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  1. Is it just me, or has eBay been recently flooded with these Pearl Gold Kraahkans? https://m.ebay.com/itm/LEGO-Bionicle-Pearl-Gold-Kanohi-Kraahkan-4-Hole-Chin/173237555450?epid=79896139&hash=item2855c350fa:g:vrwAAOSwkMdauKuf https://m.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Technic-Bionicle-Mask-Kanohi-Kraahkan-4-Hole-Chin-Pearl-Gold-44815-Golden/173145883879?epid=664955097&hash=item28504c84e7:g:1xEAAOSwkV5aepKy https://m.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Technic-Bionicle-Mask-Kanohi-Kraahkan-4-Hole-Chin-Pearl-Gold-44815-Golden/292497317109?epid=664955097&hash=item441a32dcf5:g:W7MAAOSwbYdats72
  2. I believe I first came into contact with BZPower around the time Bionicle Heroes was released back in 2006, as it was referenced by the game’s promotional material and the game itself. Six years later, I created my account. It wasn’t until the resurgence of Bionicle in 2015 that I became a more active member, albeit in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum. I never got to experience BZPower in its glory days, which is quite unfortunate, yet I’m glad the site still exists. I’ve met a lot of great friends thanks to the forums and hope to meet yet more.
  3. I'd be interested in the mask aswell. Will you be making more (seeing as SamDrew was faster)? Oh, and could you post pictures of the copper ones? I'd love to see those!
  4. Yeah, maybe this wasn't so clever after all... Ha, ha. $80
  5. way ahead of you, palBrilliant! While in most cases the instructions are pretty straightforward, the link awoke a desire to own more Mata-Nui fauna. And here I was, thinking what to do with my life what Bionicle set to get. Didn't want yet another 2001 duplicate. Now, off to Bricklink and soon I'll have these guys crawling all over the place! Sorry for making such a fuss about this, but you have really made my day, sir! ~ Flick
  6. Hello everyone! To keep things interesting, I bid $38.00 for the Visorak shell. I do have some items for trade that might interest you, I'll send you a PM later.
  7. I might actually be interested in the whole lot. But like Illuminatus has said, images would be greatly appreciated. ~ Flick
  8. There's no need to worry yourself with snipers anytime soon, TLH. As far as I know, I was the only other person to bid on Nuhrii. And I am no longer interested. PMing fifi would be the way to go, I believe. ~ Flick
  9. Okay, I'm interested in that. $50 is a fair price. Could you please hold it for me, until we see who wins the Nuhrii auction? Thanks! ~ Flick
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