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  1. So it seems I accurately predicted that one certain area with many bazookas would frustrate you to the point of almost saying profanity. As far as I know, everyone gets frustrated with that part (myself included), so don't feel too bad about it. Sometimes, I wish Steam had allowed achievements for the older Lego games, so I could've been able to let you know about some of the more additional achievements, such as the "That's for Blasphemy" one you got entirely by accident. As for the occasional moments where I admit to be mistaken, it's because it's now been a couple years since I played through the oldest Lego games and my memory admittedly isn't perfect. Although I do have the guide up on my laptop for reference while I'm watching the stream on my desktop, I try not to check the guide too often as I am, after all, more interested in actually watching the stream (and besides, with how slow I am at typing, chances are you'll end up figuring things out before I get a chance to try to inform you). Just two more levels left to go until the end of story mode on Lego Indiana Jones, and then it'll be on to Lego Indiana Jones 2.
  2. If you're still confused over why you didn't get the True Adventurer rank on one of the Temple of Doom levels, I believe it was the one with the mine cart ride (where you frequently missed grabbing many studs along the ride), so that would be level 5 of those levels. I guess some parts of Lego Indiana Jones are a little difficult to work through, and not just that part where you had to jump over the rats (what I mentioned in my most recent post is another example). Aside from that, I certainly enjoyed the levels featured in this week's stream, especially the Venice boat chase area, as I had mentioned in the chat. Though as you saw in the second level, enemy bazookas are one-hit kills, so be careful with avoiding them (especially for the next level coming up, so make sure you try to reach "True Adventurer" as soon as you can). Only four more levels left to go until story mode for Lego Indiana Jones is complete.
  3. Sure was great to finally see a stream where it never froze and buffered at all, not even for just one second. I guess the reason why I didn't think you'd complete that mine ride level so quickly is because when I played it, I made the effort to hold off on hitting those switches so I could try to collect all of the available minikits I could (as well as collect enough studs for the True Adventurer ranking), which inevitably would've made this level seem much longer to me than it would've been to someone who was focused only on completing the level. As for the starting area of that final level where you have to run away from the flooding water, I will say that, as far as freeplay mode goes, that specific area was especially frustrating to me. While the rolling boulder area gave you a few chances to reach the minikit at the end, this area gives you only one chance, so if you failed to reach it, you'd have to completely restart the level in order to try again. Not to mention, you also have to start that area by blowing up a silver barrier and grabbing another minikit, and trying to collect both minikits in one run is especially challenging (I'm sure I had to restart that level over a dozen times before I finally got both minikits and could then proceed with the rest of the level). And with Temple of Doom complete, all that's left for story mode of this game is the six levels for Last Crusade (my favorite of the Indiana Jones movies).
  4. If there's any Lego games that I'd like to see get remade, it's the ones from what I like to call the "silent era" of Lego games, when the characters never spoke at all (they would just grunt and mumble all the time). It sure would be nice to hear some of the well-known dialogue from those iconic movies be utilized in a Lego game, even if it had to be taken directly from the actual movies (as was done for Lego Lord of the Rings). There are eight games in total from that era, so here's what I think would be most practical for each of them... The first is obviously Star Wars: Complete Saga, which you could argue is already about to get it's remake very soon with the upcoming Star Wars: Skywalker Saga game, which will not only cover both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy, but also include the more recent sequel trilogy, so that should make this very exiting to see. In addition, if Skywalker Saga ends up following the example of the most recent Lego games, there will probably be some additional levels (either as in-game bonus levels or as DLC add-on levels) based on many of the side adventures, which would likely include Clone Wars, so that covers the most likely chance of a remake for that other Lego Star Wars game from the silent era. Next is Lego Indiana Jones, both versions of which were within the silent era, with the first covering the classic trilogy and the second covering both the trilogy and the fourth movie. If there's any chance of a new Lego Indiana Jones game, it'll most likely come when the fifth movie (currently in production) is eventually released, in which case, we would almost certainly see the events of the fifth movie included along with the other four movies. With the new Star Wars game already on the way, Indiana Jones is the next one I'd really like to see in a future Lego game. For Lego Batman, this one actually seems rather pointless, as there have since been three more Lego games based on the DC universe, thus covering so many different possible expansions that could've been imagined back when the first one came out (especially considering Lego Batman 2 had so many firsts (among which was the characters actually speaking) that it