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    Parties, friends, girls. Adventure and freedom. Oh, and fruit.
  1. @Spit: I KNOW RIGHT

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY oh retired staffie.

  3. @Tradakk: Indeed. O~o

  4. That blog entry still is full of win. : D

  5. What happened? )=

  6. Yay you're on again!

  7. ITSA my BURFDAY. And my online friends are the only ones who remembered. How pathetic is that. XD

  8. Alright, I'll give you a public one, too -- Happy day of birth, mate!

  9. Lol, word filter. Love it, or ###### it.

  10. I can't believe how awesome you guys are. For just standing up once, you still remember me. I owe you everything. I was planning to use this account later, when the time felt right... but the time IS right. I'll always be on BZP, count on that! An' I'm with all of ya, ######! Now who's with me?!

    ... no, I am only slightly drunk! :D

  11. Happy birthday, lad! Or, not-so-lad...

  12. Happy birthday, you awesome one. :P

  13. HAPPI BIRFDAI!111!!!!Shift!!111!!one!!11!! Lol.


  14. Happy 18th, Icky! =P

  15. I love you, Ikk. 8)

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