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  1. There's definitely some audio issues going on throughout the stream, where the speaker on one side completely goes out for a few minutes, comes back on for a few minutes, and repeats. It's much more noticeable while wearing headphones rather than using traditional speakers. I'm sure I've brought this up before, but my best guess is to consider checking if any if the wires are loose or not quite plugged in properly. Anyway, since I've already gone over many basic things over the last few weeks, there's not really much left for me to talk about that I haven't already mentioned while using the chat during the stream. I suppose the only thing worth clarifying this week is why I insisted on saving Nuparu's special ability for last. That's because almost everywhere it's used, all you'll get out of it is a few thousand pieces, while the other Toa's special abilities provide access to secret rooms that often have canisters to collect. (There is literally only one place where Nuparu's special ability provides a canister, and that's during the Thok boss level, which you've already done.) So now only three Toa special abilities left to unlock, then it'll be time to consider what other things to buy next (my recommendation would be either the canister locator or the three bonus levels, whichever one you would prefer). I look forward to seeing the rest of Avak's Stronghold on next week's stream.
  2. Now that I've got an account for Lego Ideas, I've been checking it out about once a week to see if there's anything I find interesting enough to give a vote of support. I found out about the Temple of Time during my search last week and immediately supported that. I didn't have a chance to check in again until today, so it was only now that I've been able to give my vote of support to the 20 Year Anniversary Special as well. Believe it or not, that latter one has already gotten well over 6000 supporters after only a week! That's gotta be a record!
  3. In the later part of the stream (after you had paused the game for a moment), I noticed it seemed to keep freezing frequently like previous times, but I was uncertain about mentioning it because I noticed my chat comments continued to show up on the screen just seconds after I finished them. Then again, perhaps that's part of the stream being shown, so whatever increasing delay occurs might not be noticeable with the comments being display to us, and only you would notice any delay. I just don't really know much about how streaming works, to be honest (especially since it seems Twitch changed a few things recently). Anyway, as I mentioned in the chat, despite playing this game over a dozen times over the years, I've never found myself blocked out of the Roodaka boss fight like you just experienced. I will say the craziest thing I've ever had happen to me in this game involved using Kongu's special ability to access a gold canister on the Avak boss level, where I made the mistake of standing directly in front of it while activating it, which somehow ended up pushing me through the ground and falling endlessly below everything (which obviously forced me to restart that level). Also worth pointing out is that apparently all the boss fights involve the boss following a repetitive series of moves. In some cases, everything is happening so fast (especially if there's swarms of enemies) that such a pattern can be hard to identify. In other cases, there's so few distractions that it can be easy to identify the pattern (which was the case for the Roodaka boss fight and the latter part of the Vezok boss fight (which I even noted in the chat)). By the way, there was only one gold canister you could've gotten in the Vezok boss level by having Nuparu climb a wall (the others required special Toa abilities). Oh, and something I forgot to mention last week is that I was surprised to see Hakann's Volcano being unlocked for completing Thok's Mountain. I always thought Reidak's Desert (which you just unlocked after completing Vezok's Coastline) was supposed to be the fourth area unlocked after defeating any one Piraka. I also recall when BFA played this game a few years ago that he defeated Avak before Thok and still ended up unlocking Hakann before Zaktan, so maybe Reidak is unlocked only by defeating Vezok, while defeating either Avak or Thok unlocks Hakann and defeating both of those first two unlocks Zaktan. This game seems to be more weirdly structured than I once thought... Finally, I will agree with your decision to fully upgrade the weapons of Kongu, Hahli, and Jaller first (even though I personally prefer to purchase upgrades at an equal rate for all Toa). Again, I advise saving Hewkii's weapon for last, while I do seem to recall some comments back on the old lost forums that some people considered Nuparu's fully upgraded weapon to be the most powerful one of all. That covers everything I can think of mentioning. Next week, I assume the next area you'll move on to will be Avak's Stronghold, so that should be fun to watch.
