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  1. What is this I don't even

  2. nice MOCs, are you a flickr member? :D

  3. Why hello there, sir.

    I'm trying to find some good Spheroid head designs...

  4. Hm. I better get started if I want to make the deadline.
  5. Yeah, it's pretty annoying.

  6. Why thank yar. So your interests include getting better from anemia?


    I had that when I was 5 or 6. Sucks big time.

  7. Holy cheese, sweet creations you've got there.

  8. Everybody makes mistakes once in a while so don't be hard on yerself! :)

  9. Wow man, I don't think I can compare to those guys.

    And personally, I don't think I'm reaching my full potential. But thanks. :P

  10. Oops. I did a double fail. One, I posted in the wrong topic,(yours) and then I revived the topic, because I didn't know I was posting in that topic. GAH- I am a newbie at BZpower. :(

  11. Huh? how can you not be popular? You're a great builder, just as great as Primus or BCii.

  12. General Akhbar comes to mind.

    But yeah, I have.

  13. you're a flickr member? I'm The Ice Breaker there :D

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