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  1. This is awesome man! The only thing I would do differently is add another thin layer of metal over the muscle tissues so as to make it more set-like and practical as it's not very convenient to have the soft muscle hidden by just the exterior armor, a little bit of additional plating would be cool. That's a nit-pick however and overall this thread is brilliant, can we have Makutas next?
  2. Haha, it's really cool x) Love how the legs go back and forth, the turtle is cute! GJ
  3. Great stuff! I remember another user here posting his own album "Sounds of Okoto" or something like that.
  4. If you like sketching it'd help a lot if you could send in a few sketches of some areas you'd like to see. (Doesn't have to be canon just some random original enviroments.) The more people design the game the more diverse it will be. Yes, there will be story in a full-fledged main quest which the player will be able to start at any point in the game or (if they choose to) not start it at all and go about their own business exploring and doing side quests. Dedication? Well, I've been working on this for quite some time (and spent twice that much dreaming about it) so I'm pretty dedicated though I will ofcourse pause it when more pressing issues occur (such as exams or various other obligations). If you have some spare time and feel like making a model or two I'd be glad if you helped. Did you follow the instructions?
  5. Easy, we keep the franchise alive by expressing our love for it in whatever way we can. Talking, art, fanfics, we don't need LEGO for any of those - heck I'm making an actual game about it and I'm not even the first to do it!
  6. Yup. Just paused for a bit due to exams and other duties. Am also reconsidering some crucial elements of the original conception but yes, it's still alive.
  7. Nice song mate, but ######, it's sad to see it go again. ###### alll. -.-"
  8. I'm beginning to think people don't like the idea. :v VOROX DEATHMATCH - the version - Welp, it's been a while and, no, I'm still not done with the Wastelands demo BUT I found an old build I forgot I had and thought I'd share it with you. It's just a dumb deathmatch which pits you against a lot of Vorox at once and you have to click yourself out of the nasty situation or... get stuck in an infinite loop because I didn't bother to put any death menus. Basically, it's just a showcase of Vorox and nothing else. It is challenging though. Rules: - Vorox take 3/4 hits to kill you, it takes a lot more to kill them - If you fall from the terrain you lose - If you get killed you lose (duh) - You use the same system as in the previous demo Tips: If you fall off terrain or get killed the game will freeze so just ALT+F4 it or close it with X cuz at the time this was built I didn't add any menus. Here's the link for download (PC only): link
  9. Update: 2 areas of the demo are already complete with 3-5 more left. Additional confirmed characters are: - Ahkmou - Pohatu Nuva - Strakk - Malum Another feature that I plan to introduce in the demo: - Block mechanic
  10. Yes but he won't play any important roles.
  11. An isolated villaige in the dark outskirts. Second demo is in development and will take place in the wastelands of Spherus Magna. Confirmed enemies: - Vorox - Skrall - Bone Hunters The demo will also introduce a primitive inventory system as well as long range weapons.
  12. Hmmm well here would be mine: 1) Comics. More good comics. Inika, Mahri and Phantoka were epic. We need this stuff back 2) Make the story a bit more complex for the older fans to enjoy 3) Greg makes a comeback
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