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  1. Congratulations on reaching 100% completion and unlocking all achievements for the Lego Movie Videogame! Yes, it looks like this really is the first Lego game you've been able to fully complete (aside from Bionicle Heroes (which, by the way, I'd be happy to help you fully complete that one level you struggled with on the stream, whenever you'd like to get around to it)). This was also the first Lego game I fully completed, but that's mostly because it was the only Lego game I had been interested enough in to actually purchase it back then. Interesting to think the initial reason I first got interested in Twitch Tuesday was because this was one of the earliest games you got and I wanted to see you try a game I was familiar with, and the only reason I eventually got interested in all the other Lego games was because I ended up continuing to watch Twitch Tuesday even after you had finished Story Mode and moved on to something else. (In a way, I guess you could say things have now come full-circle today.) Of course, being the only Lego game I had for a while, it shouldn't be too surprising that I was obsessed enough to fully complete it multiple times. For every other Lego game, I have thus far been able to fully complete each and every one of them only once (with the exception of Star Wars Force Awakens, but that was only because a technical issue with unlocking the 100% completion achievement essentially forced me to play through the whole game all over again before I finally got it). There's definitely a few of these Lego games I'd like to completely play though multiple more times, but I just haven't had the time for it yet. So now it's time to move on to completing the Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame. I suppose you're probably interested in some initial advice, so I'll offer perhaps some important things to start off. First of all, I'm guessing you'll want the stud multiplier red bricks, and in that game, there's only a x2 multiplier available, which you'll find in the eighth and final area (so assuming you left off immediately after completing Story Mode, you should be already there when you start up the game next week). That'll be helpful for going through the "Training Dojos", which are basically mini levels that involve a boss fight to unlock various characters (some of which will provide useful abilities you'll need to access certain places, so that's definitely something you'll want to get done as soon as possible). As for the achievements, many of them should be rather simple, but the only one I think you might some difficulty with is for reaching an attack combo of x100 (basically hitting enemies over a hundred times without slowing down), but if my experience is anything to go by, that could be doable in some of the training dojos (so long as you focus only on the endless waves of minor enemies and avoid trying to defeat the boss that will end the level). There's more advice I have to offer, but I think this will be enough to get you started next week (though you might want to also refresh your memory on how to perform all those different types of attacks). Anyway, nice work with completing the Lego Movie Videogame. I'll definitely be looking forward to the Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame next week. (Oh, and you might want to be sure you've watched the Ninjago TV series at least up to the end of Season 7 if you'd like to recognize all of the additional characters that will be available to unlock in that game.)
  2. I just thought of something else I'd like to see in a future episode. I think it would be nice if they're able to interview some of the people who worked at Templar Studios on the Mata Nui Online Game. You never know what kind of new insights such an opportunity might bring up.
  3. Basically, just a nice summary of the first season and some highlights, finished off with confirmation that there will be more episodes to come after a short break. I'll admit that I was rather amused that among the stats was that the most frequent comment on their YouTube videos was "When is Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga coming out?" with the rather predictable answer of "we don't know". And yes, I was just as shocked and surprised as they were when it was revealed that there is actually a private server of the official Lego Universe game that's still running, mostly for the purpose of simply preserving the contents of that game. And finally, they mentioned possible (but not guaranteed) topics for future episodes including Rock Raiders, Bionicle, Loco, and Racers, so aside from the obvious with Bionicle, I'm also interested in a possible episode on Racers. I'd also like to suggest perhaps another topic they could explore would be some of the online flash games that were once available to play on the Lego website (games like Backlot, Junkbot, World Builder, and much more). Either way, I'll certainly be looking forward to whatever might be next for this podcast series.