  4. From my experience, the first three levels of all areas typically take around 30 to 45 minutes (a little longer than you typically take since I take the time to collect all the pieces I can grab), while the Piraka boss levels take only around 15 minutes. All six Piraka Boss levels always end with having to shoot Fenrakk's head enough times, and thanks to my efforts to challenge myself with each Toa, I can say from experience the best Toa for that task is Kongu, followed closely by Jaller, Hahli, and Matoro, while Nuparu requires some good timing with detonating the projectile, and Hewkii is the worst because the slow moving rocket means you need to fire it right at the moment Fenrakk's head has stopped or you'll end up completely missing by the time he moves again. The Piraka Playground consists of that first area by the entrance, a tunnel to the second area, and then a second tunnel that leads to where you can access the three bonus levels (so you missed finding that second tunnel at the far side). Shooting at any of the Piraka will result in either two things: if he's in your way like inside the central tunnel, he'll run away; or if you're out in the open, he gets angry and chases after you, but once he actually reaches you, he will return to just walking around randomly. As for the upgrades, after maxing out the armor on all six Toa, I had assumed you had enough to also afford acquiring the middle weapon for all six of them, but now that I've thought about it, I guess my math was wrong. 5x3=15, 15x6=90, so you needed 90,000 pieces for it, and you had somewhere just over 75,000 (which I had mistakenly believed during the stream was just barely enough for all six of them). Since the minor enemies (Visorak, Bohrok, Vakhi) will get stronger as your percentage of total game completion increases, I would still recommend upgrading to the middle weapon for all Toa as soon as you can afford it, which right now would be all but one (in which case, I would recommend skipping Hewkii). Also, I've noticed in the hub area that you seem to keep having to use the constractions to unlock all the doors to the trophy rooms, while I recall having to do that only once throughout the progress of the game. I think what might be going on is that you're unlocking those doors after you've made purchases in the shop, so the game isn't autosaving those doors being opened, so perhaps next time consider opening all four of those locks before you go purchase your next set of upgrades at the shop.
  5. First of all, I'm not sure how it looks on your end, but in the stream video, it seem that my comments from the chat end up covering the radar map on the bottom right of the screen. I'm not sure if it'll be possible to move those comments to a different part of the screen, but I figured you should at least be aware of that. I do know for a fact from my own experiences that it is possible to side-step in this game. Perhaps it might have something to do with the fact that I've played the PC version, where moving the mouse around makes you turn left, right, up, or down, while the arrow keys make you walk forward, backward, or sideways left or right. I think it would seem weird if the PC version offered a better range of movement than the Xbox version you have, but as far as I'm concerned, side-stepping should be possible in this game. While I did suggest using other Toa against enemies to get the achievements for each of them, I suppose the best way to obtain them would be once you access the bonus levels, which are just defeating as many enemies as possible in a time limit, so with that possibility eventually available, I guess you should be fine to use whichever Toa you want in the main levels. As for the level achievements, those are actually colored based on the amount of pieces you've collected (kind of like the "True whatever" ranking of other Lego games), with blue for the lowest ranking as standard, then bronze, then silver, and finally gold for the best ranking from collecting the most pieces, and if you want 100% completion, then every level needs to have a gold ranking. One of my preferred strategies in this game is to take advantage of how whenever you lose a Toa mask, that particular mask will instantly reappear in every single part of the map where said mask was available, so if you're low on health, just switch to whichever mask is or was available in that area, then simply pick it back up again (which is why I kept insisting on using Jaller at the Nidhiki boss fight). Finally, when it comes to Toa upgrades, each segment in the armor upgrades automatically adds a half-heart of armor, so the blue segments only mark a full heart's worth of armor. The other two things take effect only when you reach the blue segment, so that's kind of another reason why I emphasize armor upgrades first, because those are available no matter how much or how little you've purchased. I think that covers everything I wanted to explain further throughout the stream. As always, I'll look forward to next week's stream.
  6. I remember when LEGO The Hobbit became available for free. It was only a few weeks before that game and LEGO Lord of the Rings were de-listed from all digital stores at the end of last year (so now the only way someone can obtain those two games is to buy an old physical copy second-hand). Even though I already own all three LEGO Batman games, I sure hope for the sake of others this doesn't indicate a similar foreboding.
