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    BC, Canada
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    Besides Bionicle, I like Sonic, Pokemon and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    I also enjoy video games, drawing, music and MOCing.

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  1. Out comes a pigeon.In goes 3 land mines, 2 rockets and a ferret.
  2. In Soviet Russia, missile hits you.My mask.
  3. My giant quash... quashes you... redundantly. Ehh.I then kill you with said redundancy.My mask.
  4. Robuttnik... again.It distracts you while I take the mask.My mask.
  5. I died. In reverse. Topped!Every time I press X, people die.
  6. Out comes Miku.Back in she goes, along with a bag of cut onions.
  7. I'm already looking forward to these sets, especially Stringer, Stormer XL and Speeda Demon.
  8. I give you a Scootaloo and you D'awwwww at her while I take off with the mask.My Mask.
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