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  1. Well, sorry for making you concerned about the audio at first. I had only tested the volume control on my computer and assumed everything was fine on my end. At least I'm glad to know that it happened to you once before, so it's not like I should be too concerned about an incident like this. Sure is interesting to see all the different types of "gigs" that you're now being offered, often without knowing which songs will be played until they start. And I especially liked listening to a certain pair of songs, the one featured in Lego City Undercover, and the one used in the game-opening video of this game. I also had a good laugh from that alien abduction cutscene. So now we've seen four of the nine "Rock Power Challenges". I knew the fourth one would take place at the farm venue thanks to those playthrough videos I searched a couple weeks ago. I can't remember what the next three will be, so I may have to look that up again to refresh my memory (though I do remember what the last two will be).
  2. Quite unfortunate to suddenly have technical issues this week. Hopefully, the solution you suggested can prevent it next time. So it seems there are many more different venues than there are of those nine special challenges (still can't remember what they're called). In addition to the sites of the three challenges we've seen so far (construction site, haunted mansion, and pirate ship), there's also the speedway and the skyscraper rooftop you unlocked this week, and with the addition of that original train station from last week, that's a total of six venues so far. It'll be interesting to see how many more become available as you further progress. By the way, I don't think I really asked this, but did you happen to have already completed this game some time ago? I mentioned watching some other videos of this game and I wasn't sure if I should avoid mentioning any spoilers. Either way, I'll definitely still watch these Twitch Tuesday streams.
  3. I will confess that, for almost ten years now, I've had this weird habit where I refused to throw out any packaging from any new Lego sets I got, which included the plastic "disposable" bags. Typically, I would try to cleanly open the bag on one end, then flatten and stack the empty bags and put them back inside the box with the instruction book and empty sticker sheet, which I would also not throw out. Yeah, I know it's weird, but at least in a way one could argue I ended up not contributing any waste because of this. At least those new paper bags shown in the images look interesting. They may not be transparent like the plastic bags, but I can see why kids would find them easier to open.
  4. First off, I'd just like to mention that among the things I took care of during this two-week break was an adjustment to my web browsing habits so that now I'm doing almost everything on my desktop, which means I can now be capable of commenting more quickly and more often here on the forums. So, Lego Rock Band. Definitely a very unique game, I'll say that much. If anything, this brief glimpse I've now had of this game has certainly gotten me interest in it. Alas, just like with Lego Dimensions, I will most likely never get an opportunity to try this game myself, due to the fact that I do my gaming on a PC and not on a console system. Probably for the best, as I've honestly never even attempted any Guitar Hero type of game, and would probably end up performing quite horribly for a while at first. At least it was nice to hear some songs I definitely recognized, although there were also plenty I'd never really even heard of before. And as I mentioned in the chat, at some point, I'll probably search for some other playthrough videos of this game to see more of what the story mode involves. I'll definitely look forward to what else Lego Rock Band has to offer over the next few Twitch Tuesday streams.
  5. I'm definitely looking forward to this game. A major reason why Complete Saga is so low on my ranking of Lego games is simply because, as the very earliest Lego game, it just hasn't aged well after more than ten years when compared to more recent Lego games. If the one for Force Awakens from 2016 was only a taste of what a modern Lego Star Wars game could be like, then I've got high hopes this remake that'll include the new trilogy (and probably other Star Wars content like Rogue One) could be very exciting. Although personally, I probably won't actually purchase this game myself until likely well over a year after it finally releases, only because I always prefer to wait until the price comes down significantly from it's initial full price, and even then I'll wait until a sale that'll make it even more affordable. Besides, at this time, I'm nearing the end of a three-year marathon of completing literally all of the Lego games currently available, so I feel like I could do with a long break from Lego games once I'm finally done with my current progress.