really marked the beginning of the modern era of Lego games). In my opinion, this is the one older Lego game that does not need a remake at all. And then there's Lego Harry Potter. Although the movies have already been out for quite some time, the fact that new Lego sets of this theme are being released to this day proves that it's still popular enough to be worthy of perhaps receiving a new Lego game (especially when you consider all the new type of Lego parts that have been specially designed specifically for certain characters and structures in some of those newer sets). I'm honestly not sure what kind of catalyst would bring about a remake of those two Lego Harry Potter games (and would more likely be created as a single game covering all eight movies), but the simple fact that new sets of this theme are still being produced does give hope that it just might be possible some day. Finally, we have Pirates of the Caribbean, which was made when the fourth movie came out. Although a fifth movie was recently made and there were a few Lego sets made to tie in with it, that apparently was not enough to let us have a new Lego game for this theme. However, I have heard there are plans for a sixth movie sometime soon, and potentially would be definitely the last of the entire series. Therefore, if there's any possibility for a new Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game, it'll most likely occur when that sixth movie eventually comes out. Though I personally would love to see this remade game, I have to admit that from a realistic perspective, it might not be that likely. In addition to all of that, some of the even older Lego games I'd like to see be remade would be Lego Island (1997) and Lego Racers (1999), though that's probably just me being nostalgic. Compared to what various gaming systems are capable of these days, its possible that any potential remakes of these significantly older and smaller Lego games would instead be converted into mobile games that you could download onto your phone. Now that's something I'd be happy to see.
  5. Well, at least the lagging wasn't bad enough to restart the stream halfway through. Hopefully with your upcoming delivery, this'll be the last time we'll have to worry about that. Glad that you were able to collect all ten minikits in that one level, as I mentioned last week. I'll admit I was concerned I might have to point out some of them in the chat, but thankfully you managed to find most of them rather easily (more than once, I was in the middle of typing a comment on where to find the next minikit by the time you actually found said minikit, and thus I had to delete that comment). And then of course that was quite a worrying moment when you seemed unable to take out that one stuck enemy that would've left you stuck on the other level, but thank goodness for Indy's whip providing some range of attack. Halfway through Temple of Doom now, which also means you're now halfway through the entire game. Nine levels done, nine more to go.
  6. Quite unfortunate to see that persistent freezing and lagging again this week. Let's just hope it won't be too long before you're able to deal with it, as you've said. So now we're finished with Raiders of the Lost Ark, and started Temple of Doom. I'd like to point out that in the very next level (Chapter 2 of Temple of Doom), it's possible to collect all ten minikits in story mode (very rare in any Lego game, though I'm sure you remember me mentioning that once recently in Lego Batman 2). As far as I can recall without having to check the guide, the only thing you'll have to keep in mind is that you should have Indy be the one who grabs the first shovel you find. By the way, one thing I forgot to mention last week is that I wanted to identify each of the different accessible rooms in the Barnett College hub area. There are six doors in the front hallway, three on each side. Front to back on the left; Theater, where you can rewatch cutscenes (a feature only older Lego games seem to have); Classroom, where you can enter cheat codes (the usual flipping through letters and numbers); and Library, where you can purchase characters you've unlocked. Front to back on the right; Indy's Office, where you must collect five chests through various character abilities to obtain a key to access the bonus levels; Mail Room, where you can purchase red parcels you've collected for special abilities; and a hallway that leads to the Art Room, where you can create custom characters. And finally, you've already seen the Gallery Room upstairs to the far right, where you can see your progress with minikits, and also can access the bonus levels (you'll need to not only place that gem on the center structure but also obtain that key from Indy's Office to gain access to those levels). One bonus level is unlocked by collecting all ten minikits from any of at least three levels, another is unlocked by collecting every minikit in every level, and I'm afraid I can't remember how to unlock the third bonus level. (A little off topic here, but I was halfway through this reply when my laptop overheated and suddenly shut off, forcing me to start over on my desktop instead. For some reason, this particular type of forum seems to constantly take up so much CPU usage that my ten-year-old laptop can't handle accessing it for more than a few minutes. The main page and the Discord channel are reasonably fine, but it's when I'm on this forum that seems to cause issues for my laptop. Not sure if other people have had trouble accessing this forum on older computers, but for me, it's now gotten to the point that I've had to mention it, and I must now be forced to make these comments on the same brand new desktop on which I've had to watch these Twitch streams.)
