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The Phantom Menace Fight Sucks?



And not just in terms of everything except choreography.





[Yes I've known about these videos for some time (and I've also seen the video where Obi-Wan Force Speeds straight into the power generator pit), I'm just posting them as food for thought, and no I don't mind if you like this fight or the movie it's from.]


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That fight is in all honesty one of my favorites in all the Star Wars movies, up there with Vader vs Luke in ESB and Rey vs Kylo in TFA.


Unlike the ones in AoTC and ESPECIALY RoTS, it doesn't cut away so you can see the actual fight. Never mind that they aren't swinging at each other, it's energetic, a sort of testing each other that we see in Ben vs Vader. 


But seriously, the bit between Obi-Wan and Maul right after the gate goes down may be the best 30s of lightsabering in Star Wars.



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This is the greatest fight scene in all of Star Wars.  No other duel manages to build that much character and story without dialogue.

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If you know anything about, like, proper swordfighting techniques, all Star Wars fights suck and pretty much all movie fights suck.  They're best watched with an extra suspension of disbelief for that reason.

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