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  1. Yeah that is the exact trend I was seeing too. I got mine from someone in Sweden, and the couple I saw pop up over the years that I missed were in Norway and Sweden, with one or two in Denmark. Thanks for the info and congrats again on the find!
  2. Congrats on finding one! Out of curiosity, do you happen to know what country the seller/trader found it in? I noticed a trend when I was hunting for mine and am curious if the one you acquired follows it.
  3. If the seller was in Europe it's probably safe to assume the mask came from one of those packs. Not sure about rarity, I don't think there's any hard data out there on rarity within a specific mask pack. But, if the probability of any mask in the pool within a pack is pretty much equal, then you would think it's about as rare as a Light Blue Kaukau with the bubble cheeks. Maybe post in the Official Rare and Promotional Collectibles topic about it, some people with more knowledge on these things there might have more answers for you. I'm curious too about it's rarity, it is a weird overlooked piece for sure.
  4. So I'm not sure about any more recent info, but there is a pretty good post in the Official Rare and Promotional Collectibles Topic on these. They seem to be an early production unit using a mold that was closer to the prototype mold than what we eventually got. I don't think they're incredibly common, but are probably looked over a lot, unlike the light blue variants, because they aren't a neat unique color. I have one of them, and I can tell you I found it in a batch of sealed Euro Mask Pack Polybags along with other masks you would normally find in those packs (noble misprints) and interestingly enough, a raised cheek bubble light blue Kaukau. Do you happen to know where you got yours from?
  5. Good Trades/Sales Toa Trisabelle - Great and prompt communication, really willing to work towards a trade both parties were comfortable with, excellent packaging, and overall a really pleasant and understanding trade partner -TD- - Excellent communication and smooth trade partner, shipped quickly with decent packaging and items came in better condition than described which was a plus tritoa - Good and fair trade partner. Purchase went well. A bit slow on communication but everything shipped in great packaging and was as described Max Nui - Good trade partner, communication was great and friendly, and trade was fair, shipping was prompt with decent packaging OSSO - Communication was pretty spotty at times (had to reach out to confirm they got the trade) but the actual trade as a whole with the shipment, packaging, and fairness was great Mask Hunter Lewa - Purchase went great, very prompt and friendly communication. Shipping was great as well as packaging
  6. Thank you for your comment. Yeah I had actually originally planned for it to be more curved and circular, although I didn't seem to necessarily pull that off real well on the legs. I'm glad that you also like the Mata hands a lot. Thanks, although to be honest it's not that detailed really. Nonetheless I'm humbled by your remark. The body was what really inspired the idea, so I'm gad that it's the most eye catching to you. Thanks for your comments and....well support, I guess.
  7. REMEMBER YOU... DARK DONUT.............................

    1. Darknut


      lol Hey whats up? Long time no see.


  8. Thanks, the head was the original concept which sprouted the entire MOC, and I'm glad you like it. To be honest that is the exact problem with the legs, because they look so flexible and, well skinny, they don't fit with the rest of the MOC at all, but it's interesting to know you like them. I originally intended to incorporate light grey into the it but decided against that later on, I don't know maybe I'll try to swap out some pieces and see what works. Thanks for the comment though. I'm happy you enjoyed the color scheme, cause that was the main goal of it, to get the orange parts to pop out more. I would absolutely love to do what you suggested to the legs, but I'm not necessarily sure if I have any more of those pieces, although I completely agree with you on the idea. I'm happy you like the arms, was going kind of for a classic look with the Mata hands and all. Maybe I'll try to incorporate another color if I have a lack of those black dome pieces. Thanks for the review. I'm glad that it looks so slick and uniform to you, as that was the original plan for it, so I feel like I was able to actually achieve some success in that area ^.^. Thanks for the comment and I'm happy you also enjoy the colour scheme. Screw things? Do you mean the Black system domes on the arms and the head? Kind of confused on which piece you are talking about. Thanks, the torso is probably the part I'm the most proud of overall, as it was originally what I build first. Yeah I tried moving the orange plate already a few times, and I think I can get it to look a bit better like that. I'm happy you like the mata hand design too ^.^ . Yeah I've scrapped the legs multiple times to be honest, but I'll try to fix them. I tried digitigrade legs, although I'm not very good at making them but somehing like what you did might work pretty well on it. I'll see what I can do. Yeah the thighs are the worst part by a longshot. Thanks for the review though I appreciate it.
  9. Happy Birthday good sir, hope your day is absolutely wonderful.
  10. So it's been a while since I really built anything out of Lego in general, and to be honest I've actually missed the overall joy of it. Anyways, I'll just cut to the chase. This was just a free build Moc that I just felt like doing since it's been a while since I've actually finished something, considering the mass amount of WIPs I have laying around my room. Nonetheless, it was a ton of fun to build, although I'm still really annoyed and unsatisfied with the overall outcome of it, specifically the hideous legs. And now for the pictures. (Click for gallery when public) Front Back Top Crouching Kneeling Sorry about the lighting quality in some of the pictures, I hadn't realized I had knocked my light askew a bit. I would really appreciate any help with the legs, as they are the part of the Moc that I'm by far the most upset about. Anyways, any comment or constructive criticism would highly be appreciated, and thank you in advance.
  11. Bohrok, simply better as sets and story wise also in my opinion. I mean the Krana were just so much cooler in comparison to the Kraata. Plus I can't stand the leg design of the Rahkshi, specifically the lower legs, they're just so hideously long and...ugh I just don't like them at all.
  12. I think he means trying to show off but faking it. Like Randy on Monk. :POr like Matau...Anyways, yeah, I think most of these do fit really well. I've often noticed a similar thing with the Toa Mata, haven't really thought to apply it to the Metru / Turaga Mata. The Mata ones are more obvious since they're closely tied to their elements, and their personalities were most like their elements.I was thinking about the Mata and their Kanohi too, and I agree that most of them relate to the user's personality. However, I was a bit puzzled by Tahu and his Hau, as fire doesn't seem particularly related to a shield, and Tahu is generally an offensive fighter barring use of his mask.~B~That's what struck me when I first looked at this topic. Tahu's really doesn't seem to fit him, as he's not a very defensive type at all, resolving more on simply charging into a fight. Maybe it has something to due with his passion for protecting those he is responsible for, as in his village and fellow Toa? I don't know it is still kind of strange.
  13. Considering the pile of Technic and Bionicle pieces littering one corner of my room, I guess I would have to say they are just resources. I mean at first when I was younger I bought sets solely for what was on the box, what was supposed to be built out of the parts inside. But around the start of the Voya-Nui saga in 2006, I kind of just started buying sets for the parts they offered. I remember buying the 2008 version of Takanuva simply for all the wonderful recolored white pieces he had, I'm pretty sure I didn't even build him. But yeah, to me my sets are resources.
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