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  1. I plan to sent him on the BZPower convention circuit for 2021, if there is one. I am also working on chroming his swords and a Hau Nuva mask. The swords he has now are 3d printed glow in the dark parts.
  2. These are 3d models, I got the idea, after was interested in making a charm bracelet with the original 6 Kanohi’s. The Gahlok would cost $1850 in 18k gold from the company I use to cast the stuff that I sell on eBay.
  3. A concept test of bionicle parts as jewelry.
  4. The Master of Shadows Colorized:
  5. These are for tabletop gaming; my explanation was cut out of the first post.
  6. These models are meant to be 3d printed with a resin printer. They are for a tabletop board-game called Unmatched.
  7. In theory a lcd resin 3d printer should be able to print the transparent masks.That type of 3d print offers clear colored resin.
  8. My reinterpretation of the Kraahkan.
  9. Made This For A Client, Takanuva Mutated By Makuta Energy.
  10. I have two of them my goal is to sell them for $47.45. After PayPal Fees that’s $45 per mask. My goal is to get back $90 from the cost of manufacturing. Sale Price: $46.65 Domestic United States Shipping: $5.50
  11. Lego Bionicle Custom Mask – Hau Nuva - Silver Steel
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