  6. (With all the issues this site has been having lately, here's hoping this post actually goes up without too much trouble.) Of the three original trilogy movies, Last Crusade definitely has the most difference between the two Lego games, in my opinion. While the second game includes events the first game ignored (the ship in a stormy sea from the opening scene, the city of Berlin), there are also events seen in the first game that are ignored in the second game (the city of Venice, escape from the zepplin). While I'm sure some gaps in the second game are filled in with the bonus levels and purchaseable characters and vehicles, the cutscenes from the story levels definitely make it obvious just how inaccurately the movie is portrayed in this game. But in spite of the story inaccuracies, I still liked this game for much of the additional content. After all, it was the earliest Lego game to have hub worlds where you were able to do much more than just select levels and purchase things, and to this day it's still a rather unique structure compared to other Lego games. I certainly look forward to see you eventually try all those additional levels sometime later. So it looks like it'll probably be about a month before the next stream. I'm okay with that, as there's a few things I need to take care of in the next couple weeks that I could use some extra available time for. And it seems the next game to expect will be Lego Rock Band (which I had no idea even existed until you first mentioned it), and likely followed by a reattempt at Lego Dimensions (I'd just like to point out that, from what I've seen in other videos, all of the main story levels in that game can be completed with only the three characters and one vehicle provided by the starter pack, so you won't need to be concerned with any additional packs while going through those story levels). Oh, and let's not forget about that upcoming Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga game that still doesn't seem to have an official release date yet, but I'm sure will probably be available by the time you finish those other two games. By the way, remember that link I posted way back near the start of this topic to a list of helpful guides of nearly every Lego game? Well, the guy who wrote them all has recently decided to rewrite all of them in an effort to make them more helpful and easier to understand, most notably with the inclusion of images to show where to find the various collectibles. So far, he's gone through only the three oldest games (Star Wars Complete Saga, Indiana Jones Original Adventures, and Batman 1), but from what I've seen, those new guides will certainly be more helpful than anything I could ever describe through the chat, so I'd recommend saving that old link if you haven't already done so.
  7. One thing about this game that I found a little annoying is that for whatever characters you've unlocked, you apparently can't switch between different versions of that character, so you're pretty much stuck with whatever version was used in the latest of the story levels. In the Temple of Doom area, for example, although you start off with Indy in his dinner suit, you never see it again once you start the second story level, and the version of him used in the final story level is the one you're stuck with for the remainder of freeplay in that area. Sure, it's purely an appearance thing that has no affect on gameplay, but I honestly find it a little weird that while many Lego games offer a lot of varieties of specific characters, this game seems to completely disregard that option. So at least you were lucky enough to unlock one of the brick abilities (and see for yourself how to unlock and purchase a brick ability in this game). As I previously mentioned, there are three different types: green bricks for funny things (and cost tens of thousands of studs), blue bricks for ability enhancements (and cost hundreds of thousands of studs), and red bricks for stud multipliers (and cost millions of studs). By the time you come back to this game for freeplay, one of the first things I'm going to recommend is unlocking the least expensive stud multiplier, since even a x2 in studs would be enough for you to reach True Adventurer in the levels where you missed it. Just one more area left to go in story mode. As for what will come after that, I'm currently undecided on whether to watch that other stream you mentioned, as personally, one hour is already long enough for me.
  8. I finished LEGO The Incredibles a few days ago. In addition to the interesting slightly alternate take on the story events of both movies, I also liked the new concept of group builds, where after collecting a certain amount of special bricks you have a group of characters build together to complete large creations. The hub area has a lot of special versions of these group builds that, upon completion, also unlocks certain characters from all the other Pixar movies. Another interesting feature of the hub area is that it's divided into districts that each have a "crime wave", which is like a mini level where you have to complete some quests to defeat the villains. Plus, with just over thirty gameplay hours, this was among the quickest Lego games to complete, and I sure wouldn't mind having an opportunity to play it again sometime. I certainly loved a lot of what this game had to offer, and I would definitely rank this high among my favorites. Next game for me; LEGO DC Super Villains Although it's the fourth Lego game to feature the DC franchise, what'll make this game an interesting challenge for me is that creating a custom character will be such an integral part of the game, literally right from the very beginning. As someone who never even bothers with the character customizer unless it's absolutely necessary for game completion, this should prove to be quite an interesting experience.