  7. Bionicle Heroes, now that was quite a surprise to see. Like I said, I've played that game a lot over the years. Not to brag, but I've found this game to be remarkably easy compared to all the other console Lego games (technically, I've played them all on PC, but you get the idea), so I would occasionally come up with ways to challenge myself, such as using each Toa exclusively (when capable) for their respective element area (Hahli on Vezok's Coastline, Matoro on Thok's Mountain, etc), and sometimes even skipping the 50% discount entirely (I happen to be OCD enough to pick up almost all the pieces that get dropped, allowing me to purchase everything well before reaching full completion). The way the levels are unlocked, you start with Vezok's Coastline, then completing just the first level unlocks both Thok's Mountain and Avak's Stronghold, clearing all four levels of one area unlocks Reidak's Desert, clearing all four levels of two areas unlocks Hakann's Volcano, clearing all four levels of three areas unlocks Zaktan's Jungle, and finally clearing all the levels of all six areas unlocks the final level with Vezon. I prefer to complete the four levels of one area before moving on to another area, rather than do a level in each area as you seem to be doing. (And since you at least remembered there was a pattern to those levels, here's a reminder of what they are: first level ends in a Rakhshi boss fight, second level ends by collecting a Zamor Sphere, third level ends in a Titan boss fight, and fourth level is entirely a Piraka boss fight.) For purchasing upgrades, I prefer to first focus on the armor of all six Toa equally, then upgrade their weapons equally, and only after both have been maxed out do I go for their special ability (my reasoning is that the armor allows you to survive longer against enemies and thus essential to have first, weapons only makes attacking easier, while the special abilities are useful only for accessing bonus rooms that you could come back to another time you play the levels and thus not a high priority). Only after all the Toa have been fully upgraded do I go for other purchases, starting with the canister locator, then the bonus levels, and finally the Piraka Playground equipment for last. (The hints are just very basic bits of advice, but they are very cheap and you can easily obtain them all after just ten thousand pieces or so.) Anyway, interesting for you to note that BZPower played a part in creating this game, because I do remember seeing near the end of the credits it mentioned BZPower and the usernames of a few certain members (I think you might've been among them, B6). Quite a shame to think that whatever content there might've been in relation to it at the time may have been lost with the original forums. And with all of that out of the way, I guess all I have left to say is that I'm certainly looking forward to see you continue through the rest of this game.
  8. I finished LEGO Marvel's Avengers a few days ago. Although it's structured much like Batman 3, the content made this game seem better by comparison (especially since unlocking all the necessary character abilities is much easier to figure out). My main issue is the lack of actual maps to help me navigate the hub areas, especially the massive Manhattan hub that's mostly similar to the one in Marvel Super Heroes (not to mention how ridiculous it is that simply viewing the overview world forces you to leave whatever hub area you're in). At least the story content was interesting, such as the three bonus levels being unlocked halfway through, giving you the option of playing those levels or continuing with the main story. I also liked the ability to have your characters actively use finishing moves against enemies or team-up moves (some of which are quite amusing). Overall, this was a nice game, but I wouldn't quite rank it among my top favorites. Next game for me; LEGO Star Wars - The Force Awakens I'm looking forward to this game, as it has not only some features previously seen in the other Lego Star Wars games, but also includes some features that were entirely new to any Lego games at the time (and would become a major part of many later games). This is also going to be the last Lego game I plan on playing this year (I intend to get through the rest of them next year), and at the rate I've been completing these games, it looks like there's a good chance that I'll have plenty of time to spare before I'm ready to move on to the next one.
  9. Thanks! I'm a little to occupied with other things to try it out anytime soon, but once I eventually have enough free time to spare, at least now I'll know where to find it.
  10. Okay, now that the forums are back, a quick update for anyone still paying any attention to this topic. As I had expected, the second half of Season 9 started the week after Sunset's Backstage Pass (which I really liked, due to how it portrayed Sunset Shimmer caught in a time loop). New episodes are still showing every Saturday (the most recent one being episode 20 this weekend), with the series finale being a three-part special (24 & 25 being a two-part episode, followed by 26 as a kind of epilogue episode) that will be on October 12. Also, the day before the premiere of the finale will be a behind-the-scenes special about the show, so that should be interesting to see. As for Equestria Girls, apparently production on that series ended at around the same time as the pony series, so it looks like that'll be ending this year as well (though it's been said Sunset's Backstage Pass is the final hour-long special (hardly an appropriate series finale like the pony series will be getting), there's apparently a holiday special that's yet to be officially announced, so we'll have to wait and see what that'll be about).
  11. Since I'm hoping to get a new desktop computer by the end of this year with Windows 10 on it, it's good for me to know about things like this. But as much as I would like to continue using LDD, I've lately been occasionally hearing of an alternative that's apparently called "stud.io". Could someone be kind enough to provide me with an actual link to that so I can check it out for myself to see if I might be interested in trying it?
