant, I'm definitely a part of those high view counts. I always feel bad when I look at something and don't give it a critique, but I really don't have the time to do that everywhere and I'm only looking for rule violations anyway.


Plus, although I like writing, I always have a much harder time legitimately giving critiques on stories than anything else. Many can point out typographical or grammatical errors, but it's harder to provide the kind of in-depth insight and constructive criticism that really helps someone improve unless you have personal experience in that particular genre, and I lack that experience.

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The problem with the library...

It's those darn flesh-eating shadows again, isn't it. Always the plague of me; always showing up right when you don't want them to. Of course, counting the shadows you have is a good idea, but it isn't very helpful to you. =P

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