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  1. I got the Saturn V rocket, I got the Apollo Lunar Lander, and now it looks like I'll be interested in getting the International Space Station to go with them. Hopefully, it'll still be available by my next birthday, later in the year.
  2. Whatever the audio issue was with the microphone, I'm glad you were able to fix it after I pointed it out. (I'm sure you'll notice the difference when you rewatch that part of the video.) I do recall some levels being significantly longer than others, so I guess it makes sense that you would get through only two of them this week instead of three like last time. And since the next level starts after paddling those boats down the river, I guess you could consider yourself lucky for not accidentally keeping the stream going too much longer, though as I suggested in the chat, perhaps try not to wander around too much when you bring each stream to an end from now on. And as I had mentioned in the chat, I never saw much of the Lord of the Rings movies, nor read any of the books, as I just simply don't have any interest in the high fantasy genre. To be completely honest, the only reason I managed to pick up any significant familiarity with the Lord of the Rings franchise is due to its presence among Lego video games (particularly Lego Dimensions, where Gandalf is one of the story's three main characters). Just one more level left to go before Fellowship of the Ring is finished, and as always, I'll look forward to next week's stream.
  3. As I mentioned, I now a have a new desktop that runs way better and faster than my old one did. Of course, that just makes it easier for me to identify when it's the stream itself that's having technical issues, such as the volume occasionally going out on one side (I honestly lost track of when and for how long it happened). Also, I guess I forgot to mention that the chat content did not show up on the video screen. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that having an old physical copy of Lego Lord of the Rings meant that you might've already played it a bit back when you first got it, but I am surprised that you apparently tried it out for only one day and never came back to it until now, because based on the achievements you've just unlocked, it looks like the first two levels and some hub world quests is as far as you previously got. Well, at least now you can take advantage of my experience playing this game last year to find things you might otherwise miss (for example, I probably should've mentioned that you would get an achievement for having Isildur (was that his name? I was never interested in this series to bother remembering these things) jump off the bridge into the lava in the first level). Lego Lord of the Rings consists of 18 levels, 6 for each of the three books/movies, and since you've completed the first three levels this week, you're apparently already halfway through the first book/movie. Of course, since you mentioned you'll have less time than usual next week, we probably shouldn't expect to see you finish that part so soon. Anyway, even though I'm not interested much in Lord of the Rings, I'll always look forward to seeing the next Twitch Tuesday stream.
  4. A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to play Bionicle: The Game from 2003. It turned out to be a much smaller and quicker game than most Lego games these days, despite the unique challenges presented by the gameplay on certain levels. As with any other game, I wanted to go for maximum completion status, and in this particular game, it meant collecting all the "lightstones" throughout each of the eight levels. Some levels were definitely more challenging than others to the point that I had to repeat them well over a dozen times, but ultimately, it took me just over ten hours to accomplish my goal (compared to more recent Lego games, where 100% completion can take over 50 hours to accomplish). I can easily imagine anyone interested in just passing through all the levels to reach then end of the game rather than going for all the collectibles could complete this game in probably not much more than just two or three hours. In other news, I just got my new desktop computer all set up, which I plan to use for all the most recent Lego games I have yet to play. My old desktop has had minor performance issues with playing some of the newer Lego games, and this became especially clear when I decided to test out Lego Star Wars Force Awakens on the new computer and quickly managed to unlock the final achievement that somehow my old computer was unable to trigger, despite reaching 100% completion twice (I had made a second attempt earlier this month with no success on the old computer). I'm honestly quite pleased that the very first game I'll really be playing on that new computer will be Lego City Undercover, which also happens to be the one Lego game I've been more excited to try than literally any other.
