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  1. I kind of expected this. Since it's been postponed for a year, I presume it'll remain the same day (July 4), but it'll be in 2021 rather than 2020. Truth be told, even before the pandemic started, my current situation was such that I felt more comfortable with waiting until next year to consider visiting that park, so this delay just might end up working in my favor.
  2. To answer your question, I did a quick search on Wikipedia and was able to find exactly what I remembered seeing part of (though apparently it was a direct-to-video movie that was later shown on TV at some point). Here's a link, if you're interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_Batman:_The_Movie_%E2%80%93_DC_Super_Heroes_Unite Two more levels completed this week, and if I remember correctly, this means you now have all four suits for both Batman and Robin now unlocked. Also unlocked after completing level 4 is the ability to activate those remote terminals, exposing sections of the map (kind of like how activating those map stones in Lego Lord of the Rings revealed the locations of bricks and characters on the map). Of course, each terminal to activate also reveals a villain to battle (like I said in the chat, you can wait until freeplay mode to deal with them), and after defeating them you will then be able to purchase them (and I'm sure you can replay their intro cutscene at their respective terminal at any time, so don't worry about trying to keep track of where they all are). If I remember correctly, you can find any unactivated terminal by looking around the hub world for a pillar of light of a certain color (can't remember which color it was) that mark their locations off in the distance (and if you want to be able to see as much of the map as possible, you'll want to activate as many of those terminals as possible). As I mentioned last week, level 5 is exceptionally long, so it would not surprise me if that ends up being the only level you end up playing in next week's stream.
  3. I've been playing LEGO Worlds and decided a few days ago to discontinue playing for now. I definitely liked how this game is so unlike all the other Lego games, particularly that you're able to explore so many kinds of different worlds, can build so many things, and can even reshape the terrain in all kinds of ways (my absolute favorite world was the one provided by the Classic Space DLC). There are also tons of quests to do, some of which provide gold bricks to increase your ranking, with each rank rewarding you with either a new tool or access to larger worlds, with the ultimate objective of 100 gold bricks allowing you to directly create new worlds to explore (as opposed to just randomly generating them). As for the achievements, out of a total of 71, I got all but four of them (two require doing something with another player (not yet ready to try multiplayer mode to even try for them) and the other two require so much grinding that I'd rather wait until after I've finished every other Lego game before I proceed to spend that much extensive time on one particular game). It was very easy to find myself playing this game for hours on end, and I would definitely consider this game among my favorites. Next game for me; The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame The game is also structured very much unlike any other Lego game, and I'm very much looking forward to trying it out. (In fact, the only games I've been more anticipating than this one for a while were Lego City Undercover and Lego Movie 2 Videogame.) While I've certainly seen the Lego Ninjago Movie a few times, I have still not yet had a chance to see much of the Ninjago TV series, so I might have a little difficulty with identifying whatever references are made to the TV series (hopefully, that won't have too much of a negative effect on my enjoyment of this game).
  4. For episode eight, the four remaining teams had to choose from the latest series of collectible minifigures and were assigned the roles of either super heroes or super villains. The teams then had to build either a hero's hideout or a villain's lair, while also collaborating with another team to create an epic battle of good vs evil between their separate builds.
  5. So apparently there was no such interview with the previous team that was eliminated? Any reason for that?
  6. The stream went great this week. Slight audio quality issues, but hardly anything as bad as previous times. As I mentioned in the chat, I do recall there was once some TV special that pretty much portrayed mostly the same events as the story mode of this game. Did you ever happen to see it? I was fortunate enough to see only part of it not long after I had played this game myself, and I will say that there are a few differences between the two. Two levels complete, so far. As I also mentioned in the chat, some levels in this game are rather short, while other levels are rather long. Just a heads-up, level 5 in particular is so long that it could very well take up the entire full hour you typically stream. Anyway, definitely looking forward to seeing more.
  7. I would like to see Lego introduce a theme I'd like to call "Throwback", which would take concepts and styles from older themes and have them built with more recent parts and building techniques. A good example of how that would work is something like how Benny's Spaceship from the Lego Movie theme was clearly meant to resemble the Classic Space sets, but is obviously a much more sophisticated build thanks to the wider range of available parts in recent years. Just try to imagine some of your favorite sets from the 80s and 90s, and put a modern twist on them. This would allow today's kids to have a chance to have sets that are similar to what their parents might have gotten back when they were kids.
  8. Episode seven had a rather interesting challenge where some kids were brought in to finish a fill-in-the-blanks story, which the teams then had to build an illustration of. It was certainly interesting to see the five remaining teams try to come up with different designs for what was essentially the exact same setting. Only four teams left, which means only three episodes left to go until we find out who will win this competition.
