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  1. This was a rather short episode and I had time to spare today, so I won't wait until tomorrow to comment as I've done previous weeks. Anyway, this was certainly quite informative about the efforts Lego made in the late 90s to reach the girls market, not just with physical toys (literally all I had known previously was there was this thing for girls called Scala that didn't last long) but also with the PC game from 1999 (which I had honestly never heard of before). Also interesting was that mention about how when the modern Friends theme was introduced in 2012 that there was controversy about having such a gender-focused theme (I certainly remember hearing about that back then), so the fact that it's still thriving to this day shows that they eventually managed to get some things right regarding the subject matter.
  2. Another level completed, and now only two more left to go. Just when you thought the story would end right there, Vortech gets his hands on the rest of the foundation elements, revealing the ultimate source of power to be... a baseplate. And to make matters worse, he then fuses Robin, Frodo, and MetalBeard into a three-headed monstrosity called The Tri. Definitely some unique story elements that can only be possible with a game like this. Also, based on the type of minikits there are to collect, it seems this level's designated theme is Jurassic World, which leaves only Lego Movie and Legends of Chima that have yet to be featured (and since the Tri is being sent out to destroy the worlds of the three heroes, I think it'll be easy to guess which theme will be featured in the next level). As for possible options of which Lego game to get back to next, I've been wondering about if you would ever consider Lego Worlds. If I remember correctly, there's still a lot a features you've yet to experience (buying and selling items with the night trader, catching "troublemakers" to unlock new parts to build with, exploring towns and dungeons, and much more), probably because your last time playing was spent on a quest utilizing the Build Tool (which I personally find so time-consuming that I actually try to avoid doing such quests, at least until after I've already done most of the other available quests). From my experience, the gameplay didn't seem that slow to me until only recently as I've been struggling to find those last few things I've yet to unlock.
  3. Okay, so I was a little mistaken. I had assumed this poll would work like some of the contests we've done here at BZP in the past, where the entries are divided into separate polls and the winners of each poll would advance to the final poll. Instead, this first vote is the complete list of all thirty options and we're free to choose any three of them we want. So yes, I'm saying this because I just recently submitted my vote. The choices I went with are... Bionicle (obviously) Classic Space (I wasn't around back in the 80s, and Benny's Spaceship was by far my favorite Lego Movie set, so this one is an easy secondary choice for me.) Adventurers (Johnny Thunder is an iconic classic minifigure, so it would be nice to see him go on one more adventure.) By the way, I decided to take a look at some of the entries that have already been submitted (45,000 and counting, and yes, anyone can view them on the Activity page linked in the blog post), and from what I saw in just the most recent hundred, it seems Bionicle might have a strong chance at succeeding. A lot of the entries I saw included Bionicle among the three or two themes listed, and in many cases they voted only for Bionicle (including a continuous streak of 15 entries in a row that were solely for Bionicle). Things are already looking very promising, but lets make sure to keep up the momentum (which I why I now intend to spread word of this to another site where I know there's at least a few other Bionicle fans).
  4. I will say that I'm impressed that this list largely consists of 80s and 90s themes that kids these days probably may have never heard of, so whatever theme wins this vote is sure to receive a lot of attention when the new set comes out next year. I haven't yet gotten around to voting, but one of my three picks will definitely be Bionicle. I'll have to see which ones are available on the other two polls, but the ones I vote for on them will be for themes I'd also be interested in so that, in case if Bionicle doesn't advance, I can still contribute to what might have a better chance of winning.
  5. To be honest, this episode had very little of interest to me. I don't recall ever hearing about that mobile game "Lego Builder's Journey", and besides, despite having installed a few various Lego game apps on my phone a year or two ago, I have still not yet had enough time to spare to really check out any of them. Anyway, kind of notable that an early build of that game turned out to be difficult to play until some basic instructions we provided to start things off, but that was pretty much the only thing I found interesting enough to even mention here.
  6. So that's another level completed. And since X-PO mentioned now having enough Foundation Elements to locate Foundation Prime (where Lord Vortech has been hanging out), it seems the next level will be taking place on that world. Yes, I had previously mentioned that each of the 14 levels are based around each of the 14 themes from the Year 1 content, but the thing about these last few levels is that rather than actually visit those worlds, they instead only have the minikits designed to reflect those themes, so keep an eye out for which type of minikit you'll collect in the upcoming levels to see which theme was designated to each level. (Just a reminder, the remaining three themes not yet visited are Lego Movie, Jurassic World, and Legends of Chima.) As for which other Lego game to return to after completing Dimensions, I would suggest starting off with Bionicle Heroes, since it seems what little you have left to complete could be done in only a single stream. After that, I don't really have anything particular in mind, though perhaps you might consider checking out those guides that can be found in that old link I offered back in the first page of this topic, since the guy behind them has been in the process of rewriting them and you might find those rewritten guides to be helpful.
  7. It was nice to hear about how LDD was originally developed, along with mentions of the earlier sandbox games like Lego Creator (quite a shame it never seemed to work on anything besides a Windows 98 computer). Also pleasantly surprised to hear a quick shout-out to current efforts to revive some old classic games like Lego Island and Bionicle Quest for Mata Nui. But I think the part that got me really excited is the possibility that sometime in the next few years, we might see the introduction of something similar to the Lego Ideas concept on physical sets be utilized for video games. I'm already starting to come up with possible suggestions, so if such a thing does become official, you'd better believe I'll be signing up right away.
