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  1. It's been awhile, hasn't it?

    1. doodleloot


      You still around making stuff? Loved your customs back in the day

  2. I'm 100% in favor of any character being female (or male... ala Berix, Tarix, Surge, and the Protector of Water.) - Heir
  3. Thematically numerous duplicates of individual sets- whole villages of McToran and Agori, for example, or a squad of Skrall or a pack of Vorox. - Heir
  4. Fair enough, thanks. The worst part? Had I gotten here sooner, I have the same Vahi up for grabs, too - Heir
  5. Ahhh, of course somebody beat me to the red Pakari I'm interested in all the silver Hau's and Miru's. - Heir
  6. Aesthetically, BIONICLE looked better- we've had nothing but the same recycled shells and handful of attachments for years now. As a building system, CCBS is vastly superior as it's much more modular. If CCBS could be updated with a diversity of shell styles, it would be all around better. My remaining gripe is how loose shells sit on the "skeleton". The design could have tightened that up, and I don't know why it doesn't. - Heir
  7. Those are '01 Jala sets, not '03 '03 was when Jala turned into Jaller and got super buff Bohrok arms. - Heir
  8. Kopeke and Tamaru are part of a buyer commission, yes- although I intend to duplicate them for my own collection some day, too! I want to go further with creating LEGO compatible repaints, so you'll definitely see more like them. I'll post much higher quality pictures of them soon, as well. Actually, I did use his MNOLG color scheme! They used the same light blue for Tamaru and Kongu's teal, and the same sand blue for Kopeke and Matoro. So, these are MNOLG accurate, rather than "set" accurate, as they changed Tamaru's mask and feet to yellow, and Kopeke's mask and feet to Ga-Koro light blue. - Heir
  9. Mind = blown. Great work! Really awesome tribute - Heir
  10. Oh, wow. After all this time, I have never seen that group shot with Matoro before. Jaller's looks pretty simple to make, actually. Kohlii staff, Rahkshi foot, Vorzakh staff, no? - Heir
  11. Are you referring to mold making, ie casting duplicates of existing masks, or are you referring to making a custom mask from scratch? Because those are two totally different things, with several ways to go about each. - Heir
  12. Only the "totally not canon" ones, really- Huki x Maku, Jala x Hahli, and... I think that's it, no? If I were in a mood to headcanon, though, I'd Ackar x Kiina all day, erry day. - Heir
  13. Had no interest in the LoSS, but I'll definitely be picking up the skull villains when I can. I want to support LEGO for actually bringing the line back- and the sets aren't awful, either - Heir
  14. @Komali Just PM'd you back! @Gonny Give me a sec, let me find the sarcasm font... how dare you have enough interest that you tried repeatedly, across multiple media platforms, to contact me!? Anyway, I dropped you a PM on here just now. Hope we can make it happen, would be my first custom of that type - Heir
  15. Yay, I got a vouch And, yep, I've got an old tutorial- but, I'm taking the site down soon. The tutorials will be updated and reposted to my blog immediately after, though. Sculpting your own Olisi could be a lot of fun, honestly. That said, it's very difficult to capture in three dimensions- neither mine, or the ShapeWays render, or the one in this thread really do it justice. The art was simply never meant to be replicated by a physical object. If / when I make another one, it won't be anywhere near as big as my original (which was built on top of an Inika Suletu), but much closer to the size of the one pictured in the OP. - Heir
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