  12. I finished LEGO Jurassic World back in early August. I actually liked this game a lot, as it seemed to combine many of the features from some of my other favorite Lego games. For example, the game is divided into four hub areas for each of the movies, and completing each movie's story mode unlocks freeplay for its respective hub (much like Indiana Jones 2, except here you're allowed to use all characters and vehicles across all four hub areas). In fact, the size of these hub areas managed to strike the perfect balance for me, large enough where a map is useful, but small enough that it's not overwhelming. I definitely liked being able to play as various types of dinosaurs among the playable characters (especially the raptors), as well as made use of the "create a custom dinosaur" feature, if only for the sake of completing certain tasks to reach full completion. In all honesty, I thought the part I would struggle most with would be all the running portions of certain levels (meaning I had to grab things like minikits as I passed by, with the risk of having to repeat those portions again if I missed any), but remarkably I was able to handle them good enough that I never had to do any more than just the necessary additional run for freeplay mode. Overall, I loved this game so much that it's now replaced Marvel Super Heroes as my second favorite of all the Lego games I've played so far (The LEGO Movie Videogame still holds the top spot on my rankings), so there's a good chance I may be interested in playing it again sometime. Next game for me; LEGO Marvel's Avengers Technically, I've already been playing this game for quite a while, and in fact managed to finish it just today, but I'll post my thoughts on it a little later. I will say here that for my first impressions, I was hoping this game could be as good as Marvel Super Heroes, but I was also concerned it might turn out more like Batman 3, and since my personal rankings of those two games are way far apart, I decided to keep my expectations moderately low and see how the whole game turns out.
  13. When this contest started, I was very excited for a chance to possibly win all of those space-themed sets, many of which were ones I was planning to get for myself anyway, so even though I realistically didn't have much hope that I could actually win, I decided to just go for it and see what happens. I created an account for the Lego Ideas site, created my entry using Lego Digital Designer, and submitted it. Here's a link to my entry. Unfortunately, my entry failed to receive even a single comment, and it certainly didn't win the contest. Looks I'll just have to purchase those space-themed sets I'm interested in, as originally planned. On the bright side, I now actually have an account on Lego Ideas, and I've since decided to use it to support a few product ideas I found interesting (some look like they have a good chance of reaching the 10,000 votes goal, others seem unlikely to reach it before their deadlines). I'm also considering submitting a product idea of my own, though it may be a while before I can get around to creating a decent model of it.
  14. I finished LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham back in late June (just a few days after the forums were shut down). I have to confess, I found this one to be perhaps one of the biggest disappointments of all the Lego games I've ever played to date (not as bad as the Harry Potter games, but I had expected those older games to be bad, while I had hoped Batman 3 might be as good as the other newer games of its time like Marvel Super Heroes). Going through the story content was fine (especially the interesting part where five levels are unlocked at the same time and allow you to play them in any order, a first among Lego games), but once I got to freeplay, that's where I started having frustrations. First of all, not all character abilities are automatically unlocked, and some require certain characters that you really have to figure out where to find them (which was also my biggest complaint about the Harry Potter games). The "map" is just a featureless globe with all the levels and hub areas randomly scattered around, making it hard to effectively keep track of your progress. Although I liked the hub worlds of "Lantern Planets" were literally fully spherical areas to explore, all this emphasis on the Lanterns made me think at times this should've been called the "LEGO Green Lantern Videogame". At least I had fun with the bonus level based on the 1966 Batman TV series. Overall, this game turned out to be such a disappointment that I'd rank it near the bottom of my list of favorites (ahead of only the two Harry Potter games and Star Wars Complete Saga). Next game for me; LEGO Jurassic World Technically, I've already completed this game by now, and will post my thoughts on it at a later time, so for now, I'll just say that prior to playing this game, I was actually looking forward to this game and had expectations that I would enjoy this one (especially considering what I had previously seen of it on Twitch Tuesdays).
