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  1. Krohno's been around for a long time, having been built with what was presumed the prototype body for Toa of Magnetism (which were later swapped for leaner, but powerful bodies such as Toa Jovan's after being presumed too clunky or heavy in design. He keeps an intense training regiment, a combination of his rookie years, gladiatorial and Order of Mata Nui techniques to keep himself in peak physical condition. Because of his large size he draws a lot of attention, so you can say he's very 'attractive' to people. Haha. Thank you! The rode was always a fun mask and I'm glad with how it came out.
  2. Krohno, Toa of Magnetism Background: A toa who is thousands of years due a Destiny. Krohno has done many wrongs in his life as a former lover and protector of his village, a Steltian Gladiator and retired member of the OoMN but as a member of the Toa Heva he is willing to set things right. A father amongst his comrades, he would fight to the death for any of them if provoked. However he has a terrible drinking problem as is prone to scuttling away to the nearest tavern when visiting cities en route to Metru Nui. As implied, he is the oldest toa of the group, dating back to the years before Makuta decided to topple the Great Spirit Mata Nui and put the world into where it is today. Personality: He is stoic, choosing to talk only when it is of importance or if something amuses him. His need to be protective sometimes drives the others crazy or his drinking spirals into some unsavoury moments that the team has to clean up. Still, he is respected for his wisdom and brute strength that he yields with lethal skill. He also happens to tower over many residents of the GSR, including the Stelt, which attracts a lot of attention. Krohno also happens to have a very morbid sense of humor, as well as a bellowing laugh that can shake the trees in the surrounding area. The magnetic toa is very fascinated by anything he can tinker with in his workshop as a lover of all things robotic. Has a severe dislike for Stelt. Sometimes he will have an episode when certain things remind him of his days as a gladiator, for example, the sight of blood and being hounded by mobs. He hates deadbeat dads, being a father himself with an adopted son, Chiro, waiting for his return in his home town. The toa considers all of his teammates a son (or daughter) to him. Skills: Wields the basic powers of a Toa of Magnetism, being able to create, control and absorb magnetic fields and materials with the flick of his fingers. He has experience in smithery, forging protosteel tools, armour and the like for his team. His vast knowledge in combat experience gives him a huge edge over many a foe, couple that with the mental toughness and teachings of a OoMN agent and you have yourself something extremely hard to swallow: his fist. His toa tools are what he deems the ‘knuckle busters’, able to charge up his magnetic power and deal heavy damage on collision. His thick build and tough exterior makes him a tough nut to crack and can endure days of fighting without much worse for the wear. Krohno wears the Kanohi Rode, able to detect deception from any targets he focuses on. Do try not to lie, he really hates that. ————— Hoo, that was REALLY hard to put in shorthand. Hopefully it satisfies all you lore-lovers out there. ^^ Krohno was very tough to draw just because of how BIG the guy is. He used to be about the size of an average toa but now he towers over his team about a head and a half now (will provide comparison later). So for now, enjoy this mountain of a magnetic toa. Krohno © Me Bionicle © Lego
  3. Thank you all! I had a fun time drawing this. Creating a design for each member of the Beatles involved capturing their facial features and applying them to the kanohi without differing too much from the original design. To any who follows this post: Who is your favourite Beatle? Let me know!
  4. My apologies, the ;link to the original is right here. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2940708/1/The-Turning-Point
  5. [uPDATE] link to the original fanfiction for those who are curious has been provided. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2940708/1/The-Turning-Point Here is a dramatic reading of the Final chapter of Turning Point by Tollian. It was one of the best fanfics I've read back in the day and figured it'd be fun to try and voice all of the metru (and a few surprises). Tell me what you think. https://soundcloud.com/faybos/turning-point-first-try IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED, DO NOT FOLLOW THE LINK. Otherwise listen and enjoy. ^^ Story written by Tollian Voiced by Me
  6. Faybos


    [Please refrain from posting inappropriate artwork or comments. -bones]
