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  1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Got a third bottle, the Magic Cape, the Magic Powder, an an upgrade for my Magic Meter so that items only use half as much magic then normal. Then, thanks to a video I saw earlier, I was able to beat the Ice Palace. Ridiculous dungeon, terribly easy boss (I only took one hit throughout the entire battle...) And now I'm on the boss of Misery Mire. If you don't count revival by a fairy, I didn't die once while going through the dungeon, and then I died on the boss. But now I've stocked myself with three bottles full of blue medicine.
  2. It's apparently a fusion of a mask shaped like a Hau (or is it a powerless Hau? No clue...) and the Ignika.
  3. Granted. Your overall C- is now a C.I wish I had an NES.
  4. I guess as long as it's clean...But at least I own a demonic vampire!
  5. No.The person below me has beaten every single video game they own.
  6. Granted. The weird name turns away several potential members, and the community dies later on due to lack of users.I wish I could think of a wish.
  7. Granted. Something appears directly in front of you, but it instantly malfunctions and explodes.I wish I had more wishes.
  8. NOT AT ALL.The person below me is a workaholic.
  9. Granted. You are so good at anti-hacking that various companies hear about it, and instantly (and without your consent) hire you and fire their other anti-hacking employees.Great job. You just cost tens and tens of people their jobs.I wish I could create anything I desired with my mind, without losing control of this power.
  10. Granted. It's Monopoly, the one game that takes forever to play.I wish people could compete in a real-life version of Mario Kart.
  11. Granted. It is so epic that every other soundtrack or form of music in the universe is terrible by comparison. Now, the only music anyone listens to is that off the Halo 4 soundtrack. Other music writers and musicians, knowing they will never do any better, quit because of it. Nobody has the determination to try and outdo the music on it. The timeline of music has ended with the Halo 4 soundtrack. And all becuase you wished for that. Way to go.I wish I had the very first officially released copy of Halo 4 when it comes out.
  12. Granted. However, after being established as such, you are challenged by the universe's greatest fighter, and are mortally wounded.I wish I had the ability to destroy anything I want to with my mind. However, I cannot destroy the entire galaxy, universe, etc., or myself.
  13. Granted. You are now 1% better at it than you were before.I wish I knew what to wish for.
  14. Granted. However, he is still alive, and can speak. You want to eat him for what he did to you, but your conscious overrides your thoughts and constatnly tells you that you know better whenever you try.[insert confliction here]I wish people would view my comics.
  15. Toa 95

    Toa 95 Comics

    It's finally done.After who knows how many weeks of procrastination and focusing on other things, its finally done.And thanks to unlimited revivals, I can post this without needing to recreate the topic. I also hope that this doesn't happen again.Home at Last Part 4: Ready to GoNo more of the past for now. For the moment, we'll be in the present.Now enjoy it.
  16. Granted. One appears right in front of you when something like that happens to you, and, without realizing it, you fall in. The entrance to the hole closes seconds later; there is absolutely no evidence that the hole had even existed there.I wish I could beat Mario Kart 7 with three stars on every cup.
  17. Seriously?! Why not? =PTo this moment, I have no idea...It's still there, sitting in a patch of flowers, out in front of the school where I left it, though (at least, last time I checked).
  18. At school this morning, my dad parks the car in front of one of the buildings; I get out and I randomly find one of Ackar's shin armor pieces lying on the ground, appearing to be somewhat beat up, and covered in dew and frost (If not frost, at least dew). I didn't take it, though.
  19. Upon reading this, I decided to create a balloon battle community (Coin Runners I can do as well, if anyone wants it)Info:Name: BZPower Battles (I can only use so many letters)Code: 25-1942-8076-5150Balloon Battle, All Items
  20. Granted. I somehow implant in your head the sole intention of dropping the burger. You do so, and it falls apart upon hitting the ground. Ants then begin to swarm around it.I wish I had that burger with every condition stated above, except that nothing can interrupt my burger-eating experience until I am finished.
  21. Granted. But you have nothing that this compatible with them. Too bad!I wish I knew everything without my head exploding.
  22. Granted. Your coffee is cold and uncanfinated, just the way you hate it.I wish for more wishes.
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