  15. Okay, now that the forums are finally back online, I can finally post my backlog of Twitch Tuesday comments (especially since the forums were shut down only minutes before I could post the first of these comments). These comments have remained unedited from the day I typed them up, and I'll mark each of them with the date they were made. June 26: Okay, here's all the lore to make the most recent two levels make sense (as best as I can recall, of course). As I mentioned in the chat, Jack studied that special map and realized the only way to escape Davey Jones' Locker was for the ship to be capsized at the moment of sunset, so everyone rocked the ship back and forth until it flipped over, and just in time for it to work. Shortly after, Barbossa realizes that voodoo woman with them (I forget her name) is actually the storm goddess Calypso (also Davey Jones' love interest) who was trapped in human form without her powers the last time the nine pirate lords ever worked together. Now to stop Davey Jones, the plan is for the nine pirate lords to sacrifice a special item they each possess to release Calypso and give them the best chance to succeed. Sao Feng's item is a black gem, and when he's killed in the attack by Davey Jones, the last thing he does is give it to Elizabeth and makes her the new captain and pirate lord in his place. While Elizabeth and her crew are imprisoned, Bootstrap Bill accidentally reveals that not only is the only way to kill Davey Jones is to stab his separated heart, but whoever does so must have their heart cut out to replace it and thus become the new captain of the Flying Dutchman. As for Norrington, when asked by Elizabeth to "choose a side", he decides to help her escape, even though it costs him his life at the hands of Davey Jones. Although Elizabeth and her crew escape with their ship, the navy officer (I forget his name) tells Davey Jones to let them go so they can follow them to where the pirate lords are meeting. Thinking back, I fear my "helpful advice" might've come across as a little too controlling this week. If you felt that way, I'm sorry. I guess with the late start this week, I didn't want to see you getting stuck on something for too long (I'll admit I was in a bit of rush to get to something at 9 that evening). Hopefully the fact that I chose to take a few extra minutes to help you get that next stud multiplier red brick/hat made up for it. (As for why it's a "always double treasure" when there's already a "x2 studs", my guess is that I've found many levels have special areas accessible only in freeplay mode that double the value of studs found within, and this red brick/hat ability simply extends that bonus to everywhere.) I found the third movie to be particularly heavy on lore, so I guess it's good that there's two levels left to go, then it's on to the fourth and final movie featured in this game. July 3: As for this week's stream, as soon as I noticed the audio issue where I was hearing only from the right speaker (I use headphones, so it's easier to notice), I immediately tested the volume on my computer and I was able to hear the tone fine in both speakers, so that's what made me certain the issue was on your end. (I've had experience before where simply rotating the jack for my old headphones was enough to affect the sound quality, so perhaps you might have something a little sensitive that needs to be kept perfectly in place.) For the story content, as I mentioned in the chat, the movie didn't have any gathering of the pirate lords like in the first part of that level, they were simply already gathered at the table. Anyway, the pirate lords are indecisive on whether or not they should unleash Calypso to help fight Davey Jones, so they cast a vote for a supreme pirate lord to make all decisions on their behalf... which has never previously succeeded because every pirate lord always votes for themself, so Jack breaks the tie by voting for Elizabeth, effectively putting her in command of all the pirates. I'm afraid I don't exactly remember what happens during the failed negotiation between the pirates and the royal navy on that beach, but after that, the pirate lords go through with sacrificing their special items (there was no scattering and recollecting of those items in the movie) to free the goddess Calypso, unleashing the storm for the final battle against Davey Jones. (I remember a rather amusing part where Will and Elizabeth fear they won't survive the battle to later get married, so in the middle of the battle they ask Barbossa to marry them, and they go through the whole ceremonial speech as they're busy swordfighting countless enemies.) Jack, Will, and Elizabeth eventually make it onto the Flying Dutchman, only for Davey Jones to mortally wound Will. As Davey Jones is later distracted, Jack helps Will stab the heart, and as the now lifeless Davey Jones plunges into the sea, the crew of the Flying Dutchman gather together to cut out Will's heart and place it in the chest, while Jack and Elizabeth escape back to their ship. Now made the new captain of the Flying Dutchman, Will lifts the curse on the crew that had made them sea creatures, then teams up with the pirates against the royal navy. As soon as that short officer realizes the Flying Dutchman is no longer on his side, he can only watch helplessly as he and his ship are annihilated. Later, Barbossa takes command of the Black Pearl and leaves Jack behind alone in a small boat (much like how the first movie started out), but Barbossa's plan for a new adventure by seeking the Fountain of Youth is thwarted when he discovers Jack has taken the important piece of the special map to find that place. Meanwhile, as captain of the Flying Dutchman, Will inherits the curse that prevents him from setting foot on land for any more than just one day every ten years, so the next time he's able to visit Elizabeth is the first time he ever sees their son. Just the five levels of the fourth movie left to go for this game. For story content, neither Will