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  1. Thanks to this community I was able to meet a lot of helpful people and got help with my path to making 3d printable parts and masks. One of the most helpful people was Click, the owner of Scarabax Forgeries on Shapeways.
  2. I know it’s a few months away however, I could not wait to unveil the surprise. P.S: This is being sold without profit. The 3d Forge Shop
  3. The Destroyer Helmet
  4. Asgard Forge’s Collection Mjolnir: Thor's Hammer Thunderstrike: Eric Masterson’s Hammer Stormbreaker: Beta Ray Bill’s Hammer The Blood Axe: The Executioner's Axe Gungnir: Odin’s Spear Ragnarök: Sword of Odin and Thor Twilight Sword: Sword of Surtur Laevateinn: Loki’s Sword Sif's Sword Hofund: Heimdallr's Sword
  5. A new pendent I made on request translates to power.
  6. Just want to say that someone bought a Order of Mata Nui Ring , I hope they enjoy it.
  7. Bohrok Pendent
  8. Order of Mata Nui Ring Brotherhood of Makuta Ring
  9. These are some of the masks that I have just model for my clients. The 3D Forge - Shapeways Mask of Speed Mask of Convergence
  10. The hardest model turned out to be Cerebro and then Wolverine.
  11. The Mask of The Juggernaut Mask of Magnetism - Magneto The Mask of Feral Rage - Wolverine's Mask Mask Of Ice - Iceman Power Drain Mask - Rogue Mask of Dexterity - Beast Mask of Optic Blast - Cyclops Mask Of Telekinesis – Jean Gray Mask of The Storm Mask of Kinetic Power - Gambit Cerebro
  12. The mask grants the ability to generate a force field that grants the user invulnerability to any physical attack while in motion. The user is physically unstoppable once in motion, does not tire from physical activity, and is able to survive without food, water, or oxygen. -Unkown23
  13. The Mask of Convergence Allows two our more beings to combine their physical, mental and powers together into a collective conscious. The host body looks the same, the other beings become energy and are absorbed into the host. If the host loses the mask the process can not be undone. -RollCall23
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