  4. One more level completed, three more to go (the first is relatively long, but the last two should go by rather quickly). That glitch of getting MetalBeard trapped on the lower floor was definitely a new one for me. I think I might have once tried to do that intentionally (though not until after I had already completed all of his tasks to avoid the risk of needing to restart the level), but was never able to accomplish it, so that fact that you did get MetalBeard down there makes it all the more surprising for me. At least with the limited time left afterward, you took the opportunity to complete some of those gold instruction builds. As I mentioned in the chat, some of those models are based on sets that were actually released while others are models that are probably seen only in that game. Specifically, the models from levels 2, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 appear in actual sets, while the models from levels 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 are designs that you'll see exclusively in the game. Good work getting that spaceship achievement, and since you mentioned also getting the other dance minigame achievement as well, that leaves just five achievement left to go, all of which will be unlocked upon completing the game (and building all of those gold instruction builds). Also, I have literally no idea what that whole Twitch reward thing or whatever was all about. In all honesty, I've used my Twitch account solely for the purpose of using the chat during these Twitch Tuesday streams. I've never used any channel points I've gotten (currently somewhere over 11,000) or claimed any bonuses or gifts or whatever that other stuff is all about. It's all just way too confusing and overwhelming for me to understand any of it. Put simply, I'm just using my account to chat on only one channel for only one hour every Tuesday, so why bother with all that other stuff? Finally, to answer your question from last week, there is a wiki site for Lego Dimensions, and the front page has all of the playable characters listed (though you'll have to go to each character page to see which abilities they have, in addition to a bunch of other information). Here's the link: https://lego-dimensions.fandom.com/wiki/LEGO_Dimensions_Wiki And while I'm on the subject of Lego Dimensions, I think that once you've brought in all of the Year 1 (Waves 1-5) characters and their respective builds (no need to purchase any upgrades), then you can start going through all of the story levels again to try collecting everything, as well as with the bonus levels from those Year 1 level packs. I haven't read the guide extensively enough to know what will be needed for the Year 2 bonus levels, but obviously you won't need any Year 2 content to fully complete the Year 1 levels and hub areas (14 in total). Thankfully, 100% completion is not among the achievements for that game, but there are achievement for at least making some progress through each of the level packs and story packs (and unless you ever change your mind regarding the Harry Potter themes, such full completion of Lego Dimensions beyond the Year 1 content will not be possible).
  5. It was indeed very interesting to listen to the perspectives of those two big names in Lego regarding the development of digital play over the years and decades. I learned quite a few interesting things, like how the Lego Movie probably became successful in part perhaps because the Lego Company had learned from the mistakes of getting too deeply involved in the development of Lego Universe. I also found it quite fascinating that not only was Kjeld so passionate about programing since the 1970s, but also that he continues to build Lego sets (including some of the really big ones) to this day. I have to say, this was definitely one of my favorite episodes of this entire series, thus far.
  6. Although you didn't get around to two of the three Lord of the Rings fun packs, at least you got quite a few easy achievements obtained. But while you did obtain that x2 stud multiplier red brick, I just checked the guide and it turns out you'll need 1,000,000 studs to purchase it, and from what I saw at the end of the stream, you had only somewhere over 200,000, despite the stud meter getting close to the "Rule Breaker" rank for collecting 800,000 (so while it's good to know that purchases won't affect progress on hub world "Rule Breaker" progress, I'm still concerned that leaving the hub worlds before filling that stud meter would probably cause it to reset when you come back, just like restarting a level). I guess purchasing all those upgrades for the Batmobile cost quite a lot, but now that you actually have them, you can just switch them on or off to whatever setting you would prefer (just so you know, the second model can use those triple grappling points, while the third model can shatter glass objects). Anyway, for the next time you're back on Lego Dimensions, you may want to hold off on purchasing any upgrades or renovation quests until you can afford that red brick. As for why I didn't mention that other red brick for the x4 stud multiplier, I confess that I wanted you to largely stay with the Year 1 content for a while, but if you really want to go for it, then I suppose next month's stream will involve going through the Goonies bonus level (much like with Back to the Future or Simpsons) before reaching that hub world to find that red brick (it'll cost 2,000,000 studs, so even if you do get it, you'll have to hold off on purchases to afford it like the other one).
  7. The issue is practically all of the white pieces in the set (or at least the half that have been facing the window after the last few years) so you're suggesting that I might as well purchase the whole set all over again. I'd rather not do that, as I'm interested in getting the Space Shuttle set that just came out. (While I am capable of affording purchasing both, I'd prefer to not spend another $120 on something that I already have.) Besides, my question still hasn't been properly answered. Do these cleaning methods (specifically the one that uses hydrogen peroxide) work on printed parts without risking damage to the printed detailing?
  8. Do these cleaning methods also work for parts with printed detailing on them? My Saturn V set has had some of the white parts (including the ones with red letters and the American flag on them) get slightly discolored from being placed near a window for the last few years, so it would be nice to know if I can restore them back to the original white color without having to worry about risking damage to any of the printed detailing.
  9. I'm completely okay with this delay. Not only is this assurance for a better quality game when it eventually does release, but also I've already got plenty of other things to occupy my time while I wait for it. (Not to mention, I intend to eventually purchase the game when it's on sale and not at full price, so I'll definitely be willing to wait even longer than its actual date of release.)