  7. Allow me to introduce to you, the Bionicle Beatles! Lenon, Rengu, Pol and Jorge. Enjoy!
  8. Let's start off Gaero's introduction with his original concept art, just to refresh the memories of previous followers and to the new who have overlooked it before. pleasekeepnomindtotheuglytoafacesabove His mask is the top left, I took care to scribble the alternate mask in the former picture. Here is also a rare proto of his jackhammer (which will be getting an absolute overhaul.) Suggestions? Come now don't be shy, I love getting feedback and it really helps with the process. (I intend to have Gaero finished well before I did with Setek.) Wow! A lot of time and effort put into these, with great story presence and personalities. I personally really love the almost Miramax trilogy-style you used for them - it looks great! The armour is richly detailed and the more organic components really add to these Toa's appearance and characterization. I love the masks in general. The eyes are super expressive and the adaptation of many of these iconic Kanohi look really really cool. Can't wait to see more! -NotS ---------------------------------- Glad the style, personality and stories are working out so well for Lesovikk's Team. Who might be your favourite member thus far? (and this question goes out to any and all who view this thread!)
  9. Makuta Malvorix A devilish fiend of a Makuta who toys with Toa and Matoran alike by reanimating their fallen comrades’ corpses. His mastery of the Tryna makes him a trickster by nature and one who plays dirty at that. His puppets are not there for show- he only needs a piece of dna or the essence of a toa’s life energy to tie them to the puppets, making them move as he sees fit. Beware, he never backs down from a challenge and is always happy to put on a horror show for the spectators (and future victims) in attendance. I don’t draw villains a lot. Malvorix was a joy to draw and I hope you all enjoy as well. Can you spot the easter eggs? Originally submitted to the Bionicle Art Squad as part of the 'Design a Makuta" challenge. Check out this topic for the First Toa Team Project, where I try to revive and provide personalities to each member of Lesovikk's Team before they were wiped out by the Zyglak. http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/11753-the-first-toa-team-project/ Don't be afraid to comment! Feedback is greatly appreciated.
  10. [uPDATE 2015] Setek is up and ready to show his moves! Hope you all enjoy and that it was worth the wait! His bio can be found at the top of the topic, check it out! Next up: Gaero, Toa of Iron
  11. Hoo hoo she so love-el-ly! Always liked how you draw eyes, they suit her here. Good use of form when shaping up those CCBS bits to form more rounded armour. Pretty darn accurate and translates well to your style. I wonder what has her vexed? Maybe Tahu is trying to impress her with push-ups and she's having none of it. Haha.
  12. UPDATE 2015! Hello all who still tune into the topic each day to check for updates. If any have followed me on tumblr they will know of the recent teaser for Setek's Final. I know how much this dragged out because of certain issues in my life that took me for a spin. Artwork was postponed and it hurt me every day to know that I still did not have a finished piece to show you guys. Not anymore. I'm back and ready to finish what I started and I hope you all still believe in this project as much as I do. So as a thank you and reassurance that I'm seeing this through to the end, here is the FINAL WIP for Setek's final. It's the least I could do. Excuse the size. Heh. Setek is just around the corner. Keep your fingers crossed, I know I am.
  13. Thank you very much. While updates are slow right now from my work and other distractions, I'll be sure Setek will not disappoint. ^^
  14. Due to the recent unveiling of the name of the First Toa Team, I'm going to remove the placeholder name "Doku" in place of a name I and a few others feel is more fitting for this awesome team. The First Toa Team will now aptly be named "The Toa Rukai" which translates to "The Toa Team" Credit to Out-of-gloom for the help in providing a more solid name. Yes, I'm aware they are called "The Toa Cordak (Translated to Desolation)" now but I refuse to believe any matoran would shame heroes that put their lives at risk (and eventually lose them) with such a demeaning term. If anything, "Rukai" would be the original name of the team before the startling relabel to "Cordak". This Toa Team was the first to show unity between a group of heroes with the same ideals and encouraged other toa to do the same, that is why they are important. Thank you all for staying with me thus far. It won't be long now before I bring the aforementioned Setek, Toa of Sonics. He is nearly complete.
  15. Thank you for the feedback! As I've said before, it's really appreciated that I'm hearing what the community thinks about the designs. I'm afraid Setek won't be showing up for a bit. I've come under some hard times recently but I am trying to finish it when I can. Unfortunately my heart and mind are currently in a state of disarray. I ask that you don't give up on this, I do want to finish it. and I will. I'm going to take up questions about the project if anyone has any. Ask anything and I will answer to the best of my ability. Edit: Double post merged. -Wind-
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