  5. Now that Vezon is unlocked, pretty much all there is left to do is play through most of the levels all over again. Since you always seem to check how many canisters there are left to unlock in each level, I won't bother pointing out which ones there are to go through. Though if you wish to know which levels have not yet gotten a gold ranking, you could always check the board in the trophy room. Speaking of which, I'm surprised it took you this long to reach 150 enemies defeated as Nuparu, so you may also want to check which of the other Toa have not yet defeated a certain amount of enemies (though I suspect it'll most likely be defeating 100 and 250 enemies as Hewkii). Of all the games you've played on Twitch, Bionicle Heroes seems like the most probable one to reach 100% completion without much difficulty, so I'll be sure to keep it in mind once you've completed Story Mode on every other Lego game. Just a reminder, the only remaining Lego games left to play are Lord of the Rings (which you've said you'll play next), Batman 2, both of the two Indiana Jones games, and both of the two Harry Potter games. There's also the new Lego Star Wars game due to come out sometime next year, and don't forget about that questionable status for Lego Dimensions that you never got around to completing. And like I mentioned in the chat, I'm planning this coming weekend to replace my old desktop computer that I've had for nine years (which was upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 back in early 2016), with a new desktop with Windows 10 on it, in hopes that it will eliminate the minor performance issues I've had with some of the more recent Lego games this year. If all goes well, I hope to reach 100% completion on every single Lego game currently available on Steam (so that won't count Dimensions or the yet-to-be-released Star Wars game) by the end of next year. I managed to purchase all of the remaining Lego games a few weeks ago, so now it's just a matter of getting the new computer working and then taking the time to actually play through those most recent Lego games. With all of that in mind, my experience on all these Lego games along with the fact that I'm able to chat on Twitch means that by the time you've completed story mode on all available Lego games, you can pretty much feel free to pick any game you want for freeplay mode and I'll be capable of offering advice to help out (kind of like how you were able to get set up quite well on Pirates of the Caribbean). But of course, that likely won't be of much concern for quite some time. Anyway, thanks for letting us know next week will be off. I'll look forward to seeing you start on Lego Lord of the Rings two weeks from now.
  6. So I guess this means the team we should root for is "Clark Kent & Superman". Some of the other teams also look interesting, but I'll definitely put my full support behind our fellow BZP member. I'll certainly be looking forward to watching this show.
  7. I honestly don't know what could be causing the occasionally intermittent audio issue, but I'm very sure it can't be due to something on my end, as these streams are literally the only time I ever notice it on my headphones (but since headphones are more sensitive to such an issue than speakers, I suppose it might not matter that much anyway). Of the other Piraka weapons tried this week, Vezok's is similar to Thok's but a bit more powerful, Reidak's rapidly fires those weird energy drills that drop quickly and roll along the ground, and Avak's is rapid-fire but low damage. And since there's only one level to go to unlock Vezon, there should be plenty of time in next week's stream to later play any of the other levels to see his weapon in action (which is also a rather awesome weapon). As far as I know at this time, I'll definitely be around for Twitch Tuesday next week. I'll look forward to seeing you finish up with Bionicle Heroes, and then the week after (or two) it'll be on to Lego Lord of the Rings.
  8. In addition to the brief period of the audio occasionally going out on the left speaker, I also noticed that the audio quality from your commentary seemed to suffer a little for the entire duration of the stream, at times making it difficult to understand what you were saying (the game's audio was fine, but the commentary audio definitely sounded rather fuzzy this week). I believe I already mentioned a few weeks ago about my own experience of falling through the ground and being forced to restart a level (though in my case, it was the Avak Piraka boss level), so although very rare, it does seem to happen occasionally. Of the three Piraka weapons you tried out this week, Hakann's has a slow rate of fire with large damage (much like his Lava Launcher in canon), Thok's is like a slightly weaker version of Hahli's weapon, and Zaktan's is the best with those rapid-fire large-damage blades. When it comes to the creatures unlocked by those silver canisters, Bohrok are found on Vezok's Coastline and Zaktan's Jungle, Visorak are found on Thok's Mountain and Hakann's Volcano, and Vakhi are found on Avak's Stronghold and Reidak's Desert. The bonus levels are actually very quick, as they're nothing more than trying to take out as many enemies as possible within a time limit of just two minutes. The first one is just Bohrok, the second is just Visorak, and the third is just Vakhi, so if you've fully competed every level but still lacking the awards for defeating a certain amount of enemies, those bonus levels are a quick and easy way to get them. So that's three of the Piraka demonstrated, so the other three will be next week. Since the Tuesday after next week will be Christmas Eve, with the following Tuesday being New Year's Eve, will you be streaming those two weeks?
