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  1. While racing and vehicles are only a mild interest of mine, this was still a nice episode to listen to. I liked how the integration of the Lego bricks was done in an incredibly realistic design, along with a rather amusing sort of story to go along with all of this Lego content. As much as I would be interested in trying this form of Lego game, I'm not exactly that eager to obtain the base game just to experience one specific DLC, so at most, I'll probably just try to find some gameplay videos to watch at some point to see what it's all about.
  2. Finished one world and had just barely enough time to complete another world, both of which were the larger main system worlds. At this rate, I estimate it'll take probably three more sessions to complete this game, so I guess there will be another poll sometime next month for the next Lego game (besides Dimensions) to play. I already have an idea for that, but I'll wait to explain it later, as there's quite a bit on the subject I've thought about and would like to mention. Anyway, with the last remaining characters unlocked (except the ones that must be purchased in a shop), there is now no need to bother collecting or opening any more relics (from my experience, the number of each relics you can collect max out at 99). Of course, you should still make sure you open chests to collect the special build bricks offered in each world. I don't know how many of each kind you'll need for all of the big builds, so just make sure you collect as many as you can. As for the upcoming poll on Lego Dimensions, I mentioned that with all the Year 1 Level Packs now done, I suppose it makes sense to next move on to the Year 1 Team Packs (consisting of two characters and their respective vehicles). From what I've looked up, there are a total of four such packs among the Year 1 content (DC Comics, Ninjago, Scooby Doo, and Jurassic World), and I'll reveal my choice among those after I vote in next week's poll.
  3. I wonder if anyone here on BZPower is interested in applying. I've considered the possibility, but I don't think I'm ready to handle that kind of attention and activity, so maybe another time (besides, I don't even know who I would partner with, anyway).
  4. This time, I was fortunate enough to see this being promoted earlier this week, so I was prepared to make some large purchases. Unfortunately, a majority of the few remaining things I was interested in possible buying have since become listed as "out of stock", so that significantly limited my options. I did ask some of my family if there was anything they were interested in, so at least this provided me with a convenient opportunity to get my Christmas shopping done.
  5. Once again, glad that I didn't have time to listen to this yesterday, because today I was able to find the YouTube link for this week's episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHZ94XwbuvM Much like with the episode about Junkbot, it was interesting to hear about an early web game that I never really got a chance to play. I think there's little question that being a 3D web game from 2001 is really impressive on its own simply due to the technology limits at the time. I also found myself in agreement with what they said near the end of the episode that it's such a shame that many web games from the early 2000s are practically impossible to play these days (in fact, I can think of a lot of internet games I used to play as a child that I would not be surprised if it turns out they simply don't exist at all anymore). I mean, let's face it, earlier forms of media were created in a physical format (like paper or film) so that it was possible to find an intact copy decades later that could still be enjoyed just like they originally would have been, but with early digital content, unless someone was insightful enough to archive everything as it was made back in the day, it's like a vast majority of that stuff has completely ceased to exist. Thankfully, it seems that Lego content is among those rare cases where fans were dedicated enough to find ways of preserving these things for future fans to have an opportunity to experience (and hopefully, I can one day get around to trying that experience for myself).
  6. Pretty good progress this week. The last of the (unlocked) Rexplorer worlds completed and some significant progress done in Apocalypseburg. Not to mention, everything there is to be found in the blue relics are now unlocked, so that just leaves a few more characters to be found with those purple relics, then you won't need to bother with opening anymore relics (though you should still continue opening chests to collect those special building bricks that I mentioned in the chat). So for the total amount of progress left to go, there are (including Apocalypseburg) six worlds in the main system (each with 50 master bricks to collect in total), plus Syspocalypsestar for all those big builds, and finally that last bonus world in the Rexplorer system. I think you might be able to have this game fully completed by late December or early January, depending on how quickly you can get through each world (unless if it turns out you needed to scan all those objects for 100% completion, in which case it could take quite a while longer).
  7. Yesterday, I finally got a chance to watch the recording of this livebuild, and among the various things I wish I could've commented on as I watched, I'd like to point out that you made a mistake while building the London set. The support struts for the center part of the London Eye are supposed to be angled forward so that it's centered within the ring, but you instead placed those struts angled backwards away from the ring so that it sticks out in a way that the nonexistent spokes of the wheel would make the whole thing shaped more like a sideways cone than a disk (it's especially notable while viewing the set from the side).
  8. Two days later, Modular LEGO Store has already reached the maximum and is now considered sold out. Venetian Houses, Mountain Windmill, and Retro Bowling Alley are now halfway between the minimum of 3,000 preorders and the maximum of 10,000, with Clockwork Aquarium easily over the minimum, so the other four entries will not be sold at all. All that remains to be seen now is how long it'll take before the rest of the fully funded entries will reach 10k preorders.