  7. I never got a chance to play Lego Universe because I was busy with college at the time. I decided to leave my copy of that game in its original packaging (including the plastic wrapping), figuring that if I simply wait long enough, a never-opened copy of that game might someday become rather valuable.
  8. A little history for you. When this whole "Twitch Tuesday" started five years ago (summer of 2015, wow that's been quite some time ago), there were quite a number of other members who were interested, and in fact there was even a poll every week for which game would be played (as a result, it was rather common to jump between different games at various stages of progress). The only reason I got interested at first was because I was obsessed with the Lego Movie Videogame at the time, so much that I was curious to see how well other people would play that game. Initially, that was the only Lego game I had any interest in, but once I got to see a few others on Twitch Tuesday, I decided to stick around and watch them as well. Then I got so interested in those other Lego games that I decided to try playing all of them myself, but while B6 was interested in only the story mode content, I wanted to go all the way for 100% completion on every game. Of course, I was unwilling to pay up for the newest games, so while I held off on acquiring those games myself, Twitch Tuesday was a perfect opportunity for me to get an idea of what I could expect to see in these later games. But as time went by, fewer people stuck around to watch with any frequency. The poll was eventually dropped when it became obvious I was the only one casting any votes, and by the time I finally decided to make a Twitch account so I could use the chat to help out with gameplay (rather than uselessly shouting at my computer screen), I was literally the only one still watching every week. I suppose the reason I've stuck with this so consistently is because of my ongoing goal of fully completing every single Lego video game available (and I suppose by extension, helping B6 accomplish that as well to the best of his ability). I am now on pace to achieving my goal by the end of this year (not counting that new Lego Star Wars game that has yet to be released), and there are now only a few Lego games left that have yet to be shown on Twitch Tuesday, so as far as I'm concerned, this has been working out quite well for both of us. Okay, onto the most recent stream. Very pleased to see no technical issues this time. I'm also glad that I was able to help you reach that opportunity to collect and unlock the only one of those red brick abilities available in Story Mode on that game. As for that area where you kept getting blown up by enemy bombs, well, all I can say is that it won't be the last time you'll be faced with a situation like that. Just one more level left to go in Raiders of the Lost Ark, then it's on to Temple of Doom.
  9. Same technical issues as last time, but at least you seem to have a solution on its way, even if it won't be available in time for next week's stream. I think it's starting to become a little obvious that figuring out how to play this particular Lego game has a rather steep learning curve. I already covered a lot of these things in the chat, so I won't bother repeating them here. However, one aspect I'm sure you're curious about his how to obtain the red brick abilities, which I have to say involve a rather unique process in this game. Technically, they are red "parcels", and in each level, you have to not only find them, but also find and/or build a red mailbox, then carry the red parcel to that mailbox, and only then will you unlock the special ability (stud multiplier, object detector, etc.) associated with it. From what I recall, there is only one level in the entire game where it's possible to actually collect a red parcel in story mode, and that's the fourth level of Lost Ark (which just so happens to be the very next level you'll be playing). Since there's a good chance there will be significant lag next week, I feel like I should inform you ahead of time that you'll find the red parcel near the end of the level. (Specifically, do not push the block through the wall, as that will end the level. What you'll want to do instead is continue climbing around to the left until you eventually enter a bonus room. I can't exactly remember how to obtain that red parcel, I just remember that it's the only one across all 18 levels where it's possible to actually obtain the red parcel ability in story mode. In other levels, you'll often either can't reach the parcel itself or can't access the mailbox where the parcel must be delivered.) Three levels done, so that's halfway finished with Raiders of the Lost Ark. All of them are kind of long, so I doubt you'll finish that part next week.
  10. Okay, in that case, the only stuff you're missing out on is just some additional characters and other items. I was only interested in additional levels available to play, but it looks like you've already got that covered.
  11. I'm guessing all these "deluxe editions" include all of the DLC for these games, which for many of them include some bonus levels. I'm curious, B6, do you happen to already have all of the DLC included with these special editions? Since it won't be long before we run out of new games for Twitch Tuesday, it might be worth considering getting every bonus level available for all these Lego games.