  9. Not much technical issues, all six of the main Piraka are now unlocked, and you got the canister locator, so it looks like things went well this week. For trying out playing as the unlocked Piraka, I had kind of expected you to just start up a level, shoot the weapon a few times, then quit and repeat with the other five. But I guess you've decided to try actually completing some levels playing as these Piraka. You may or may not have noticed that, with the exception of all but one Piraka boss level, every level has a black constraction that only Vezon can use, while not every level has a regular Piraka switch that you don't need Vezon for. (Since you seem to note how each level shows how many canisters you've collected, I suppose it's worth keeping in mind that, if you're missing just one canister, then it's probably the one behind the black constraction.) To save you from the frustration of not being able to collect any canister not yet collected, I'll just list off the levels (that I can recall) that do have a regular Piraka Switch: Vezok's Coast: (1) Piraka Bluff, (3) Shattered Wreck Thok's Mountain: (1) Flooded Lowlands (3) Blizzard Peaks Avak's Stronghold: (1) Decrepit Dungeons (3) Menacing Keep Reidak's Desert: (1) Desert Outpost (2) Bleak Refinery (3) Ancient Citadel Hakann's Volcano: (2) Volcanic Trail Zaktan's Jungle: (1) Logging Post, (2) Ancient Forest If you'd like to use those Piraka for both their weapon and their ability, then those are the levels to chose from. (I think I might be missing a few, but at least that's enough for each to have at least one. I might edit this later when I have time to search more over the videos from the previous streams.) I don't mind seeing a few more weeks of Bionicle Heroes, so I'll look forward to next week's stream.
  10. Always interesting to see someone else besides me join the chat for once. Anyway, no audio issues this week, but to answer your question from last week, the issue started probably only about a minute before I had first mentioned it in the chat (good thing those comments appear on the screen), if that's what you wanted to know. So for next week, I'm honestly doubtful you'll be able to complete all four remaining levels, even if two of them are just Piraka boss levels. I should also note that, once you beat the final level and unlock Vezon, he immediately replaces all the other Piraka, so if you're interested in trying out any of the six other Piraka, you'll want to try them in any level in their respective regions before trying to play the final level. The only real incentive I can think of for trying each of the six other Piraka is that they each have unique weapons (I personally liked Avak's and Zaktan's the most of those six). By the way, this past week, I actually had an opportunity to play Bionicle: The Game (from 2003). I wanted to go for full completion by collecting everything there was to possibly collect, and while that meant repeating some levels many times over, it ultimately took me about ten hours to reach full completion (compared to the 60 or 70 hours it typically takes me to reach 100% completion with most Lego games these days), though I can imagine someone who wanted to just pass all the levels could take only two or three hours. I'm curious, do you happen to have an old copy of that game? Do you think it might be possible to stream it for Twitch Tuesday? After watching Bionicle Heroes, I can't help but wonder if that other older Bionicle game might be an option. (If not, then we'll just move on to Lego Lord of the Rings, as mentioned last week.)
  11. As I mentioned in the chat, there was an audio issue where no sound came from the right speaker. After I first mentioned it, it became intermittent, frequently going on or off. It's something that's happened with the stream a number of times over the last few months, so I'm not sure what might be causing it or how to fix it. Anyway, with Piraka boss levels typically shorter than the other levels (despite Reidak's being the only one without any hero mode ever), it wasn't too much of a surprise that you were able to complete three levels on this stream. And as I previously mentioned, I suggested Hakann's Volcano for the next area because the only other one remaining is Zaktan's Jungle, which was the last one to be unlocked and therefore would make sense (in my opinion) to save that for last. With a total of 7 levels left to go, looks like you'll likely be finished a week or two before Christmas. If you're already looking for suggestions on which game to play next, I think that since you've already got your Xbox 360 set up, might as well stick with it by playing the only Lego game you said you needed that system for, which is Lego Lord of the Rings. (As I've mentioned before, that game is no longer available for digital sale, so hopefully you really do have an old physical copy of that game available.)