  10. It was interesting to hear about some of the more recent accomplishments of developing Lego games that go beyond the TT Games formula that many fans had associated with Lego gaming for a while now. I was honestly not surprised that future projections indicate that not only will the physical Lego products remain as relevant as ever, but also that digital play could very well become as much an integral part of the Lego play experience as the physical building experience in a way that both would become equally relevant. Anyway, I'll definitely be looking forward to next week's episode, considering who they mentioned they will be speaking with (Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen and Jorgen Vig Knudstorp).
  11. Levels 10 and 11 completed, along with their respective achievements. Just four more levels left to fully obtain everything (including using Benny to build all three parts of his spaceship in the upcoming level) and the game will be fully completed (after which point, you'll still need to go to the Bonus Room to complete all 15 gold instruction builds). As for getting the perfect score on the dance minigame on Level 1, I don't mind whether you try it in a future stream or just on your own at any available time, because now that you've figured out the proper technique to pull it off, I don't need to be there to give you reminders (and if you do need reminders, you could always just rewatch the stream that was done today). For next week on Lego Dimensions, I know I did say I wanted you to complete that Simpsons bonus level to fully catch up to where you left off last time, but now that I've read the guide that I posted a link for earlier this month, I've got something different in mind. I'm very sure that of all the red bricks there are to obtain, the one you'd want more than any other would be the stud multipliers (which will make it easier to obtain the "Rule Breaker" status in all the levels). According to the guide, there's only one such red brick available, and you'll find it in the Lord of the Rings hub world, so that why I've decided to cast my vote this month for Lord of the Rings. Not only will that give you the chance to get that stud multiplier red brick (identified as "Dwarf's Bounty"), but also you'll probably be interested in bringing in those fun packs for the Lord of the Rings theme (if I remember correctly, there's Legolas, Gimli, and Gollum). (If you're too lazy to take a look at that guide I linked to in that earlier post, that red brick can be obtained by destroying some drone somewhere in the Shire.) Of course, since vehicle upgrades cost gold bricks, I'll still insist that the very first thing you should do next week is to fully upgrade the Batmobile, since you'll get quite a few achievements for doing so. Oh, and since I am actually interested in the prize this time (Lego Movie 2 minifigure), here's hoping I win the raffle again.
  12. There were certainly some very interesting things to hear about. Amazing to think that it all started with the idea way back in the mid 90s to make digital 3D models of Lego parts and even making the models animated. The whole project itself sure was quite ambitious with what they intended to accomplish, which ultimately proved to be just a little too ahead of its time to be really given the chance it deserved. But what I found most remarkable was that for this episode, they actually managed to interview Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen himself, and he talked about how fascinated he was with what such technology at the time had to offer for the Lego system. Overall, quite some interesting history to learn about.
  13. Just when I thought I was satisfied with what I have already obtained among recent Lego sets, along comes this announcement of one more thing that I just have to have. Well, at least I can be assured that I don't necessarily have to get it right away, since last year's new release, the International Space Station, came out in February and I was able to obtain it by late November. Either way, I definitely like this set, and I will certainly hope to have one for myself by some point later this year.
  14. Two more levels done with everything collected. I guess last week getting three levels done might have been a fluke due to one of those levels having just one remaining item to collect near the beginning. Anyway, just six levels left to go, so it won't be much longer until this game is fully completed. A bit of warning for the next level, the final gold page is collected by using the Lord Business legs switch in the far left corner of the Relic Room, but even though the level is supposed to end by grappling down the sheet of foil, I have once accidentally ended that level by simply walking too close to the pillar holding up that foil, so I would advise that you make sure to keep your distance from that thing while trying to reach the final gold page, or you'll be forced to play through the entire level all over again (and since I always try to stick to the story sequence of tasks (in this case, jumping over and then shutting off the lasers), I've never tried flying over the lasers to reach the Lord Business legs switch, so I have no idea how effective that would be).
  15. And this week's episode was another of these "conversation" shorter episodes (this week, focusing on the Lego theme based on the game Overwatch). Again, my lack of familiarity with the subject meant that I found not much interest in this episode. I've been wondering recently how many more episodes there are left to go, and since I remember seeing a list back when it started, I decided to check back and it seems there were only ten episodes planned, and we're currently past fifteen episodes with two of the scheduled ten yet to be released. Depending on how many more additional episodes there will be, I guess this podcast will finally conclude by sometime next month.
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