  9. For some reason, back when I played this game in the Raiders of the Lost Ark area, I don't recall having any significant issues in the first story level, but the fifth story level was troublesome enough that I briefly had to enter two-player mode in order to get both characters onto the two buttons at the same time. I guess this just goes to show that people can sometimes have very different experiences with the same game. And as I mentioned in the chat, that jungle temple theme from the opening scene of the movie is one of the five bonus levels of that area, meaning that you'll have to search around to find the starting point, and once you do access it, the fact that it's structured as if it was created in the game's level builder means it'll look very unlike what you saw in the first game. Just two more areas left to go before this game's story mode is complete. After this, I guess the only Lego games left to go are Lego Rock Band (which I've honestly never heard of prior to your mentions of it) and a possible reattempt at Lego Dimensions. Also, a rather peculiar reason to refuse to play the two Lego Harry Potter games (one that I have serious doubts will ever change anytime soon), but since I personally consider them my least favorite of all Lego games from a gameplay perspective, I guess it's not that bad of a loss.
  10. No lag or slowing down this time, so that's good news. I've pretty much already covered all the important stuff, so not much to talk about this time. I guess it's interesting to note you were able to get True Adventurer on four of the five story levels for each of the three parts of Crystal Skull. I guess when you eventually get back to this game later, one of the first things you'll probably want to do is unlock one of the red brick stud multipliers. Beyond the six main areas, I've already mentioned that the seventh crate won't open until after you've completed one of the super bonus levels, which requires collecting all ten minikits in an area (done by completing five treasure levels and five bonus levels). The last crate, for the Level Builder, does contribute to full game completion. Although you're free to try creating a custom level, the minimum you need to do for game completion is to complete the four tutorials, then save seven different blank levels (the different styles for the six areas and the super bonus levels) and purchase all of the items available to place for each style. I don't know how many studs are required for all those purchases, so I would recommend saving the Level Builder for absolute last, after you've fully completed everything else in this game. The story levels of three areas complete, three more to go, so yes, you're now at the halfway point in this game in terms of following the story content.
  11. Just submitted my vote. To be honest, it took me a while to decide between "Brick Museum" and "100 Bricks", but I'll be fine with either one of them. As someone who's always fascinated with the history of just about anything, I'm definitely looking forward to the possibility of getting myself a copy of this book.
  12. Despite the continued issues with lag, at least it's more tolerable in this case because it only slows down a little at times rather than completely freezing. Quite unfortunate that a weird glitch forced you to restart the third level. I can't recall if that happened to me back when I played this game, though it wouldn't surprise me if it did. In terms of story accuracy, while there was that part with the killer ants dragging away that commander guy, there was definitely never some ant monster as depicted in the final level. With that and that train crane attack for Part 1, it's already obvious that a recurring theme in this game is that the fifth and final "boss battle" story level will always deviate greatly away from the events of the movies. It should be noted that, since there are different types of levels (rather than levels with "story mode" or "freeplay mode" as in most Lego games), that means that, hypothetically, this game can be completed by playing each and every level only once (and since you won't necessarily have to replay any levels, that means everything that can possibly be done in a level should be completely accessible when you play them). However, it seems that you'll end up having to replay some levels in order to obtain "True Adventurer" that you missed the first time around (which I think you can select in the completion progress boxes in the warehouse, though that's just an assumption on my part, as I never had to worry about doing that when I played this game (mostly because I chose to go for 100% completion of an area before starting the next one, which meant I had at least one stud multiplier red brick already unlocked by the time I encountered the more difficult levels for True Adventurer)). Parts 1 and 2 of Crystal Skull complete, just Part 3 left to go, then it'll be on to the original trilogy.