  12. I finished LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens just yesterday. I certainly liked a lot of the features introduced in this game, such as multi-builds, blaster battles, and new things to collect like those "carbonite blocks" to unlock classic Star Wars characters. Also interesting is that many of the hub world quests must be started only by certain types of characters. Aside from that, there's the usual minikits and red bricks in the levels, along with races in the hub worlds. At least the hub world maps are easy to help you figure out where to find any remaining collectibles or quests, as well as an overview map to keep track of your total game progress. Overall, a rather good game with not much to complain about (aside from glitches with some of the Steam achievements leaving me without the one for 100% game completion despite the game telling me I've got that much progress done). Next game for me; LEGO City Undercover I'm going to wait until after the new year a couple months from now before I start playing this game, as I'm hoping to replace my desktop computer with a new one that has Windows 10 in hopes that it will better handle the newest Lego games that I hope to play throughout next year. It'll certainly be worth the wait, as this is the one Lego game I've been particularly excited about more than any other. And since I'm now finished with my Lego game efforts for this year, here's my complete list of rankings (most favorite at the top, least favorite at the bottom) of all the games I've played so far: The LEGO Movie Videogame LEGO Jurassic World LEGO Marvel Super Heroes LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - The Videogame LEGO Star Wars - The Force Awakens LEGO Batman 2 - DC Super Heroes LEGO Indiana Jones 2 - The Adventure Continues LEGO Star Wars III - The Clone Wars LEGO Marvel's Avengers LEGO The Hobbit LEGO The Lord of the Rings LEGO Batman - The Videogame LEGO Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures LEGO Batman 3 - Beyond Gotham LEGO Star Wars - The Complete Saga LEGO Harry Potter - Years 5-7 LEGO Harry Potter - Years 1-4
  13. You said Xbox had some updates today? Well, interestingly, I had to go through Windows updates on both of my computers that very afternoon (hence why I mentioned having some issues on my end for a short while), since it's always automatically scheduled for the second Tuesday of every month. Since Xbox is owned by Microsoft, I can't help but wonder if there might be some kind of connection, and thus something you may consider being aware of in future months... Anyway, one thing I wanted to mention last time is that you may have noticed by now that certain types of Vahki are capable of getting back up after you defeat them (converting from their four-leg stance to their two-leg stance in the process), so these tougher Vahki have to be beaten twice. In fact, thanks to how extensively I've played this game over the years, I've noticed there's actually a pattern in which types of minor enemies are tougher than others. Ranked from weakest to toughest, the Visorak are red, blue, white, brown, green, black; the Bohrok are white, brown, green, black, red, blue; and the Vahki are green, black, red, blue, white, brown (I find it much easier to recognize them all by color rather than by name). Only two types of each appear at a time, and as you progress through game completion, the weaker types are incrementally replaced by the tougher types. By the time you finally unlock that last Piraka and start using him on those black constractions on every level, the minor enemies you're always faced with are the two toughest types. I also forgot to note last time that, assuming you don't plan going through all the levels again to reach 100% game completion, you're now past the halfway mark in the game. Of the 25 levels in total, there are now only ten left to go.
  14. Seeing as there has still been no additional comments on this topic, and with both My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls now officially finished, this could possibly be the last comment this topic might ever see. Anyway, the series finale of MLP:FiM was last month. For those who haven't payed any attention, the theme of Season 9 was Celestia and Luna decide to retire as rulers of Equestria and prepare Twilight Sparkle to take their place (who in turn prepares Starlight Glimmer to take over the School of Friendship). The season started with all four remaining (not reformed) villains summoned together by a new villain named Grogar, who wants them all to work together to finally beat the heroes. However, King Sombra chooses to go it alone and is ultimately defeated, but not before destroying the Tree of Harmony and its Elements. At the end of the season, we have the final battle between the forces of good and evil (I'm not sure if anyone reading this wants to avoid spoilers, so I'll refrain from saying much more). And that final epilogue episode basically gives us a glimpse of what life is like for the main ponies many years in the future. I'm telling you, that final episode, "The Last Problem" is definitely among my favorites of the entire series. As for Equestria Girls, the holiday special that was on just over a week ago was actually a collection of six shorts (each about seven minutes long, making them more than twice as long as all the other shorts seen over the last two years). It's unknown if there will be anything new coming out next year, but since one of the production companies involved has confirmed they are no longer working on this series, it seems very likely that Equestria Girls is also over (despite not getting a proper finale like FiM got). Finally, the only definitely confirmed piece of future content is the next movie, which is scheduled to be out in theaters on September 24, 2021, and is supposedly meant to be the start of the upcoming G5 pony series, so it'll be quite a while before we see anything new. Regardless, this incredible fandom lives on, and I believe it will continue to thrive strongly for many years to come.
  15. Just so everyone is aware, it was only today that this project got the official Lego comment acknowledging this product idea had reached 10,000 supporters. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the review process, which according to that comment will begin in January. By the way, this product idea took less than four weeks to go from 0 to 10,000 supporters. Does that make this the fastest that any idea has ever gone all the way to full support?
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