  12. Lego Rock Band was never available on Steam, so that might explain why I didn't add it to that list. For this week's stream, well, if only all that lagging was the only problem you had... I'll admit I occasionally had a few difficulties when I played Lego Indiana Jones (for example, I found the wrench to be even worse at attacking than bare fists, as I mentioned in the chat), but I don't exactly recall having that much trouble playing through even the early levels of this game, especially with how you managed to get stuck perpetually dying on those flaming wheels just a few steps away from finishing the second level. In all honesty, there was only one part of the whole game that especially frustrated me (it was part of one of the levels for Last Crusade), and if you're already struggling here, then I might as well be ready to hear some profanity once you get to "that part" that frustrated me. I guess the only advice I could give would be to simply not rush ahead most of the time, just be a little patient and you could easily avoid doing some dumb things. One level complete, and too bad these older games have no way of saving in-level progress because you really were at the very end of that second level when you got stuck. Here's hoping for much better luck next week.
  13. Ekimu the Mask Maker, one of the last Bionicle sets ever released.
  14. So it seems you had enough time after finishing the story levels to activate all those remote terminals to uncover the entire map. I guess the only thing left to mention is that, for freeplay, the only characters you really need to unlock are Lex Luthor, Joker, and Riddler. After a quick check of the guide, it seems you'll need the abilities of all three of them to collect nearly all of the red bricks to be found throughout the hub world. Definitely looking forward to seeing Lego Indiana Jones: the Original Adventures as the next game for Twitch Tuesday. To give you a simple idea of what to expect, the story consists of six levels for each of the three movies of the original trilogy, so that's a total of 18 levels for the entire game. Interesting that you mentioned the upcoming Lego Star Wars game probably won't be out until October. At the rate it takes to complete these Lego games, it's possible you could be on the last of the four remaining games (not counting Lego Dimensions) by the time you're able to obtain that new one. Coincidentally, I've also got just four games left to go through before I've completed every Lego game available (though while you're going through some of the oldest Lego games, I'm going through the most recent Lego games), and could possibly finish the last of them by the time that new Lego Star Wars game comes out (but I won't be buying it anytime soon, as I'd rather wait a year or two until the price comes down to a much more affordable amount, though I do still intend to eventually play that game as well). Since you also mentioned considering someday returning to all of these Lego games in chronological order, I'll admit that I've actually been able to memorize all of them in that specific order, so I'd like to take this opportunity to make that complete list right here. (This list consists of all 24 Lego games I got on Steam, in addition to Lego Dimensions and Bionicle Heroes, to cover all of the games you've done (or will do) on Twitch Tuesdays.) Bionicle Heroes Star Wars: Complete Saga Indiana Jones: Original Adventures Batman Indiana Jones 2: Adventure Continues Harry Potter: Years 1-4 Star Wars: Clone Wars Pirates of the Caribbean Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Batman 2: DC Superheroes Lord of the Rings Marvel Superheroes Lego Movie Videogame Hobbit Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Jurassic World Lego Dimensions Marvel Avengers Star Wars: Force Awakens Lego Worlds Lego City Undercover Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame Marvel Superheroes 2 Incredibles DC Super Villains Lego Movie 2 Videogame And of course, the upcoming game (Star Wars: Skywalker Saga) would be added on to the bottom of this list.
  15. That's quite unfortunate to find out. Even more so to see the Lego City fun pack on that list too, as that was the only other thing I wanted to see you try in that game, beyond the main story. From what I've seen in other videos, much like in Lego City Undercover, you can have Chase McCain switch between most of his disguises and use their various respective abilities, though you'll have to explore the Lego City hub world to unlock access to each of them. I sure hope you can find away to obtain at least those two packs I'm interested in. Anyway, back to Lego Batman 2, I had mentioned before that there was a direct-to-DVD movie based on the events of this game, though there were a few slight differences. The only such difference I can definitely recall is the part where the Jokerbot sprays that gas over the crowd to make them want Lex Luthor for president. In the movie, Joker had been offered the position of vice president for helping Lex, but Joker thought that it wasn't satisfying enough, so he secretly altered the gas to make everyone want Joker for president instead of Lex. Just two more levels left to go, a relatively long one, followed by a relatively short one. And as I've previously mentioned, of the four remaining Lego games, the one I'd like to see next is Lego Indiana Jones: the Original Adventures (which happens to be the second oldest of all the Lego games, released in 2008 after Star Wars Complete Saga).
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