  8. Okay, so that was fun to go through a Lego adaption of all those classic arcade games. Personally, I had never heard of any of them prior to the first time I had watched the content of this level, so I was honestly a little impressed that you were able to recognize at least one of them. Just four more levels left to go among the main story levels. As for what to play next, well, I was thinking of perhaps sticking with Lego Dimensions a bit longer to try out those additional levels provided by certain packs. When you last played this game five years ago, you did the Back to the Future and Simpsons level packs, so perhaps you could start off with those before moving on to the ones you have not yet tried. The other Year 1 Level Packs are for Portal, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, and Midway Arcade. After that, you might also then try some of the Year 2 content, or perhaps explore some of the hub areas based on each franchise. (Of those 14 worlds from the Year 1 content, DC, Lord of the Rings, and Lego Movie are already unlocked by the starter pack, the six level packs will each unlock their respective world, and of the five remaining, there's only one team pack for both Scooby Doo and Jurassic World, one fun pack for Wizard of Oz, and the remaining two of Ninjago and Legends of Chima can be unlocked by any one of the various packs that were available.)
  9. Now this is the kind of episode I've been really looking forward to. It was quite amazing to learn about how everything came together to create such a groundbreaking video game concept. I was especially amazed that they actually had a full-sized Lego Island physical mock-up in their studio to help them design the game (which does make me beg the question of what happened to that giant model after the game was completed, as I'm sure a lot of fans would love to see it for themselves). Not to mention what a real tragedy it was that most of the people who worked so hard on that game were simply fired just before they could actually be payed for their efforts. Of course, since this episode is done in a podcast format, I wish there was some other way for me to actually see some of the videos that were mentioned, such as the trailer from when the game was first announced at Toy Fair in early 1997. I definitely remember playing Lego Island back when I was a kid, though I'm sad to say that I never really got to experience that one story aspect of it, as I always tended to deliver the pizza to the jail before building the helicopter, so rather than the Brickster breaking out of jail, he would just complain about being given the wrong pizza. I eventually managed to start off that story event during what was probably one of the last times I had ever played that game, but unfortunately I was playing it on a rather faulty system that didn't have any audio, so I had no idea what was really going on with only the visuals to go by, and as a result, I only made it as far as the point where parts of the helicopter ended up scattered along the streets before I decided to just give up and quit the game. To this day, I still wish I could've had a better opportunity to finally actually try that one story aspect of Lego Island, so I sure would appreciate any possibility of attempting to play that old game on a modern computer (I do still have the original CD, but I'm a little hesitant about trying to use it after it's been siting around for twenty years).
  10. Nine levels completed, just five more left to go among the main story levels. This one took place in the Ghostbusters world with elements of the Lego Movie thrown in and General Zod for the boss battle, hence the amusing reference of "Phantom Zone" (and keep in mind, the starter pack with these story levels came out almost two years before the Lego Batman Movie). Since you haven't been keeping track of previous levels, I'll just quickly list off the different universes previously visited: Wizard of Oz Simpsons Ninjago Doctor Who DC Comics Back to the Future Portal Lord of the Rings Ghostbusters Of the remaining Year 1 themes, they are (in a completely random order) Lego Movie, Legends of Chima, Midway Arcade, Jurassic World, and Scooby Doo. Let's see if you can figure out which one of them X-PO considered "weird", as mentioned in the latest cutscene.
  11. Only half the length of the other episodes, and not much discussion about any games in particular. Mostly it was about that Lego Star Wars holiday special, which certainly sounds interesting on its own, but not really much else on this week's episode of this podcast series.
  12. So that was Level 8, also known as "Riddle Earth". Not only did we see Riddler in Minas Tirith, but also Ninjago's Overlord, DC's Brainiac, and Portal's GLaDOS, along with orcs in Nindroid masks, alien green skin, and Portal helmets. Only in Lego Dimensions will you ever see such a crazy mixture of elements. As for that Legends of Chima cameo, I was not surprised to see it, since it's one of the 14 themes featured in the Year 1 content of this game. In fact, I'm convinced that if Lego Dimensions had been able to continue for a third year (which would've been 2017), Nexo Knights would've almost certainly been among the new themes that likely would've been introduced. Six levels left to go to complete the main story levels. Fourteen themes across fourteen levels, which means each level has featured a different theme every time (so far, at least), so if you've been keeping track of which ones have already been visited, you might be able to figure out which ones there are left to go in the remaining levels.
  13. Since there doesn't seem to be any topic regarding the recently released Episode 2, I guess I'll post about it here. This week's episode discusses "fluid play" about efforts that were made to combine physical and digital play. It was interesting hearing about the "KidPad" system from the late 90s that was never completed, and then later examples like Life of George, Lego Dimensions, Nexo Knights, and Hidden Side that show how the Lego Group has continued to make progress, though there's still plenty of room for improvement. What I found particularly notable was how consistently that kids have such a dramatically different style of play between the physical bricks (loud and dynamic) and the digital platforms (quiet and focused).
  14. With Level 7 completed, the story levels are now at the halfway point. And with all five Keystone abilities now unlocked, you now have the additional puzzle of trying to determine which Keystone to use in which order. Also, you might have noticed that now that X-PO is assembled, you'll hear some commentary from him whenever you hit one of those hint blocks. Anyway, that was the Portal level, which certainly had its fair share of humor. I still won't specifically mention which universes the upcoming levels will feature, but let's just say that if you liked the one with Sauron in Metropolis, you might also like where the next level will be.
  15. I remember one particular hacking attack BZPower suffered back in 2013, with the most notable disruption being the permanent loss of the archived forums of 2001-2010, which would explain the absence of all those older posts, if you were curious about that. I don't remember what else happened in that event, but if something significant like a data breach ever did occur, I suspect that could have been the most likely time when it might have happened.
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