nor Elizabeth are in that movie, and in fact the only characters you'll see from the earlier movies are Jack Sparrow, Mr. Gibbs, and Barbossa. And seeing as you're still going at a rate of two levels each week, then there could probably be enough time left after finishing the last level to unlock the character that can access those red and black objects (I'll point out in the chat where to find him, once he's available). July 10: Hopefully this will be the most recent of my comments here by the time the forum is finally back up. Anyway, in addition to that complete lack of audio after the system crashed, there were a few spotty audio issues that came and went, so my only advice would be the same as last week. Okay, to start off the fourth movie, the Spanish are trying the find the Fountain of Youth (which the third movie ended with both Jack and Barbossa choosing to find it for their next adventure), which requires a certain pair of chalices (one for life, one for death, so goes the legend) and the tears of a mermaid in order to work properly. Although Jack is mostly on his own for the events of the first level, Mr. Gibbs is also in London, and when Barbossa (now serving as a privateer) and the British troops catch him, he decides to burn that special map, claiming that he had memorized every single detail on it to force them to keep him alive if they want to find the Fountain of Youth. Meanwhile, Blackbeard has captured many ships (including the Black Pearl away from Barbossa), but fears of being killed are now driving him to seek the Fountain of Youth, so his daughter Angelica (who happens to be Jack's former love interest) drags Jack aboard to help out. Jack tries to stage a mutiny, but Blackbeard quickly crushes it, thanks to his magic sword that can make the ship itself obey his commands. As for that singing guy at the end of the second level, he is a missionary who was captured to help lure in some mermaids in hopes of capturing one and harvesting her tears. Although it'll likely take only two more weeks to complete this game, that fact that you mentioned that you'll probably take the week off immediately after that means that I'll wait (at least until the forum is finally back up) before I talk about what should be the next Lego game to play. July 17: For this week's story content, Blackbeard and his crew use the singing voice of their hostage missionary to attract mermaids and manage to successfully capture one (thanks to an epic stunt by Jack, though I'm afraid I can't remember if it was any different from the game's portrayal). Next, they need to acquire those two special chalices, last known to be aboard the ship of Ponce de Leon, which now rests atop a waterfall. However, the Spanish expedition going after the Fountain of Youth had already recovered those chalices. Barbossa also shows up on behalf of the British, and since neither of them want the Spanish to get there first, Jack and Barbossa reluctantly team up to sneak into the Spanish encampment and steal the chalices. I forget what actually happens after they escape, but ultimately, Jack delivers the chalices to Blackbeard. Technical issues were the same as last week, and I already mentioned on the Discord site my thought's on the next Lego game to play, so I guess that's all I have to say here. July 24: Hopefully this will be the last of my delayed comments and the forums will be back before the next stream three weeks from now. And thank goodness this is the last time I'll have to explain any story content. Anyway, the mermaid ended up falling in love with that missionary, so Blackbeard is able to harvest her tears by threatening to kill the missionary. After Jack and the crew follow the water to the Fountain of Youth, Barbossa confronts them, but then the Spanish show up and try to destroy the place to ensure no one can ever use it, and in the conflict Jack and Barbossa briefly agree to work together again. After the fountain is destroyed and the Spanish leave, both Blackbeard and Angelica end up moments away from death, and their only hope is the final remnant of the fountain's healing powers. Drinking from one chalice gives life and drinking from the other takes life, and both must be drunk from by different people for any effect to work. Blackbeard selfishly takes the one to give live, but Jack expected that and had deliberately mixed up the chalices, resulting in Angelica being saved and Blackbeard being killed. Although Jack had tricked Blackbeard into doing "what any good father should have done" and saved Angelica, she is furious at Jack. Eventually, Jack decides to simply abandon Angelica on a deserted island (just like he was prior to the first movie). With Blackbeard gone, Barbossa takes his magic sword and his ship and is proud to go back to being a pirate, but fails to notice Mr. Gibbs steal all the shrunken ships in bottles (which includes the Black Pearl). The movie ends with Gibbs and Jack coming up with all kinds of wacky ideas on how to restore the Black Pearl back into its original full size. Glad I could help you get nearly all the essential requirements to be ready for freeplay mode. Sorry I couldn't quite remember any specific characters that are both strong and can walk underwater (I'm sure they're among the villain characters that show up inside the left building), but at least I can assure you that (as far as I can recall) such a character will be needed only once in just one level. And since you now have multiple stud multipliers, you could quickly collect so many studs that you could just simply purchase all the characters in a matter of minutes, after which you can just simply switch through a bunch of them until you eventually find the kind you need. And I suppose you're right, these Lego games do quickly become very easy once you're able to purchase many of the stud multiplier red bricks. Well, sure was great to see Pirates of the Caribbean, and hopefully you'll find Batman 2 to also be fun to play.
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