  13. Quite unfortunate there were some lag issues, but at least it was only slowing down at times rather than freezing. As I'm sure you quickly noticed, a vast majority of the levels in Indiana Jones 2 are rather short. In fact, that first level was one of only four levels in the entire game to consist of more than just one area, hence why I pointed out it was one of the longer levels. Though personally, I had spent the most time on the vehicle levels as I often took my time to try collecting as many studs as I could (after all, I do specifically recall at least once or twice that it was practically impossible to achieve True Adventure on a vehicle level without having a stud multiplier brick active). Well, if getting through the five story levels of each area really does go by this quickly, then I guess it'll be easy to assume it'll take just five more streams to get through the remaining five areas. Okay, here's some things about the way this game is structured. Each of the six areas is like a self-contained game, meaning that whatever characters and vehicles you unlock there can only be used there and not in any of the other five areas. When you open the "box" to each of these six areas, you're shown your progress on characters and vehicles unlocked, minikits and special bricks collected, levels completed, and of course the option to return to exploring that hub area. In each of the six areas, there's a total of fifteen levels; five "story" levels (completed by simply following the green arrow to reach the start of each one), five "treasure" levels (alternate versions of the story levels, marked by golden arrows in the hub area where their respective story levels were started, in which the objective is to collect the minikit), and five "bonus" levels (the starting points to which are unmarked in the hub area until after you find them, structured as if they had been created in the game's "level builder", in which the objective is to collect the minikit). While the bonus levels give you specific characters to use (like the story levels), the treasure levels have you use whichever two active characters you happen to have in the hub area when you start that level, and if you don't have the abilities you need between those two characters (as the notes will helpfully point out), you'll have to return to the hub area and switch to those types of characters (which in this game requires walking over to wherever they're wandering around and hitting the switch character button when you're close to them). You may have noticed a particular site in the hub area where the minikits show up, and once you've collected all ten of them (completing five treasure levels and five bonus levels), you can break them and rebuild the parts into something that will unlock the "super bonus" level, in which the objective is to collect a million studs (of note, that seventh crate in the warehouse won't open until after you've completed one of these super bonus levels, one for each of the six areas). Also, while exploring the hub areas, you'll have to destroy ten certain objects to unlock a red brick (stud multiplier), a blue brick (ability enhancement), or a green brick (something just for fun), one of each for each area, and which also have to be purchased. Of course, since you're mainly interested in just completing the story progression, much of this whole paragraph probably won't be of much concern to you anyway. As for which area to complete next, I personally went through all three parts of Crystal Skull before moving on to the original trilogy, but since you're the one playing this game, I'll leave that choice up to you.
  14. I finished LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 a few days ago. At the complete opposite from the previous game I played, this one took me over 100 hours to reach 100% game completion, by far the longest I've spent on completing a single Lego game ever (and that was even with the aid of a guide to help me find everything to complete). Not only does it have a lot of levels (20 story, 10 bonus, 6 DLC), but also the hub world to explore is huge in both area and the number of quests and tasks to complete. That aside, I found the story itself (various places from across the Marvel multiverse brought into a single realm called "Chronopolis" ruled by Kang the Conqueror) to be quite interesting. If not for some collectibles being particularly difficult to obtain, I would definitely rank this game among my favorites. Next game for me; Lego The Incredibles From what I'm already familiar with, this game looks like it'll be very interesting in many ways. And after how extensively time-consuming the game I just completed was, I'm actually looking forward to this game apparently being relatively smaller and quicker to complete. Also, I've seen the first Incredibles movie, but not the second (and hopefully I'll get a chance to see it sometime soon), so it'll be interesting to see how this game's story mode differs from the events of those movies.
  15. And that's yet another Lego video game complete (at least, as far as story mode goes). Only a few more left to go. With Lego Indiana Jones complete, it definitely makes sense that the next game to play would be Lego Indiana Jones 2. I'll be honest, I'm a little torn on deciding whether to tell you all the things about what makes this game so different from all the others, or if I should just let you find out for yourself and see how well you can figure it all out. Well, I guess since there's a bit of a pattern to it, I guess I'll hold back for the first stream or two, then help out a bit more once you've gotten used to the unique structure of the game. (Though I will say that if any other Lego game comes close to it, it would probably be Jurassic World, for having separate hub areas for each of the different movies.) I certainly enjoyed Lego Indiana Jones 2 when I got a chance to play it. Even though I found the story content to sometimes be portrayed far less accurately than the first game did, I ultimately liked the second game more for it's unique structure and additional features (such as the level builder, where you're able to create your own levels to play through, though I never bothered to really try that out). Either way, I'm definitely looking forward to next week's stream.
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