  9. First of all, I still find it a little ridiculous how this site continues to go to great lengths to pretend that Harry Potter doesn't exist, despite being one of the larger and more popular Lego themes that's still ongoing to this day. Sure, I still understand the reasons (and I certainly don't stand opposed to the official stance that was taken here), but my concern is that, given enough time, some people might end up confused by an apparent double standard regarding this site's policy against any form of political discussion. Anyway, despite not being much of a fan of Harry Potter, I certainly found this episode interesting. What I found most notable was how Years 1-4 was the first Lego game to feature a real open world to explore, rather than just a simple hub room like in the earlier games, and making that possible was quite an interesting process. Not to mention, being a franchise with less frequent battles and fewer enemies to fight presented the challenge of trying to focus less on action and more on exploration, which certainly helped make some later Lego games much more practical. Overall, a nice addition to this podcast series.
  10. Just five hours into this and the winners are already obvious. Modular LEGO Store easily surpassed the minimum necessary preorders and already has double that amount, so this one could likely hit the maximum of 10,000 preorders in just a few days. Mountain Windmill, Retro Bowling Alley, and Venetian Houses have just barely surpassed the minimum preorders, so those three will also be sold. As for the last available opening, it looks like Clockwork Aquarium will likely get there before Seasons in Time Calendar, while Ruined House is further behind with Science Adventures and Quest Builder in the distant last two places. While I'm not surprised by the popularity of the Modular LEGO Store, I am surprised by just how little support the Science Adventures got, despite being by far the least expensive of all these models. I had considered possibly getting the Science Adventures, but seeing as it's already unlikely to become available, it looks like I am once again too late to even bother going for a preorder (although the Modular LEGO Store was my second favorite, I'm not willing to spend that much after all of the other Lego purchases I've already made this past year).
  11. I got the New York City set among the Architecture Skylines earlier this year, so I would like to have at least the Chicago one without having to spend $100 on Bricklink. As much as I would love to watch this livebuild, I'm afraid I'll be a little busy with other things at the time.
  12. I always love these videos that portray live action as if everything behaved like a Lego world, and this one is no exception. So many hilarious moments. And the song parody that goes with it (with subtitled lyrics) just makes it even better.
  13. For the Lego Rubik's Cube, I gave a vote of support for a different model that features the same concept (the only difference is that the colored tiles on that one are square instead of round, making it more identical to the original thing), so it does baffle me why the one I passed on got to the full 10k votes while the one that got my vote has yet to reach even 1k votes.
  14. I was a little too busy yesterday to listen to this, and it's a good thing I had to wait, because the YouTube version went up earlier today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BukxpyjoWw Lego Tower is one of two mobile Lego games (the other being Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed) that I had downloaded onto my phone and later my tablet, but have not yet taken the time to actually try them out (I hope to finally start playing both games sometime within the next few months), so this episode definitely had my attention. Interesting that this game was the first in a new wave of games that were intended to stand on their own rather than be tied with an existing theme, and the fact that it's still being actively supported shows how much of a success it has been. It was also neat to hear about how the initial launch of the game was celebrated with a community build of physical models based on the game's rooms to create a Lego diorama that ultimately set a world record for the largest such diorama by floor-space. Overall, definitely a nice episode to listen to, and I look forward to the remaining upcoming episodes of this final season.
  15. After how late this week's stream went, it's obvious how easy it can be to spend a vast amount of time playing through all of those classic arcade games. As for that area in the hub world with all those locked games, I'm speculating that you must first find and play those games throughout the story levels and other areas in order to obtain access to them in that one single location, where you can replay them later just for the fun of it (the fact that the games you played in the Level Pack level are the only ones you found unlocked supports my theory). So now all of the Level Pack levels among the Year 1 content have been completed, which now leaves the question of where to go next. Well, the other packs are the single "Fun Packs" and the double "Team Packs", so I think some of the Team Packs, especially among the themes not yet explored, should be considered next. Of course, the ultimate goal is to eventually open all of the Year 1 packs, so you can then replay through all of the story levels (and Level Pack levels too) to obtain everything there is to collect in those levels. Oh, and I just remembered that you needed 1,000,000 studs to purchase the x2 studs "Dwarf's Bounty" red brick you got from the Lord of the Rings hub world, and I think you've likely surpassed that by now, so the next time you return to Lego Dimensions, the very first thing you should do is finally purchase that red brick, which will make it easier to reach "Rule Breaker" in all of the levels.
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