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  1. I have a question my dear sir: What were you thinking Krakua's role in the overall story would be? Not to give offense, but it seems that in his vison to Vakama in Time Trap, you aluded to giving him a larger role in saving Metru Nui than he got: which turned out to be one brief appearance in Destiny war summoning Bohrok to fight Teridax's forces. We didn't get to know his character one little bit apart from that other one instance when Mazeka saves him from Vultraz in Brothers in arms. In short, what were your original plans for Krakua?
  2. The director who's the obvious choice is Peter Jackson, though I have my own deep set thoughts on how a Bionicle film series should be attempted; but given that I'm going to film school in about a year and a half to hopefully start a career in such things, I VILL NOT TELL YA!
  3. And you're going into psychiatry.... WOW.
  4. Haven't read much of this topic, but reading the last post, I looked on BS01 and found this "Velika is Greg Farshtey's favorite Matoran". If one of my characters was actually an unknown and perfectly hidden secret villain, that would be my favorite character.
  5. Trying to get my BMP account back. :/

  6. Bow to me.(or join the MNI project. Either one.)

  7. Ditto what Lord Darkon said. I'm in. But just watch, the most used quote in this will be "my precious".No one commented on my story in SS#8.... do better this time, children.
  8. Truf. Truf. Although, I can't really complain now myself because I'm way behind on my writing projects. (Click the picture in my sig; IDK if linking to a dead topic is allowed NEmore ) It is always family over everything including his job, which is the right thing to do, he will raise a fine daughter I bet.Right thing to do in your opinion. In my opinion, he should be putting us first, we've known him longer than his daughter has.- TiliusWow. I never thought of it like that.
  9. Apparently, thy hath no sense of humor. I do not hate Hero Factory. I dislike it, mainly because it lacks the great lore which made Bionicle a true mythology. HF is more like Robocop than a mythology. It's just not for me, as well as many Bionicle fans I know. The beauty of Bionicle was (with the exception of 2009) that it grew and matured alongside it's fans; much like harry Potter, since you see fit to mention it. If HF can do that for it's target audience, which is decidedly younger than Bionicle's, I may come to respect it.But Bionicle did not die. How dare you. It is in a deep slumber, waiting to be awakened again; a perfect allegory for it's main storyline. The comparison of Bionicle vs. HF to the first and second dumbledore doesn't even apply.*sees this post has nothing to do with Lego Friends.* Um, yeah... the convertable is cool I guess.
  10. I think he's talking about the Hero Factory line in the brackets.~ELM~Righteeo old chap! (the "Usurper" term is HF) Careful, your bias is showing.True, but my bias is unbiased. http://www.bzpower.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/sarcastic.gif
  11. For the record, I did not get angry at this review. We lost our review-virginity to sets like these about a year ago. I did have to stop reading after I read this line, however. Nothing against you, but at least I can keep myself pure when talking about the Usurper.
  12. I remember suggesting elemental power-ups back in the old topic. Any chance I influenced you?
  13. And Bionicle got like 5 parts before in this. Shameful, Lego.
  14. The G-Man


    While short, I loved the implications that this story has. Considering that while Mata Nui certainly created sentient beings from the beginning(like the Makuta), while the Great Beings originally created the Matoran and a few other species, this opens up many questions. I think thsi will influence my writing somewhat in the future.It's like the Portal of Bionicle short stories.
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