  9. Two weeks in a row with no technical issues! Though considering you'll probably be switching back to the Xbox One for the remaining Lego games, I'm not holding out hope for three in a row... Anyway, glad I could help you be prepared to someday reach full completion for Lego Lord of the Rings. There are two types of quests in the hub world; collect an item from a level to earn a mithril brick, and forge a mithril item to earn a red brick. Since stud multipliers are obviously among those red bricks, I guess one of the first things you might consider doing when you later come back to this game is to forge the mithril items that will unlock those stud multiplier red bricks. Kinda wished to see you try out those mithril fireworks (when I played this game, I went with purchasing the character who can throw bombs), but I guess we'll get to see that anyway once you eventually get back to this game for full completion. In all honesty, I don't really care which order you decide to go through these games once all that's left is 100% completion for all of them, so if you really liked this game, then go ahead and put it near the top of your list to come back to later. Oh, and I forgot to mention in the stream that there's a building in Rivendale you can enter where you'll find the minikit models from every level on display. I had a feeling that whatever would've prevented you from streaming next week was to attend some event that would've almost certainly be canceled in light of certain recent events. Regardless, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Lego Batman 2, as it featured a lot of firsts among Lego games at the time it came out: first with character dialogue, first with a single massive hub world to explore, first with just a single storyline of only 15 levels, first with characters that could fly. (It's amazing how so many staples of later Lego games were all suddenly introduced in a single game after eight older ones had already been released.)
  10. The sixth episode had two separate build challenges. First was to build a racecar in only half an hour to race down a ramp, with finishing order determining how much time each team would be allowed for the following build. The second challenge was to build a six-foot long bridge to support as much weight as possible before breaking. The two weakest bridges would automatically place their teams in the bottom two for elimination, with the judges deciding based on design which of those two teams would be eliminated.
  11. No technical issues at all this week, so that was good. For what's left to do, you might as well take a detour at the swamp to go to the Black Gate, and from there you'll find the mithril fireworks page in the rubble of Barad-Dur (if you'd rather not collect that page or spend the 40 mithril bricks to forge it, the only alternative to have the ability to blow up silver objects is to go to Helm's Deep and purchase that orc who can throw bombs). The only other ability not yet available are those super strength handles, though I recall Sauron has that ability, and you'll unlock him after completing the bonus level. I recalled you mentioned some time back that you would have to take off one Tuesday sometime later this month, so I think it makes complete sense that you've chosen to do a little more with Lego Lord of the Rings before that week off, and then come back after to start Lego Batman 2.
  12. For episode five this week, the challenge was to build an impressive city block. But just like last week, there was a twist partway through the build. Much like the very first episode, this build involved grabbing a base on a rolling table and then having to move the completed build back to the display area before time ran out. And I have to say, so many of the teams seemed to end up going between good and bad builds that it was difficult to figure out until the end who would end up succeeding or failing.
  13. Quite unfortunate the persistent lag forced you to restart the stream halfway through. I had assumed that since there wasn't much at all in the first few minutes that things would be fine, but I sure was quickly proven wrong, so now I'll never argue again about restarting the stream even if it had only a brief bit of lag at the start. As for the second half, while it had no lag, it also has that old audio issue of occasionally hearing sound out of only one speaker instead of both. Not sure if there's anything you can do about that, but I figured you should at least be aware of it. I'd just like to say that getting that one bit of advice to you during the first level in spite of the lag was really impressing timing for a complete shot in the dark from my perspective. Two levels completed this week, and now only two levels left to go, not counting the bonus level. If next week you end up with enough time to only finish the last two story levels, I'll leave it up to you whether or not to spend one more week with this game just for the bonus level (and perhaps collect the design page for the mythril fireworks and enough bricks to forge it). Now that you're almost done with Lego Lord of the Rings, I suppose it's time to consider what will be the next Lego game to play. There are now only five games we've yet to see on Twitch Tuesday; Lego Batman 2, both of the two Lego Indiana Jones games, and both of the two Lego Harry Potter games. My suggestion would definitely be for Batman 2, since we've already seen all the other games in that series, so it would be nice to finally cover that gap.
  14. For once, I got time to post about the latest episode almost immediately after watching it. Anyway, the challenge for the fourth episode was to build a scene from a movie genre, but not only that... That really threw quite a curve-ball at everyone, so it was definitely interesting to see how the teams tried to make it all work.
  15. While there thankfully wasn't any lag in this week's stream, there were some audio issues (not just the microphone quality, but also occasionally going silent on the left speaker), but at least it wasn't bad enough to really affect the stream. Quite a shame you couldn't stream for long this week, but it's totally understandable. I actually didn't recall this from when I played this game, but after the latest level when the Eye of Sauron moved, I noticed it not only moved to block Frodo and Sam from reaching Mount Doom (for now), but it also moved away from a site that would block the path for the other group's final level. That seems to indicate that the first four levels of Return of the King can be done in any order between the two groups, but the last two must be done in a specific order. Of course, having never read the books or seen the movies, I had no idea what the canon order of the events of all those levels actually is, I just simply did them in the order their respective achievements were listed. Just four story levels left to go. Depending on how much you get done next week, you might even have enough time the following week to also try the bonus level.
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